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Kemer – resort on the Turkish coast of the Mediterranean sea. It lies in a picturesque valley between mountains, covered with steppe grasses, and the beach. The municipality is headed by the region which includes settlements Goynuk, Beldibi, Tekirova and Kiris.


idyros hotel Kemer 3

Cultural and night life of the resort is concentrated on the outside of the estuary. In its vicinity is full of restaurants and cafes, clubs and discos, hotels and guest houses. From Idyros Hotel 3* (Kemer) to the main pedestrian artery of the city, a few minutes drive away. Along the way there are souvenir shops, clothing stores, and home textiles. The road runs past parks and playgrounds.

The municipality is located the most popular clubs in the region. In “Aura”, “Buddha” and “Inferno” can be reached by foot, bus or taxi. The pride of the village-wide pebble strip. The hotel Idyros Hotel 3* (Kemer) rest in the equipped recreational area. It is part of the public beach. Next to her – “Moonlight”. The entrance is free. Sunbeds and umbrellas are issued on demand.

Hotel Description

idyros hotel 3 Kemer center, Kemer Turkey

The Hotel is set in landscaped grounds. It stretches from the center to the yacht Marina. It includes a restaurant, bars and eateries, swimming pool. There is a free connection to Wi-Fi network. At Idyros Hotel 3* (Kemer) guests playing table tennis. The hotel offers a Bicycle rental. It operates a car rental Desk. The tour Desk organizes trips in Phaselis, Antalya, Olympos, Beldibi.


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The Hotel offers a transfer service. It offers tourists family apartments. Tenants enjoy free Parking, which is next to the living body Idyros Hotel 3* Kemer. The centre of Kemer in Turkey in high season, suffering from a lack of available Parking. Therefore, this option is always popular among travelers who independently examine the area.

In the lobby, currency exchange. His course is not the best. Budget-conscious travellers convert the money in banks. Check in at the hotel from 13:00 to 17:30. The administration recommends to leave the room until 11:00.

In the office of the hotel Idyros Hotel 3* (Kemer) accept cash and plastic card systems, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro. Reception of new clients operates around the clock. Its employees solve problems associated with living in a hotel.


The Flights arriving from Europe, caters to international Antalya airport. He removed fifty kilometers from Kemer. Its runways cater to the court of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk and other Russian cities. Customers Idyros Hotel 3* (Kemer) meet at a passenger terminal. In the hotel they are brought on a comfortable bus. It is equipped with air-conditioning system and soft ergonomic chairs.

Independent tourists on the bus get to the center of Antalya. If you choose taxi, you will have to shell out 600 rubles. From the Central bus station in Kemer frequent intercity liners. The fare – 150 RUB journey Time-40 minutes. If you want you can take the ferry. He sails away from the Marina of Antalya twice a day. Further staff Idyros Hotel 3* (Kemer) Kemer (center of the city) recommended to take a taxi.

Those who travel by personal car, you need to keep track D400. The highway stretches from Antalya in the southern Turkey.


hotel idyros hotel Kemer 3

All rooms at the hotel standard. They were recently renovated. The walls are painted in light pastel colors. Cover the window with translucent curtains. The floor is laid with ceramic tiles. The room has a bed, dresser, fridge. For microclimate conditioning is responsible.

The TV is connected to cable TV. This option was rarely found in Kemer (Turkey). Idyros Hotel 3* (Kemer center) included it in the package. For viewing Russian channels not need to pay extra. Phones and tablets are Wi-Fi in the rooms catch well. The Internet speed is average. In the bathroom there are toiletries, cosmetics, towels, shower cabin, Hairdryer.

The room service need to pay. The view from the Windows of the apartments offer sea, garden or city street. Pre-select. Over tips the staff of the reception can go forward. Tourists are not recommended to choose rooms that overlook the pool. In the Aqua zone is always noisy. Sometimes the fun lasts until morning. On the day of arrival the fridge is empty. It is not even mineral water. Supply of liquid soap and shampoo replenished regularly. The maid cleans every day. Linen change every three days.


idyros hotel kemer Kemer 3

The List of standard options that are included in the price the hotel Idyros Hotel 3* (Kemer):

  • Walking in the garden;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Use library;
  • Rent tables for table tennis;
  • Visit a children's Playground;
  • Catering services;
  • Lockable cupboards;
  • Luggage storage;
  • Daily cleaning
  • Transfer;
  • Air conditioning.

Turkey Kemer hotel idyros hotel 3

Additional services

The hotel Staff speaks Russian, English, German and Turkish languages. For additional payment the customers receive delivery of restaurant meals in the room. Storing valuables in the safety Deposit box costs about 120 p. In the rental of cars, bicycles and sports equipment rates apply.

The entrance to the disco is happening at the tickets. Buy them at the reception and information. Prices for dry cleaning and Laundry services administration renews at the beginning of the summer season. Judging by the photos, Idyros Hotel 3* (Kemer) – clean and well maintained hotel. The campers were satisfied with the service and quality cleaning of residential and public zones.


idyros hotel 3 Kemer kemer center

Gastronomic infrastructure is represented by restaurant and bars. In the main dining room can be arranged morning, afternoon and evening meal. Tables set in the spacious hall, and on the street. The service is carried out by the system “Buffet". The menu is replete with dishes of fish, beef, chicken-meat, vegetables and cereals. In the price includes drinks of Turkish origin. For imported alcohol will have to pay.

The Timetable for the dining room:

  • 07:30-09:00 (Breakfast);
  • 12:30-14:00 (lunch);
  • 16:00 – 17:00 (lunch);
  • 19:30 – 21:00 (dinner).

The System “All inclusive” starts at 10:00 and finishes at 22:00. The hotel bar opens at 10:00 and accompanies his visitors after 22:00.

The hotel is Close to the market. It stalls crammed with local fruit and vegetables. It operates twice a week. Vacationers will gladly traded with farmers. In June buy cherries and apricots. In July comes the turn of peaches and apples. In August, the ripening melons and honey melons.

In the grocery store, which is located on the premises, sold, delicatessen, tea, coffee, cheese. The prices are quite affordable. Provides a table of orders.


The Hotel relax at the beach. The entrance to it is free. If you want you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Installed changing cabins, showers and toilets. Tourists are offered excursions and boat trips. Persistently inviting photographers to pose. Children ride on inflatable “bananas” and “the pill”. Adults uplift the sky on parachutes.

The Beach is covered with small and medium pebbles. Entry into the water smooth. But at the depth encountered sharp rocks and large boulders. The travelers are advised to pre-purchase special footwear that will protect toes and feet. In the storm and in heavy seas is dangerous to swim. Rescue service closes beach. The special bus that shuttled between the hotel and the coast.

Tourists get yourself. Some walk, others choose a taxi. Animation by the sea and on site no. Leisure can arrange a third party company. Their services are not included. On cloudy days the campers remain at the pool. Its area is 140 square meters. It operates only in the warm season. In winter season closed.

idyros hotel 3 Turkey Kemer kemer center

Surrounding area

Within walking distance of the hotel, there is plenty of eateries and bistros. They moderate the price of food, large portions and excellent service. Popular among Russians enjoyed the restaurants "Leon”, “Lava Kebab”, “Come in, Genatsvale!”, “Casa La Luna". Enjoy gourmet cuisine invite institutions “seasons”, “Lotus”, “BBQ".

Great burgers and sandwiches can be prepared in "Panorama" of the "Burger king" Has, in the tavern "Nur". In Kemer the most common Turkish, Mediterranean, Italian, French and European cuisine. Local chefs know a lot about ...

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