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The weekend Comes, and Muscovites with their families go out of town to relax from the urban bustle and noise. To Family holidays in the suburbs was successful and left only positive memories, not be amiss to prepare in advance for the trip. Before should be the itinerary, the map to choose a path, so you do not have to wander in the road. You need to plan in advance plan, choose what attractions you want to see, to choose a hotel, if the trip will be long.

Usually A family rest in the Moscow suburbs for the weekend assumes a rest at the recreation center, the resort, cottage, or a trip to the sights with a possible stop at the hotel.

Where to stay in the suburbs

Guests are offered a wide choice of hotels and resorts for every taste, budget and interests. Should determine in advance exactly what you want from a holiday. It can be as active, and more relaxed. Not superfluous to read reviews on hotels to know how things are there really is.

There are many options of accommodation and leisure:

  • Base otdyha;
  • Pansionaty;
  • Ately;
  • Cottege.

The Rating places

Recreation usually are in the Park areas to stay are cottages of different sizes and lodges. Has its own territory where you can walk, bath, sauna, pool, is available to hire either already included in the cost of sports equipment. Recreation is well suited for celebrating special occasions, corporate events, stay as a big company, and together. This is a good option for families with children. If you plan to Affordable family vacation in the suburbs always possible to find a good recreation facility with reasonable prices, decent service and infrastructure.


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Among these may be noted the ‘Forest ponds”, “Birch grove”.

family vacation in the suburbs

Guest houses and resorts also usually have their own territory. To stay are rooms of different comfort. Unlike resorts, all the infrastructure and accommodation are concentrated in one building. There are recreational programs for adults and children. Pensions or motels to choose for a relaxing holiday with the whole family, with emphasis on a Wellness component. When selecting a boarding house to stay in "Watercolor", "Bor", "red City".

family stay in the suburbs for the weekend

One of the most popular and in demand at the current time is Family holidays with fishing in the suburbs. specifications for resorts, hotels and lodges indicated the presence of ponds, lakes and fishing opportunity. Guests can hire fishing equipment and boats. For fishing fit complex “Konakovo rivers club”, “Sapphires”, “Valley of the Orioles’.

Hotels offer rooms of different comfort and value. A special place is occupied Spa hotels, additionally offers Spa treatments, beauty treatments and Wellness programs. This is a hotel “Sapphires”, the resort “the Kremlin" hotel "the boyar mansion”.

affordable family vacation in the suburbs

Selection Criteria places

When choosing a place to stay should be guided by the basic needs. If you scheduled a barbecue, you should inquire about the presence of the grill, the table on the veranda. When choosing a relaxing holiday should choose Spa hotels, cottages, resorts, on whose territory there is a bathhouse, sauna, swimming pool. If you are planning a corporate holiday, in this case, suitable bases of rest and hotels with their own territory and the presence of reservoirs.

If you plan to relax with the children, especially the young, in the first place should be guided by these criteria when choosing. Family holidays in the suburbs offers a big choice of holiday. When determining the Please provide the ages of children below the Manager can suggest appropriate options.

Sights of the suburbs

In order to have a good rest, not necessarily the whole weekend lying on the couch. Family holidays in the suburbs can turn into an exciting journey through the attractions. After that I would like to see, you can go either by car or on the tour bus. In the case of travelling it is worth spending time on route planning, selection of objects that I would like to see to Family holidays in the suburbs was rich and interesting.

In the suburbs there are many interesting attractions and places that come to see from all over Russia and from abroad. Unfortunately, weekends are not enough to see everything. So the first time it is better to choose the most interesting and beautiful objects.

Sights of the suburbs:

  • Museums
  • Of the estate, historically significantlocations;
  • Parks, zoos, nature reserves;
  • Religious buildings;
  • Base for outdoor activities.

Rating sites

Museums are several of the most important is the Museum named after Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Melikhovo), military equipment Museum, Museum of Korney Chukovsky. Kids will love the Museum pastila factory, wooden toys. By choosing the campaign for museums, you can spend time not only with pleasure but also with use.

In the Moscow region is concentrated a large number of different estates, where once lived writers, poets and artists. Now they have been turned into museums that anyone can visit. You should definitely see the Arkhangelskoye estate, to see the Museum-reserve of A. S. Pushkin, to visit the estate of Konstantinovo and many other historical objects.

Among the religious objects can be identified Alexandrovsky convent, the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, the ascension of David deserts and Holy Trinity monastery.

The suburbs is famous for its beautiful nature. It is not surprising that its territory has collected a large number of different parks and reserves. It is recommended to go to the bird Park “Sparrow”, where a large number of different birds, the national Park «elk island» and the Prioksko-Terrasny biosphere reserve.

family vacation in the suburbs inexpensive

For Lovers of active leisure offers a wide choice of entertainment. Winter vacationers can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and, in summer, skydiving, horseback riding or Canoeing.

If the plans had been to spend Family holidays in the suburbs cheaply, you can go to the beach, for example on the Istra reservoir where you can swim and sunbathe.

family holidays with fishing in the suburbs

Sightseeing tours

For those who do not want to spend time on the selection and search of attractions, hotels and resorts and has no plans to sit behind the wheel of a car, a large selection of tours on buses. Tour is a package that includes a trip to interesting places of the story guide and accommodation in a hotel, if the tour takes more than a day. The road will not be boring, because an experienced guide will always find something to say.


Summarizing all written, it's safe to say that the rest in the suburbs interesting and useful. Here you can find a holiday to suit every taste and means. No need to spend a lot of time and money to spend a weekend with benefit and interest.

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