The hotel Ariadne Beach Hotel 4* (Crete, Greece): reviews and photos


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Ariadne Beach Hotel 4* is a luxurious bungalows decorated in traditional Cretan style. You can enjoy the unbeatable sea holiday unforgettable and authentic atmosphere.

ariadne beach hotel 4


Only 50 metres from the magnificent beach lies the hotel Ariadne Beach Hotel 4*. Crete, Agios Nikolaos, Gargadoros, 72100 address of a resort institution. The Central part of the city just 800 metres away. The distance to the international airport of Heraklion is 60 km away. Just 3 km from the hotel there is a large Museum, and 6 km from the aquarium.

ariadne beach hotel 4 reviews 2016


Holidays in Ariadne Beach Hotel 4* is accompanied by a feeling of comfort and home coziness. Warm atmosphere you can enjoy in the rooms of such categories:

  • Standard bungalows are characterized by a compact area of 16 sq. m. of the Windows may be provided a view of the sea or the garden. The room has 3 single beds, two of which are shifted between themselves. Private terrace with plastic furniture.
  • Superior is a spacious Bungalow with an area of 20 sqm in Addition to 3 single beds, the room also has a sofa for relaxing. There is a Desk and a large mirror for makeup. On the spacious terrace with a coffee table and pair of chairs.

ariadne beach hotel 4 Greece

The rooms

All rooms Ariadne Beach Hotel 4* is equipped in accordance with the latest standards. In the apartment guests can enjoy on-site amenities:

  • Individual air-conditioner;
  • Central heating
  • Satellite TV (there are Russian channels);
  • Landline phone (domestic and international calls);
  • Fridge
  • Mini-bar (on request);
  • Safe with combination lock (extra);
  • Wireless Internet access;
  • Bathroom;
  • Furnished terrace.

hotel ariadne beach hotel 4


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The hotel

Everything you need demanding tourists for recreation, can be found on the territory of the Ariadne Beach Hotel 4*. Lassithi provides travelers with opportunities for rest, and if we talk about this particular institution, it is worth noting the following:

  • Internet café in the lobby with a desktop computer;
  • Currency exchange in the hall;
  • Wireless Internet access;
  • Laundry
  • Souvenir shop;
  • Mini-market with round the clock work schedule;
  • TV living room;
  • Private Parking;
  • Storage room for Luggage;
  • 4 conference halls (up to 300 persons);
  • Rental service vehicles;
  • Laundry and dry cleaning;
  • Beauty salon
  • Medicine Cabinet;
  • Garden with walking area;
  • Business center where guests can obtain access to the office equipment;
  • Reception.


A delicious and high-quality catering looks after the administration of such resort casinos, such as Ariadne Beach Hotel 4*. Guests can visit these restaurants and bars:

  • The Main restaurant "the Edge" offers guests all meals in buffet style. A wide range of dishes of Greek and international cuisine can satisfy the needs of the most discerning palates. Guests can relax in the elegantly furnished dining room or on the terrace.
  • Lobby-bar is located in the lobby of the hotel and provides a luxurious view of the sea. There is a wide range of beverages to foreign and local production. Also you can enjoy hearty snacks and delicious desserts.
  • Poolside Bar will delight you with a wide range of cocktails prepared according to original recipes. Due to the rousing music, there is always a fun atmosphere. if you don't want to go for lunch in a restaurant here you can eat pizza and fast food.

ariadne beach hotel Crete 4


An Integral part of any holiday are vivid entertainment, opportunities for which provides the Ariadne Beach Hotel 4*. Greece is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. In this hotel you will be able to organize your leisure time as follows:

  • Outdoor swimming pool with purified fresh water;
  • Table tennis at the neighbouring hotel;
  • Fitness centre;
  • Tennis court with hard flooring;
  • Water sports on the beach;
  • Spa centre;
  • 2 beach at a distance of 50 and 250 meters from the hotel (pebbly and sandy);
  • Animated program (daytime sports activities and evening shows);
  • Pool tables by the hour;
  • Terrace with sun beds and umbrellas;
  • Playground for the little ones.

ariadne beach hotel 4 Lassithi

Positive feedback

If you want to know an objective opinion about the hotel Ariadne Beach Hotel 4*, reviews will help you with this. So, based on reviews of travelers can be concluded about such disadvantages of the institution:

  • Convenient location relative to the sea; lots of greenery in the territory;
  • Friendly staff that tries to please them by fulfilling all their requests;
  • The territorycarefully taken care of;
  • On the beach there is always free space, and the distance between the beds is quite large;
  • Nearby is a huge number of retail outlets and catering establishments;
  • Green sun terraces;
  • Comfortable sandy entry into the water;
  • Beautiful and clean pool;
  • Open bar in the afternoon you can eat delicious fast food;
  • Calm the situation in the territory due to the small number of tourists;
  • If you pay for the sunbeds on the beach, as a bonus give you 2 bottles of cold drinking water;
  • In the restaurant is quite delicious desserts;
  • The waiters are very nimble and polite;
  • The food in the restaurant is quite simple, but very tasty;
  • The rooms are cosily furnished and are kept clean;
  • On-site office, which can at an affordable price rent a car;
  • The hotel is in a beautiful area where there are many scenic locations for photo shoot;
  • Bungalow located on the cliff slope so that not to obstruct each other beautiful;
  • In the menu of the restaurant is almost always seafood and local cheese;
  • High-quality local spirits at the bar;
  • On site there's a lot of pomegranates;
  • Bathroom with new plumbing intact;
  • Managers at the reception are attentive to the wishes of guests regarding the rooms;
  • Guests arriving to the hotel late at night, give out some snacks, which include sandwiches, fruit and juice;
  • The rooms have huge wardrobes that fit all things;
  • Affordable prices for set meals.

ariadne beach hotel 4 reviews

Negative feedback

There is, however, a number of negative characteristics and defects of such a resort, as Ariadne Beach Hotel 4*. Reviews 2016 talking about the following shortcomings of the institution:

  • Breakfast to get bored after a few days;
  • Beds paid not only on the beach but also near the pool;
  • Breakfast cereals;
  • Even if you booked a superior room, you will still be populated in the standard, then to demand a fee for resettlement;
  • Paid safe;
  • On the quality of cleaning strongly influenced by the presence or absence of a tip;
  • If the hotel has few guests, the staff drained water from the pool, citing the fact that it is faulty;
  • Sometimes is a strong smell of sewage, which forces the tightly closed window;
  • The old faded towels (some even have holes);
  • The use of beach towels surcharge (in addition to 2 euros per use, you also need to leave a Deposit of € 10);
  • In food, guests often find the hair;
  • Given that the bulk of tourists are European retirees, on-site boring enough;
  • Inflated prices on the tour (near the hotel there are tourist offices where the rates are much lower);
  • Practically no entertainment (they are mainly concentrated in the neighbouring hotel, which guests are free to visit).

Overall impression

The Hotel Ariadne Beach Hotel 4* is very popular among tourists who want to relax and enjoy the sea. The hotel is located in one of the quietest areas of the resort. And the lack of on-site entertainment is a guarantee of silence, that someone may seem unattractive characteristic. However, the proximity to the sea and welcoming attitude of the staff covers many flaws and drawbacks typical of this hotel.

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