Hotel 3* Cosy Beach Hotel, Thailand, Pattaya: overview, description, features, and reviews of tourists


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Tourists who are going on holiday to Thailand, you should pay attention to the hotel 3* Cosy Beach Hotel. In this complex are able to create a comfortable environment for living. Many vacationers who visited the hotel earlier and leave positive feedback. In their opinion, at this point it will hold its vacation people of any age.

Where is the hotel?

Cosy Beach Hotel 3* has a very good location. He is one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand-Pattaya. The hotel is situated in the southern part of the city, on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand. It is far from the airport. The distance is 133 km away, Tourists are delivered to the place of residence for 2-3 hours.

cosy beach hotel 3

The Hotel 3* Cosy Beach Hotel is 4 km from the city centre. This arrangement has a great advantage. The rest you can spend quiet and peaceful or vibrant city life that prevails on the streets of Central Pattaya. The famous Bali Hai pier is located just 2.3 km from the hotel the Cosy Beach Hotel 3* (Pattaya). Reviews confirm that it is a very beautiful place to visit every connoisseur of luxurious types of wildlife. You can spend here a photo shoot.

Hotel Description

Cosy Beach Hotel 3* (Thailand, Pattaya) – complex of four multi-storey buildings, built in modern urban style. It is located on a steep hill, so guests enjoy breathtaking views of the Bay cliff. There is also a variety of structures, designed in Thai style. The interior of the hotel will delight guests with its modern design. Hall is quite spacious. While waiting for the settlement of guests here can relax after the journey. You can settle on a fairly comfortable soft corners.


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What is notable about the hotel area?

Like all hotels located in the tropical zone, Cosy Beach Hotel 3* (Thailand) surrounded by lush greenery. The fragrance of flowers spreads throughout that many find very pleasant. But those who suffer from allergies, it is better to take a medicine that will protect from trouble.

 cosy beach hotel Pattaya 3

The Hotel has two swimming pools. One of them has a Jacuzzi that can be used by all guests free of charge. Comfortable you can relax on the sun loungers located around the pools. For hotel guests are available free of charge. Location can be selected under the umbrellas or sunbathe, enjoying the warmth of the tropical sun.

The Territory owned hotel, not a huge area, so there learned how to use any free space. On the roofs of the various complexes are equipped playgrounds.

At first glance you understand that the area is carefully looked after. There is no debris or dirt. The pools also contain clean.

The Number of rooms

Guests arrived to a holiday in Thailand, Cosy Beach Hotel 3* can offer 480 rooms. Tourists from personal experience, I advise to book rooms in 14-storey block in The Grand Wing. Here all apartments have a balcony, what can be said about the accommodation at the Cosy Wing. They are also much more spacious and furnished with newer furniture. The rooms overlook the pool, garden or sea views. It is best to admire the beauty of the local area with the upper floors. As claimed by hotel guests a stunning view.

cosy beach hotel 3 reviews

Comfortable rooms are located in the body Cosy Beach Resort & SPA Ocean Wing. They also have balconies and plenty of space.

Not very flatteringly tourists about the condition of the rooms located in the Cosy Wing and The Pool Wing. It's a small room with total area of 23 m2. The furniture here is long overdue to be replaced. Could use a renovation because the rooms look quite outdated. But to live in them.

Rooms and services

In every room, regardless of category, has everything you may need during your stay. Beds in the hotel are quite convenient, they are quite comfortable to sleep. In some of the rooms, condition of the furniture is a bit worn, but contains it clean. In cupboards and cabinets enough space to arrange all things.

The rooms also have a Minibar. Drinks it contains can only be used for an additional fee. If desired, you can order food or drinks in restaurants that will deliver to your room. This service the hotel can arrange for the money.

The rooms have individual air-conditioning. It is very convenient, since anyone can set the most suitable temperature. Rooms also feature a safe, a telephone and a TV.

The Bathrooms are equipped with a shower. In the more respectable rooms have the possibility to take a bath. Toiletries constantly replenished. Each bathroom has a Hairdryer.

Regarding housekeeping services at Cosy Beach Hotel 3* tourists leave different. Most tourists don't complain about its quality even in the absence of the tip. Cleaners daily tidy every corner of the room. But, according to other tourists, the rooms are you can often stumble upon the dust, even after the so-called wet cleaning. Towels are changed every day.


Cosy Beach Hotel 3* (Pattaya) offers a variety of services that are provided free or for a nominal fee. In the lobby around the clock there are administrators, so you can contact them at any time of the day. The hotel has a staff that owns the Russian language. All the employees treat the guests kindly and with respect. If you encounter any problems guests can count on their quick removal.

 cosy beach hotel pattaya 3

The reception is located Luggage storage, which guests of the 3* Cosy Beach Hotel can use for free. To receive information about local attractions from employees at the tour Desk.

Because the hotel often settle people, who arrived in Thailand on business, for them there is the possibility to use the meeting rooms that have all the necessities one would need for business meetings.

The hotel has a beauty salon, which for a fee offers a list of the various services. Doing amazing Thai massage. There is also the possibility to visit the sauna.


Eat at the hotel on three systems. First - there will be served Breakfast only. If you stop your choice on the system “half”, you will have to wait for Breakfast and dinner. It is also possible to choose accommodation with three meals a day.

Learn how to feed guests at hotel Cosy Beach Hotel 3* (Thailand), vacationers respond differently, but in most cases, the quality of food is quite satisfied. Also pleased to see the variety of the menu. Fruits are always present and in sufficient quantity.

 cosy beach hotel 3

In the hotel you can eat in the restaurant, which offers visitors a mix of Chinese and European cuisine. Many guests noted that the food quality here is excellent.

On the territory of the hotel there are 2 bars where you can taste delicious cocktails. There are also various snacks. You can eat in local eateries, which is near the hotel has very much. The prices here are quite reasonable. Food you can buy from street vendors. But in this case, in order to eat, have to go back in the room.


Cosy Beach Hotel 3* offers a different opportunity to spend time relaxing. Here you can play Billiards or table tennis. On the roof of the hotel, a special area for mini-football or basketball. For those who want their services offers and a fitness room.

Many tourists love the water sports that are easy to do for an additional fee. Everyone will be able to surf the waves on a jet ski, try surfing or to see the beauty of the underwater marine life, scuba diving.

cosy beach hotel Pattaya 3 reviews

Entertainment is provided in hotel 3* Cosy Beach Hotel very rarely. But since the city center is nearby, you can visit the local night clubs.

To Spend a fun time on the various excursions. Thailand – a country in which very many historical monuments and magnificent temples. Many tourists have noted in their reviews, the beauty of the nearby Islands. There you can admire tropical flora or the magnificent creatures of the deep.

Beach holidays in the hotel

The Beach is just 100 metres from the hotel. To reach it, you need to go down the special ladder. Despite the proximity of the sea, the elderly get to it because the stairs are quite steep. In addition, many vacationers say that around her in jungle a lot of debris that spoils the very view.

cosy beach hotel 3 Thailand

The Beach belongs to the city, so there is always a lot of tourists. Cleaning is not often, and on the sand ...

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