Bali is which country? Where is Bali?


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It is Difficult to find a man who did not hear that in this place you can relax like a king. Everyone has heard about Bali, where is it – know units. Today we will try to fill the gaps in knowledge and to tell you more about this fabulous island.Bali is a country

Magic island

So, is the island of Bali. This is what country? I hasten to answer that it is part of Indonesia and is situated at the conditional border between Asia and Australia. Paradise is washed by two oceans-Indian and Pacific, and its closest neighbours are Java and Lombok.

Bali (that is accented on the first syllable, not the second) - an amazingly beautiful place. The island itself stretches along a hundred kilometers, and the coastal area is covered with picturesque lagoons with crystal clear water, beaches with Golden sand. And all of this luxury is surrounded by tropical emerald fields.where is Bali

"island of the gods" and its attractions

It is a unique place – Bali. This is what country, we've already figured out. Now let's talk about what awaits travellers who rise on this blessed land. Attractions here a lot: it's natural beauty and man-made. At every step you can see the traditional temples, sacred buildings, statues. The narrow streets were residential homes and outside the cities are wide rice terraces. But there are places that you should definitely see. Here is a short list of them:

  • Tanah Lot Temple – the most popular landmark of Bali, that tourists do not miss. It is a pity that inside the onlookers did not miss, after all, is a sacred place.
  • Pura Besakih-the biggest temple complex on the island. Frozen in amazement, looking at the number of buildings that were built in the same style. Without a guide will not do: each building has its own purpose and characteristics, its fascinating history.
  • Denpasar-the capital of the island, the main pride of which are the markets. On rich counters you can buy everything that may come to mind. And at the same time to observe the life of local residents.
  • Lovina-a small group of villages located in the Northern part of the island. Worth coming here for vacation on beaches with blue-black volcanic sand, calm sea and fun walks with the dolphins. From Lovina it is convenient to get to the waterfalls and temples Singaraja. And yet there is quite reasonable prices.

Of Course, deserve the attention of tourists the temple of Kingdom Mengwi, Ulun Danu temple on picturesque lake Batur volcano with a Botanical garden in the crater.Bali where it is located

Entertainment to suit different tastes

Bali – Asia, with an inherent mystique, luxury and inclination to mysticism. And here was the passion of a healthy lifestyle, self-improvement. But know how to have fun here. Once on the Indonesian island, a must see Balinese dances. This is a real theatrical performances dedicated to the eternal truths of life, the struggle between good and evil, epic scenes. Colorful costumes, dynamic movement and rhythmic music can fascinate both adults and children.

What is interesting on Bali? This is what country is, we understand, so we can assume that the underwater world here is very diverse and attractive. And really, diving fans will be rewarded for the decision to recover in the depths of the sea. Surfers also will not be able to be bored. And on the coast open night clubs and discos where they play music.Bali is Asia


Bali – which country? Right, Indonesia! So, the kitchen here is special, absorb the traits of India and Malaysia, other parts of Asia. On the island's popular seafood, but they are very expensive. But the fruit abundance is available to everyone. From the usual pineapple, banana, mango, passion fruit, guava, papaya to the exotic rambutan, longan, prickly pear, mangosteen, durian, socapa. Popular dish on the island is rice flavored with a complex composition of spices.

Choose a resort

So decided: next vacation will spend in Bali. Where it is, we have been told. Now let's do a little review of the local resorts.

where to stay in Bali

Kuta – the capital of nightlife "island of the gods". An abundance of bars, clubs and discos cater to the most discerning party goers. At the same time you can dance until dawn, when visiting one institution to another, and to observe classroom surfers on the beach. However, lovers of peace and quiet here is notlike it is always crowded and noisy. Caution: zealous merchants will try to sell you various goods, including prohibited. And the death penalty in the country may face for possession of certain substances.

Seminyak – another popular area of Bali. However, it is chosen by more affluent travellers. There are elite social events, fashion shows, star rendezvous.Bali is a country

Nusa Dua-quiet and peaceful area, where the focus of the best hotels from around the world. Also here you can choose the beach with access to the Pacific ocean or to the Indian.

Spend an Interesting holiday in the Ubud area. Well, let's not here of the gorgeous beaches, but this place with an abundance of rice terraces and the workshops of artisans. It is there to buy Souvenirs from precious metals and stones, ivory, wood.

To quiet areas of Bali are Sanur and Canggu. They are ideal for a family holiday, couples with children and the elderly. And the prices are very reasonable. Surfers should choose Kuta or Canggu, dream land, Uluwatu and Padang Padang. And fans of SPA treatments I want to recommend Seminyak, Nusa Dua or Ubud.where is Bali


Continue the story of Bali. Where it is, the reader already knows for sure. But on the island things are going with housing? I want to reassure travelers that it's all okay. Where to stay in Bali? It all depends on the thickness of your wallet and personal preferences. To begin, select the part of the island and the area, and then choose the hotel. It should be noted that institutions with different levels of stardom here a dime a dozen. Every hotel can offer a choice of rooms, suites and first class service. You can stay in the private sector, pre-negotiate the price.

Popular on the island accommodation "home stay" that is, living in the same house with the family. But this phrase is also called the rent of house in their territory, as the Balinese in their yard often build several buildings: one for yourself and others – for guests. This type of accommodation is more economical than renting hotel rooms, but inferior to him in comfort. The hospitable islanders offer tourists to stay in private villas (especially beneficial for large companies), colorful bungalows with a romantic atmosphere. Bali where it is located

Just keep in mind that to search for accommodation in advance, using the Internet as the place to make it very difficult. Especially in the height of tourist season.

Now you just have to choose the part of Bali (where it is, you already know), to pack their bags and get on a plane. Nice trip!

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