The steam-ship "Nekrasov": photos, timetable, reviews


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Cruise holidays is one of the most comfortable. So nice to sail on a cosy boat with all the amenities you past beautiful places to go ashore for recreation and sightseeing, not getting tired and getting a full service on Board. We will tell you about the ship “ugly”, which provides an opportunity to experience all the delights of cruise travel.

ship Nekrasov


The Ship “ugly” was assembled at the shipyard in Czechoslovakia in 1961. In 2006 it underwent a complete modernization, which made it modern and comfortable. The ship's length is 96 meters, width – about 15 meters, it is capable of speeds up to 25 km per hour. The ship has three decks, the cabins can accommodate up to 146 people. During repair and modernization of the vessel was reconstructed, and the number of cabins was reduced by increasing the area of each room for passengers. The ship became one of the most comfortable in the Russian river fleet.

schedule of the ship Nekrasov

Cabins and infrastructure

The Beginning of the 21st century was a time of revival of the river passenger fleet in Russia. At this time restored and updated many cruise ships, including the ship “ugly”. Photos of the ship can be seen today in tourist directories. It offers excellent conditions for committing multi-day cruises. “ugly” can be called a ship-the boarding house, as it is possible to rest with no less comfort than in a good hotel. The interior of the ship is mostly made in a modern style, but in some of the rooms preserve the historical appearance, in them, of course, carried out the restoration. The ship offers dining in two restaurants, also offering passengers two bars, panoramic lounge, Solarium on the sun deck, music room, medical center, and gift shop. For public events suitable for modern, well-equipped meeting room.


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“the Middle” six triple cabins of economy class bunk beds in 45 double cabins, 11 cabins larger with additional place for a child, 9 cabins class “Suite”. Each cabin has a bathroom with integrated shower, satellite TV, comfortable beds, refrigerator, air conditioning.

ship Nekrasov reviews

Travel Services

Cruise ship “ugly” provides a wide range of services that makes the stay unforgettable. For travelers with children running animator, which will not allow the kids to get bored and parents have an opportunity to relax. On the ship works art group, which holds concerts, master classes, discos, theme parties. Each Park offers a professional tour escort to the most interesting places. Every day during the cruise, guests can join yoga or Pilates classes, morning exercises, conducted by professional trainers for individual fitness has an equipped gym.

An Important part of a cruise – is food. Early in the morning when tea and coffee for the ‘lark" until late in the evening, when the restaurants open for dinner, tourists can get a varied diet. Breakfast is held from "Breakfast buffet" in one shift, and Lunches and dinners are ordered on the restaurant menu. For those who are trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle, developed a special menu in the bar you can drink oxygen cocktails, fresh or get healthy.

ship Nekrasov photo

Additionally, travelers can use the services of rental of various equipment, beach towels, binoculars, the bar offers free Internet access, a Laundry and a tour Desk.

River cruises

The Main charm of the trip on the water is their absolute convenience. Tourists do not need to carry a suitcase from hotel to hotel, the sights themselves “sail” to them. In addition, river cruise – it's very romantic, it is perfect for travel together during the honeymoon or in honor of a significant event pairs. Even the river trip is good because you can combine relax with a rich excursion program. So, a cruise on a ship “ugly” allows you to see many interesting places in Central Russia.

cruise Nekrasov

The Main question that arises from those who never made cruises – fear of seasickness. But the modern ship is equipped with special devices that reduce rolling to almost zero. With all the undeniable advantages of river cruises they have another undoubted advantage – the cost. It is always lower than tours with flights, transfers and hotels.

Program cruises

Travel on the rivers of Russia are becoming every year more and more in demand, so book your desired tour in advance is better. For example, the schedule of the ship “ugly” it is known usually 1.5 seasons ahead. Tours programdiverse, it, any traveler will find a direction to their liking. The most popular cruises include trips from Moscow to Nizhniy Novgorod through Uglich, Kostroma and Plyos, to Kazan via Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Sviyazhsk, to Astrakhan. Also the boat goes in Tetyushi, Elabuga, Uglich, Tchaikovsky, Kostroma, Tver, Perm, Rostov-on-don and Myshkin. The duration of the cruises varies from 4 to 14 days. Travelers have the opportunity to choose any type of accommodation and food.


Before you choose any cruise, every tourist wants to know what's different from other vessels, for example, the ship “mother”? Traveler reviews tell that the cruise on it win a high quality service and delicious cuisine. Tourists say rich program for swimming and Parking. In each city there are several possible excursions, there is also a tour to the ship. Travelers also note that during the cruise you can not only entertain, but also to do sports, to read, to relax in the sun loungers, watching the scenery.

Interesting facts

On water, the ship “ugly” easily recognized by its unique coloring. It gives it personality. Experts agree that the restoration of the vessel – one of the best in Russia in recent years. Ship “native” from Czechoslovakia and it was created according to the best European standards and samples.

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