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The Village of Divnomorskoye is located fifteen minute drive from Gelendzhik. The resort is situated on the Black sea coast surrounded by pine tracts. From the cold winds of the Bay protect steep chalk cliffs. If you believe the reviews about Divnomorskoye, the sea in the village surprisingly quiet. In these places the high waves – rare. Depth in the Bay is small and increases gradually.

Historical background


The status of the resort town received in the first half of the twentieth century. The first sanatorium complex, which was opened on the coast, was “Blue sea”. In Divnomorskoye vacationers are recommended to visit the old Park that was retained after the closure of the health centre.

The Mild climate and rich in minerals the air are key to the popularity of the resort. Today on the territory of the village of dozens of dispensaries that operate year-round. To services of tourists are the hotels of different levels, guest houses and campsites. Assiduous tourists choose accommodation in the private sector. Numerous reviews of Divnomorskoye confirm that even in high season the resort has free space.


Ten miles from the beach resort of Gelendzhik. The settlement maintains a modern airport. Of its passenger terminal Shuttle bus service. The destination – bus station. Fare-30 rubles. In Divnomorskoye is said that the first bus to the village leaves at around 5:30. The latest flight to 20:40. Route from Gelendzhik, Divnomorskoye takes no more than twenty minutes.


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The trip from the airport by taxi will cost 1500 rubles. Vacationers are advised to bargain. Trains arrive at the station of Novorossiysk. Trains run from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regional centers of Russia. To get to stay in Divnomorskoye, you need to use long distance bus departing from Novorossiysk in dzhankhot.

The First flight at 06:15, last at 19:10. Ticket price-100 rubles. Travel time does not exceed 2 hours. A taxi ride will cost 1 100. The owners of the guest houses provide their clients with services meeting and transfer service. In the summer Muscovites to stay in Divnomorskoye, have the opportunity to use comfortable bus.

He departs from the capital and goes to Noumea. Parking liner is next to the metro station «Salarevo». The fare – 6 000. Travel time does not exceed 24 hours.

Taxi Service

The property, located a twenty minute walk from the beach and hotels in Divnomorskoe near the sea offering a taxi service. The trip to the resort costs about seventy rubles. Visiting the surroundings will cost a hundred and fifty. Budget travellers use taxis. The buses equipped with air conditioning, follow in the direction of Praskoveevka Gelendzhik.

Local bus carry on market square, at the house of “energy”, to the beach. Cars run every five minutes. Even in high season the buses are always empty seats.


The largest rental two-wheeled vehicles is located on the Central beach. Rent a bike from private owners, owners of guest houses “al”, “energetic”, “Prometheus”. The price of the rental-150 rubles per hour. During the day, asking 500.

Recreation area

Beach Divnomorskoe

A Comfortable bathing temperature of the sea in Divnomorskoye is installed at the end of may. The local beaches are rather narrow. They are pebbly, the sand is sometimes found. The maximum width of the coast is thirty meters. Entry into the water smooth, gentle. The depth increases gradually.

The bed of a mountain rivulet Mezyb ' divides the recreation area into two parts. On the one hand, the beaches belonging to the dispensaries “Blue Dahl”, “energetic”, “December”. There is also a boat dock. In the sea hit the concrete breakwaters. The beach in this part of the village is shaded by pine plantations.

Central beach in Divnomorskoe, this guest house with swimming pool, hotels and private houses located on the right Bank of Mesabi. In this part of the village cafés and entertainment. The length of the municipal beach is 400 metres away. In the summer, the company operates water Park. A bit further stands the building of the resort complex “Torch”. Sun recreation area, the bathing, cleaned every day.

The Cost of renting loungers – 150 rubles, a visit to the aerary – 50. Jet ski ride for 1 500 rubles a Trip to “banana” will cost 300. In the Northern part of the resort there is a wild beach. It was chosen by nudists. It is located outside the rest of the resort “Torch”.

Water sports

Deserted beaches Divnomorskoe

In Divnomorskoe in the Krasnodar region has excellent conditions for diving. Local club “Source” organizes diving and teaches beginners. On the shore of the village offering rental boats and pleasure yachts that ride on boats and catamarans. There are rentals of sports equipment.

Equipment for diving will cost 1 000 rubles. For the diving course and receive a certificate of international standard asking for 20 000. To dive under water the boat is 3 000 RUB At the bottom of Divnomorskoe in the waters inhabited by colorful fish, small crabs, mussels, sea ruffs. If you want you can explore the wrecks and the remains of an American plane.

Most of Divnomorskoe travelers isolated Aqua complex, which consists of several pools of different depths and slides. To the water Park allowed for not only adults but very young children. Cafés, bars. The hotel is equipped with sunshades, sun loungers and parasols. There is Luggage storage and showers.


Hotel in Divnomorskoye

The village has a number of resorts built in the Soviet period. These resorts have been updated and are a comfortable sanatoria with modern medical facilities. Therapy and relax in them for 80 000 rubles.

This amount includes all meals, visits to leisure facilities and sporting clubs, participation in recreational activities, the passage of the therapeutic course in accordance with the assignments of the attending physician. The questions "to look", "where to go in Divnomorskoye" meet the professional guides.

The Tour Desk offers an interesting sightseeing program. Provided shorter routes. There is a two-day trip. Guests carry in Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Anapa and even in the Crimea. There are buses from Divnomorskoye in the Krasnodar and Rostov-on-don.

Hospitality Foundation

Guest house with pool

The peak rate in the resort hotels during July and August. Stay in June and September will be thirty percent cheaper. In the offseason, prices drop in half. A room in the hotel located near the sea costs about 3,000 rubles, powered 5 000. Slightly cheaper accommodation in the private sector.

For a room in a small guest house asking 2 500 RUB If you choose a room without a toilet and shower, air conditioner and TV, then one day of rest will only cost 1 000. A list of the most popular tourist destination hotels Divnomorskoye:

  • "Kars";
  • “Prometheus”;
  • “seaside”;
  • «Athena";
  • “Fantasy”;
  • “Blue yonder";
  • «green Wanted”;
  • “Legend”;
  • “sell”;
  • “the Samotlor nights”.

Hotel complex "Kars" is six hundred meters from the Central part of the village. In “Prometheus” has free connection to Wi-Fi network. Offers an outdoor pool. In the yard there is a children's Playground with sandpit, slides, swings and sports equipment. There is free car Parking.

Hotel complex “seaside” has a large pool for adults. There is a water Park for children. The property is not more than ten minutes leisurely walk from the centre of Divnomorskoe. Rooms “Energy” the Black sea. Free Wi-Fi. The building of the "Athens" designed in a traditional Mediterranean style. It is lavishly decorated with stucco and white balusters.


The long shingle beach has several comfortable rooms with...

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