Kusadasi (Turkey) - a popular resort on the Aegean sea


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The Name "Kusadasi" is translated from Turkish as "bird island". This is one of the most famous resorts in the world. The resort of Kusadasi (Turkey) located on the shores of the Aegean sea. The symbol of this place is the ancient fortress on Pigeon island, which was built by the famous pirate Barbarossa in the sixteenth century. This castle served as his residence.

Kusadasi, Turkey

Cosy resort in recent years has become quite popular among tourists, and for good reason. So, the rich excursion program are offered in Kusadasi. Turkey is famous for monuments of a distant past, which are located close to this resort.

Interesting places

City almost all sides surrounded by antiquities. This Efes with a perfectly preserved facade of the ancient library of Celsus, the ancient theatre on the 24th, thousands of spectators fountain of the Emperor Hadrian, Roman baths and many other things you can see in Kusadasi (Turkey). The map is filled with famous places: the outstanding city of Troy, described in the “Iliad” by Homer, the largest of the ancient Pergamum, city of Didyma, where the temple of Apollo.

Guvercin Island or Pigeon island

The Symbol of Kusadasi, the island of Guvercin, connected with the coast by a long Causeway. Island throughout the city's history played a significant strategic role in the life of Kusadasi. His main task was to protect the coast from the sea.

Kusadasi, Turkey map

Interesting attraction of the island is the fortress, which was used to protect from attacks by enemy troops. At this point an impressive tower with loopholes. Today in the Central part of the fortress is a Museum.


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Without a visit to Calais, which is the most attractive part of the resort, it impossible to stay in Kusadasi (Turkey). Narrow streets, old houses in traditional style, bazaars and mosque help to imagine how many centuries ago looked the city.

The Kaleici Mosque was built in 1618 by Grand vizier ECUs Mehmed Pasha, and it is considered the most impressive mosque in Kusadasi. The mosque covers a huge area-1800 sq. m., at the same time can fit 550 people. In the Central part of the mosque is a huge lead dome, which is supported by 12 arches.

The surrounding area of Kusadasi, Turkey

Just South from the resort, the surrounding area of Kusadasi is the town of Davutlar is famous for its monastery Kursunlu. It is believed that earlier the monastery was Orthodox Church, built in the II century. The monastery is a cemetery and a small chapel. It is built at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. So when you visit this wonderful place you can enjoy the spectacular views of Kusadasi, Samos and Guzelcamli.

Holidays in Turkey Kusadasi

Celebrity sources Balcova, which are known for their thermal properties, also located in the vicinity of Kusadasi (Turkey). Balcova - the largest of them. According to ancient legend, king Agamemnon after the battle with the Trojans led his wounded troops to these hot springs. For several days the soldiers are fully healed their wounds and returned to power, sources since called the Baths of Agamemnon. At present, there is a modern thermal complex, where you can healthier mud and mineral baths.

Another famous place of resort is the cave of Zeus, located near the entrance to the national Park of Dilek Peninsula. The cave is surrounded by olive trees and colourful flowers, and inside is a pool with clear water in which, according to legend, bathed by Zeus in the company of the most beautiful girls of the neighboring villages.

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