The plane at-45. The combination of comfort and reliability


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The names of some aircraft and airports are quite complex. To indicate the full names in the air would leave a lot of time. And when crossing international air space there and the difficulties of translation. In emergency situations, it will inevitably lead to the collapse, and hence the victims. For public convenience has introduced a special international codes.

Meet - Alenia ATR 42-500

ICAO Code is a unique combination, consisting of 4 digits and used for flight planning. Under the encoding of the at-45 is hiding the plane Alenia ATR 42-500. He produced the French-Italian group Avions de Transport Regional (ATR), formed by the enterprises of the French company Aerospatiale and Italian Aeritalia.

The Plane at-45 is one of the most popular on short-haul flights. It is a worthy successor of the first-born of the series the ATR-42. The updated draft of the vessel was announced in 1993. The first chassis of the at-45 off the cover of runway 16 September 1994. He has passed all the necessary activities for certification according to European standards, which was successfully completed in the summer of 1995. In October it had started mass production.

An Aircraft of this type had improved on the ergonomic design of the cabin with improved sound insulation. To reduce noise used by a whole system of special equipment in the cockpit and in the passenger compartment. The convenience of the passengers is dictated by the increase top shelves for Luggage.


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plane at 45

Kit digital EFIS avionics helps pilots a great deal with any of the flight situations. Sensitive sensors analyze the condition of systems and components. They promptly give to understand about the problems on Board and equipment failures.

at 45

A set of other sets of equipment by the customer. All this guarantees safety and reliability at-45. Photo of ATR 42-500 aircraft is presented below.

at a 45 photo

At-45 today

For more than twenty years, the aircraft of this series travel through Airways on domestic flights. To date, released over four hundred ATR-42, a large proportion of which is a plane at-45. Most major airlines, has its fleet this ship:

  • TRIP Linhas Aereas.
  • FedEx Corporation.
  • Airlinair.
  • UTair

In Russia it can be found on domestic flights of Nordstar airlines and UTair. In operation is about 30 machines in the modern equipment. In General, companies are the first owners. Since 2011, the aircraft received certification documents for the ability to fly at low temperatures. It has greatly expanded its scope in the country.

In the evaluation of flying such ships, many passengers notice the similarity of the equipment with the Russian an-24, but note the great comfort and noise insulation in the cabin.

The Plane at-45: specifications

The Crew consists of 2 people. The number of passengers can range from 42 to 50. Usually in flight, the flight is operated by one steward.

at a 45 photo 2

WingspanA 24.57 m
Wing Area54,5 sq. m
Width2.57 m
HeightA 7.68 m
LengthOne-22.67 m
Maximum takeoff weight18.6
Maximum landing weight18,3
Weight empty weight11,25 t
Maximum payload5.45
Fuel Capacity5730 l

The Plane got two turboprop engines Pratt & Whitney (Canada) PW127E, the capacity of each is 2400 horsepower. Shestilopastnye the Hamilton Standard 568F propellers have a diameter of 3.93 m, if the design provides for optimization of the noise reduction and vibration.

at a 45 photo 3

Flight data:
Max cruise speed560 km/h
Maximum speed670 km/h
Range, considering the maximum load1500 km
Service range2100 km
The Maximum ceiling take-off7620 km
Length of run1160
Path Length1130

Accidents involving aircraft

During its existence whole series ATR participated in different kind of disasters and serious accidents by about 30 times. The plane at-45 in these statistics, only three times, each of which occurred through the fault of the staff.

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