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If you carefully read the story of the Sukharev square, you will find that it originated in the late XVII – the beginning of the XVIII centuries, and gave her the name of the Sukharev tower. Here in old times stood the Streltsy regiment, Colonel L. P. Sukharev. He guarded Earthen city, which was surrounded by a part of the city. In front of the tower lies Sukharevskaya square, which made a brisk market place.

Notable location

The Sukharev tower was tall monumental building. Its top with a spire visible from a long distance. She reminded the town hall in the Western cities, which the king had seen during his Grand Embassy.Sukharevskaya square it was even a watch. In it, Peter I gave a mathematical and navigational school. It was the first in Russia technical school, which trained engineers. Here equipped the Observatory, and the people continued to inhabit the free space in front of her, calling it “Sukharevskaya square”.

Popular market

In 1780, on square smartly there was a trade different products, which were brought by the peasants. Later on it was possible to buy old stuff very often – Antiques and shabby, sometimes very valuable manuscripts and books. This market is visited Pierre Bezukhov, to buy a gun and shoot him Napoleon. One hundred and forty years ago it was frequently visited by lovers of Antiques. Sukharevskaya square with its market was a popular place.

Fast Forward to first third of the XXth century

According to the decision of the Moscow city Council first closed the market. Then decided that the tower interferes with the movement, and it is a beautiful and ancient building, despite the protests, was demolished. Two areas called the Big and the Small Farm. There is, of course, no one traded, but the name stuck from 1936 to 1990. They returned to the historical name, but left the old division into two squares and the old name, although they actually came together.


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Large area

You'll be one amazing attraction Sukharevskaya square. The photo shows the front entrance to the Institute of emergency care. Sklifosofskiy.Sukharevskaya square photo Before the revolution it was the Hospice, or the Sheremetyev hospital for up to two hundred people. She is adorned with a double colonnade and a large dome. This magnificent building in classicism style is like a Palace built in 1810. It is located in the courtyard and a semi-circle it covers. According to legend, count Sheremetyev built it at the request of the beloved actress Parasha Zhemchugova. Pangs of conscience did not give them, unwed, to live in peace, and they somehow tried to mitigate his sins by charity. They were married a year before the death of the Bucket. She died, according to one source, from consumption, on the other – in childbirth. In 1812, the French have not touched a magnificent building, and placed their wounded. Took the wounded Hospice during the Russian-Turkish, Russian-Japanese and world war II.

Bolshaya Sukharevskaya square is another beautiful building. It is a former apartment building, built by architect S. K. Rodionov for Shoe salesman Gutman. Sukharevskaya square what is the area of Moscow It is similar to the Russian mansion of the seventeenth century. The roof his hipped with ridge, with a turret with a weathervane. The house is very elegant as is decorated with white and bright green tiles.

Where are the square

Not very difficult to answer, where a large Sukharevskaya square. What region of Moscow? She seamlessly blended into the petty-bourgeois and Krasnoselsky districts. Second, the Small area located just in middle class area. It lived singer and actor M. Bernes. It is the output of m. “Sukharev”. In these areas there is a small paradox: small large area of more than twenty meters.

As we have said, virtually two squares merged into one. When quickly passing by, we don't know how one changes into another. Quite a different matter – walk.

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