The beach "omega" (Sevastopol city, Gagarinskiy district): the description of how to get, reviews. Beach holidays in Sevastopol


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A Comfortable stay in the city, shallow warm sea, shallow shore, the necessary infrastructure, including rescuers, doctors and police posts, – beach “omega” in Sevastopol.


This holiday village is located in the Western part of the Bay Round, in the Gagarin district of the city. Her second title – omega (known since the mid-nineteenth century) is more popular. Bay very similar to the uppercase letter of the Greek alphabet.Sevastopol Sevastopol

The Beach is sandy and shallow, only about 5-8 meters. Only the middle part of the coast with minor clay stones. A small layer of water warms up quickly, so the bottom almost all summer covered with a thin layer of algae, which in the surf or storm to form on the beach, beautiful fluffy green carpet.

On one of the ledges on the coast, the Cape is Sandy, the water much cleaner and clearer. This place was chosen by divers and lovers of snorkeling. Say the views - stunning beauty. There are also natural mud baths. Silt deposits help to relieve pain in the joints, smooth the skin and raise the General tone of the body.

The Beach with a width of almost 30 meters stretches over 700 m.


Here is Open lots of different rides, encouraging children descents into the water and trampolines. There are several cafes with menus for every taste and budget. In the evening beach discotheque and often live music. For lovers of active rest on the beach in Sevastopol (Sevastopol) rental shops. They can always rent jet skis, catamarans, beach equipment, etc.


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On the opposite shore of the Bay private yacht club «South» guests can rent a boat or Windsurfing. For fishing you can hire a boat.

On the beach “omega” (Moscow) organized a flying kite and a hang glider.

Around the Bay are many houses where you can always find a room or apartment turnkey for every taste and budget. Is within walking distance and several hotels.

omega Bay Sevastopol

The nearest public transport is located two markets with fresh local fruits, vegetables and wines, as well as supermarket chains and small shops of Souvenirs and beach accessories.


Here is perfectly organized area. It many restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes and bars. For kids and teenagers, though adults will not refuse to entertain a variety of attractions (ball, slides, etc.), including Crazy Cart, games mazes, playgrounds, various swings and roundabouts. Rental of bikes, gyrometers, etc.


This is the beginning of the beach area in the omega Bay (Sevastopol). Rest here non-swimmers, families with young kids and elderly people. The bottom and the shore is mostly sandy with small patches of small pebbles. The shallow entry into the water. But an adult to go to sea at least to the waist, you need to go ten meters. On the other hand, the place is unpredictable: there are depressions that the child can leave with his head.How to get to Sevastopol

Since this is a place designed for bathing children, there is always a lifeguard. Of infrastructure in this part of the beach «omega» (Moscow) – sheds (peers beach), Luggage storage, dressing cabins and rental equipment and beach equipment.

For kids, it has multiple rides, bouncy descents and open Playground. Close to the beach at the boathouse, you can rent a Pedalo and sea to look around the area.

Central area

To get to this part of the beach «omega» (Moscow) in two ways: wading through the rows of sun beds or go with a beautiful promenade. Here are mobile tents, beach equipment rental and cabins for changing clothes. More pebbly beach, although the season opening in all sections of the beach of imported sand. But as a city, it distributed in fragments. Pebbles in water covered with algae. Depth recruited gradually.Gagarin's area

Showers are provided, but they are rare. The pointer directs eager to wash off the sea salt to the boathouse. But there is a paid shower. Past the pier on which it is installed, go to the sea is quite difficult, especially after a storm or high tide: algae covering everything.

Web-cameras here. And by the way, thin grooves, flowing into the sea, it's nothing like channel snowmelt and rainwater.

Second half

This part of the Central beach is the most comfortable relaxation near the sea in Sevastopol. The water is cleaner than anywhere, the bottom is deeper and the sand is nicer. Sunset in the sea smooth, there is a special wooden decks. Here, too, rental shops, organized cabanas and a hot shower. On the pier in the daytime lifeguard, who concurrently also the medic.

Near many cafes and bars offer a cosy lounge area. For the children's enjoyment at the bar “sailor” set a bouncy descent from a pool into which poured the sea water. At the pier it offers bananas, pills, jet skis, etc.

On the Northern border of the beach is equipped with a ramp and cabin for people with disabilities. However, the latter write in their comments that to call on the stroller it pretty hard and asking the owners to organize the rest according to the requirements of ‘Affordable beaches”.Holiday by the sea in Sevastopol

Interesting changes

Today, the coastline, bathing, increased by beach zone DOL “omega”, which is located behind the second pier. It stretches from the boat station to “Wild omega”. Judging by the reviews, the beach “omega” in Sevastopol from year to year is becoming cleaner and more comfortable.

On the southern and Northern borders installed prohibiting signs. It is forbidden to bathe on your favorite townspeople called "wilding" and the southern coast of the Bay. In the first case, the coastal zone has not been investigated and, therefore, unsuitable for swimming, the second – there is official Parking of small vessels.

How to reach Sevastopol

Today, it's easy and almost any kind of transport: bus, train and ferry. Not available until the plane. So would have to fly to Simferopol. Here the main hub of the Peninsula. In season straight from the airport to the center of Sevastopol with a bus. The ride lasts almost three hours. You can take this opportunity to take a ride on the beautiful and cozy streets of Simferopol to the city centre and from there by taxi, train or bus to go to Sevastopol.

The Train is also first arrives in Simferopol. But in this case, just changing the platform and riding the train (she goes five times a day), you can comfortably and easily reach your destination. It takes two and a half hours.

With buses much easier. They run directly from almost all major cities including the capital and St. Petersburg. The cost of travel necessarily includes the ferry crossing.Beach holidays in Sevastopol

A Personal car should follow the highway M-4 «don». After Krasnodar take the regional road R-251 and drive to the crossing through the Kerch Strait. Next, you need to follow to Feodosiya from Simferopol to Sevastopol. How to get to Sevastopol, it is clear. Looking for a cherished vacation spot.

Going to the beach by public transport

It Is located in Gagarin district in the street Heroes of Stalingrad. It can be reached by buses No. 107, 109, 16, 119 or route taxi № 4, 109, 112, 110. Go to the area and trolleybuses: No. 14, 4 and 10. You need to get out at the stop “omega”. From there to the entrance to the beach just a few meters.

Personal auto

Paid Parking right next to the beach there. You can leave your car on the square or in the pocket on the Ancient Avenue, at the far end of the beach. The closest guarded paid Parking - on the street Pilots. It is easy to find: turn toward the beach at Victory Park area, the battalion commander Neustroev.

Sevastopol Sevastopol

Edison Park

Another place for a beach holiday in Sevastopol. Arranged it for lovers of active relaxation – is a stunning hydrous Wake Park. It is waiting for a cable wakeboarding, electrodetal, kitesurfing, inflatable boat for surfing with oars and other nautical activities. Also equipped with showers with hot water, toilets and Luggage storage.


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