Holidays in January - a variety of options.


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Many people are faced with the question: "How to relax in the holidays?". Of course, I want to forget about all the problems and start the year with an exciting journey. Holidays in January, has its own characteristics. First, due to the fact that this month all over the world are Christmas and student holidays, prices of tour packages are rising by leaps and bounds. But this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure to visit some interesting country. Second, it's safe to say that winter in Asia and Europe affects the number of options. Any travel Agency will gladly organize you a memorable trip, the main thing to choose the direction.

Beach holidays in January, preferably to arrange in a warm countries. The choice is great: the Philippine Islands, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Vietnam, and so on.

If you want to spend your vacation without suffering from the sweltering heat, head to the Canary Islands. There is the most suitable climate for excursions in the mountains, forest walks, sightseeing. If you wish to implement even swimming in the ocean.

The Winter is very good to go to India. This excursion season, you'll see a lot of interesting, stay in January at the local beaches will be at the highest level.

You Can pick up a travel tour that meets your interests. It is not necessary to go to the sea. Ski resorts in January the doors are open for fans extreme .. Awesome trails and the slopes of France, Austria and Germany will delight you with not only the quality but also the high level of service. Ski resorts, is attractive cost, located in Andorra and Italy. And even if you do not know how to ski and can not imagine how it looks like a snowboard, feel free to go to the mountains. After all, these resorts can not only exercise, but also to visit interesting excursions, relax in the spa centres and restaurants, to dog sledding and so on. Vacation in January ski resorts are good because you have a huge selection in winter, snow lies almost all the mountains of the world.


Sol Marina Palace 4* (Bulgaria/Nessebar): photo, price, description, reviews.

Sol Marina Palace 4* (Bulgaria/Nessebar): photo, price, description, reviews.

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Hotel the Royale Assagao Resort 3* India (North Goa): description, photos and reviews of tourists

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Buildings "KM Ankudinovskoe Park" in Nizhny Novgorod

Near the Soviet district located the “KM Ankudinovskoe Park" (Nizhniy Novgorod) – a modern complex, which will provide homes for many citizens. Nearby there is the highway and the forest.Location“Ankudinovskoe Park” of Ni...

If you decide to visit Europe, take the chance to go to Portugal. You will not regret! Here at this time a cool but wonderful stay. Fifty kilometer resort area is attractive for its wondrous beauty of nature: hills and rocks, covered with tall pine trees, vast ocean, making the air extremely healthy and magical atmosphere of calm and comfort.

If you want to take a fascinating walk through biblical sites, go to Jordan. Here at this time is quite warm and not as crowded as in Egypt. You can indulge in Wellness treatments at the hot springs and to try the healing mud of the Dead sea.

Tourists, who are not afraid of long journeys can enjoy the beaches of Cuba, Brazil or the Dominican Republic. Here you can see a lot of interesting things. But in Costa Rica there are no monuments of culture and art, but really to enjoy the pristine beauty of the jungle and beaches.

Holiday in January to remember, if you go to South Africa. You will visit national parks, will see a large number of African animals, and fans of diving will be able to see these huge turtles and sharks.

There is a specific group true patriots, who prefer to spend time in Russia. And in this country can be great to go skiing, to go to Grandfather frost in Veliky Ustyug, as well as a ride on a dog sled.

We can confidently say that the stay in January will be fruitful and successful in that case, if you start to prepare for it in advance. Think about how you would like to spend the Christmas holidays and plan easily trip to anywhere in the world.


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