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No one can remain indifferent to the most green city of Europe. The capital of Spain, which is a veritable treasure trove of architectural monuments, captures the unique atmosphere. Often tourists visit it in spring or summer, but not everyone can afford to relax in these days. So today will tell whether or not to go to Madrid in January, because the nose new year's holidays.

Madrid in January, the responses of tourists

In Order to spend winter evenings at home, it is best to go on a long journey and relax in picturesque Spain. Tourists who choose the charming capital of the country, you will not regret your decision.

January weather

Do Not be afraid of severe cold, because, according to meteorologists, temperatures in Madrid in January does not go below zero and ranges from 9 OC to 15 OC. it may be advisable to stock up on warm and practical clothing that will allow you to stroll through the ancient streets of the city and not freeze.

In January, a lot of cloudy days, so an umbrella is best to take, because it never hurts. Of course, according to tourists, the weather in Madrid in January cannot be called a resort. But it will not be a hindrance fascinating journey. And even on rainy days the beauty of the architectural landmarks does not fade, and the streets are filled with smiling people.

Ancient Egyptian temple of Debod

Madrid, which is rightly called a Museum under the open sky, offers a variety of leisure options. This vibrant and diverse city, where everyone will find something interesting for yourself. If the weather is not kind to Sunny days, it is not a reason to be sad: there are a lot of interesting corners, and after meeting with them have an unforgettable experience.


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weather in Madrid in January

In the heart of the city, in West Park, it is an amazing ancient Egyptian temple of Debod. The building, which appeared in ancient times, experts in Egypt was dismantled stone blocks. They moved to Madrid and re-assembled on the spot, which to this day is a unique archeological monument.

Temple, dedicated to ISIS, opened in 1972. It must be remembered that within half an hour it can get only 30 people (there are strict limits on visiting).

Crystal Palace

Tourists who come to Madrid in January, can't pass up the best piece of architecture made of glass and metal. The majestic Palace, which can be found in Retiro Park, voted best place to shoot, so no guest leaves the Spanish capital without striking images.

the temperature in Madrid in January

Transparent pavilion, which appeared a century and a half ago, before it was a spacious greenhouse for tropical plants. Today it is a famous exhibition hall.

Madrid holiday

The Capital of flamenco charming summer sometimes. But in winter, when it comes to playing with lights, Christmas markets, it is particularly beautiful. The festive atmosphere captures the tourists, admiring colorful illuminations that decorate ancient city.

No holiday goes by without gastronomic madness. Those who come to Madrid in January 2018, will take part in the exciting festival that brings foodies from all over the world. A large-scale event held under the slogan "Delicious Madrid", lasts two weeks, and during that time the city's restaurants and bars will compete for the title of best in Astrofestival. The festival of taste will introduce everyone to the high art of cooking, and this is the case where gastronomy and culture are combined into one.

Ice cream according to old recipes

Those who attend Madrid for the first time, be sure to look in the cafe HeladerÍas Giangrossi, open all year round. Here hand-made ice cream according to old recipes, and the owners know that cool treat – this is not street food. That's why they created a pleasant atmosphere in your establishment that elevates mood.

There are all sorts of delicious product here! Ice cream with mascarpone cheese, carrot, ginger, lemon, berries will appeal to both children and their parents. And those who have from a variety of dazzled, it may be advisable to order a tasting set with mini-horns.

Carnival procession, at the end of the Christmas holidays

The Spanish capital at the beginning of January wraps up a fabulous extravaganza. This is a special time, which becomes an unusual event, reminiscent of the carnival procession. "The parade of the three kings" is the end of the Christmas holidays, and the main attribute of celebration are gifts for children.

Madrid in January reviews

Funny babies, beating drums, leads the colorful procession, which take place in all cities of Spain. Colorful celebration full of magic, waiting for not only kids, but adults who believe in miracles and okunoin for a few days in a magical childhood.

Shopping in Madrid in January

The Capital of Spain – is a real Paradise for true shopaholics. 7 January sales begin in the shops, and discounts on branded clothing and equipment reach 90 %. Despite the fact that Barcelona is the perfect place for fans to shop in Madrid also has room to roam.

As recognized by tourists, discountthe season here starts much earlier than in other cities. Therefore, immediately after the New year here, thousands of shoppers, in advance having studied all the areas where the trendy shops are located.

Madrid in January: feedback from travelers

Most travelers claim that winter is the best time for vacation in Spain. Summer here is too hot and a long walk, considering the main monuments under the scorching sun, it is simply impossible. But in January, the Madrid is the ideal place to experience it. It's tourist season, when there is a significant decline in prices for tours and accommodation. At this time there are few guests, so you can easily get to know the main attractions the picturesque city has an amazing atmosphere.

in Madrid in January

Many are mistaken, considering that Spain is a country summer vacation, forgetting about the winter, which is no less good. Judging by the numerous reviews, Madrid, in January – it is a city that is able to surprise and offer pleasant surprises.

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