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Recently in Cherepovets opened its first water Park in the Vologda region – water Park “rainbow”.

General information about the Park

water Park rainbow Cherepovets

It's kind of a big entertainment center, which consists of two zones. The main area consists of a large swimming pool, small outdoor pool and pool for children.

Water Park “rainbow” (Cherepovets), offers to all its guests not only spend time riding the slides, but also the opportunity to relax in the Jacuzzi, discover the Hammam, soak in the hot waterfalls. Residents love this Park for its salt room, which is located in the zone of increased comfort. Here you can improve your health and enjoy the simulation of the sea breeze.

For younger children, the water Park “rainbow” (Cherepovets) provides the opportunity to spend time in the children's playroom. For children and older visitors constantly watched by experienced lifeguards. Because of this, the management of the Park can guarantee each guest a pleasant and safe time.

Water Disinfection

Water Park “rainbow” (Cherepovets) is famous for its water treatment system, which is the most modern in the Vologda region. It is represented by four completely independent from each other pools.

Clean up the pools using chlorination and ultraviolet radiation. The latter method is no longer used in any pool of the Vologda region.

The Cost of holidays

water Park rainbow Cherepovets prices

Everyone how to relax, it is best to start to view the official website, where full information about all the services that offers its visitors a water Park “rainbow” (Cherepovets). The rates on this website are presented in several categories, so they need to pay special attention.


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A Distinctive feature of this entertainment center is able to spend children's birthday party. Specially for this holiday, the water Park features entertainment staff, ready to entertain your child and his guests for the amount of one and a half to four thousand roubles, depending on time and the selected program.
For younger guests, the water Park is aquasana that will watch the kids for 350 rubles per hour. And when you purchase a subscription, the cost will be only 250 rubles, which will significantly save money.
Water Park “rainbow” (Cherepovets) offers special conditions for students. So, swim in two and a half hours for groups of ten people will cost children are only 230 rubles per person. However, this offer is valid only on weekdays.
Prices at the Park vary greatly depending on what area vacationer plans to spend time. If he wants to use the Jacuzzi, breathe in the salt cave or sauna, will have to pay for the provision of comfort zone.

It can also be used to track information about promotions that are constantly changing.

Reviews about the water Park “rainbow”

water Park rainbow Cherepovets reviews

Many of the Vologda sites you can see useful information about how good is the water Park “rainbow” (Cherepovets). Reviews about this water Park have a great value for guests who are considering where to spend their free time.

Guests of the city, which already had a water Park “rainbow” (Cherepovets), very good leisure centre as you can not only plenty of dash off from the hills, but also relax body and soul.

Of Course, there are also negative reviews that are completely submerged in the many positive reviews. And most of the positive reviews left by guests of the regional capital, who come to Cherepovets with the whole family for an unforgettable vacation.

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