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Beer has become a favorite beverage in our country. There were various varieties that offer a lot of pubs of Moscow. The number of such institutions has increased significantly, which shows the high demand for this drink. Each bar trying to lure the visitor in its own way: some offer interesting menu, others place their bets on the interior and show, others adhere to their pricing policy. Now, however, it's not about that.

In this article, we will discuss the best beer establishments of the city of Moscow, we recommend visiting each resident or visitor.

Inexpensive beer bars

Offering the best beer bar. will be treated and fed at this establishment as “Mug”. It is next to the metro station «Sokol». The menu here is simple but everything you need is there. To enjoy their favourite light or dark beer, and eat French fries. there can be cheap and delicious. Several screens on the walls, I propose to spend not one night, rooting for your favorite football team.

Pubs of Moscow

The subway “Ino” there is a great bar “Svarnya”, which has its own brewery and offers several varieties of live beer. The menu here is East-European and quite varied, and warm interior helps you to relax.

Fans of Russian cuisine should visit a bar called "Golden fish" on station "Marxist". Here you can eat fish, shrimp, garlic toast or chicken wings. And the bar owners periodically conduct a variety of events, delighting their visitors.


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At the metro station «Mayakovskaya» is a bar with an interesting interior. «Metro diner” into a subway, where there is a hall-lobby and room-car. Bar offers European cuisine and beer.

Popular bars of Moscow

“Bobby Dazzler” – the best beer bar in Moscow. Wooden tables, chairs and bar counter are stylized under old England, warm and friendly atmosphere helps to move from reality to the past and to taste the dishes of European cuisine, washed down with good beer. This bar is located in pereulok kostyanskiy, to book tables in advance. Judging by the reviews, the impressions from visitors is positive, particularly praising English ale served here.

“.” – the best place for any pastime. Three rooms help to distribute visitors according to their tastes and desires. A professional chef prepares dishes of European and Japanese cuisine, but very popular there are deli meats. Here you can taste the leg of lamb, medallions and juicy steaks and cutlets from rabbit.

Brasserie, Moscow, inexpensive

The Menu changes regularly and is full of variety. Judging by the positive reviews, the restaurant choose for various events and for mental relaxation, separately noting the skill of the cook. There's supposed to love everyone!

The Kings & ndash; club, bar and restaurant in the same way. This place is well-combined halls dance floor and the bar itself. At the same time there you can dance and spend a romantic evening, and to sit with friends over a glass of delicious beer, and here, by the way, more than 10 varieties. Bar set by all standards of English pubs, dance area decorated with twenty-meter panorama of the Thames. This bar is located near the metro station “Museum”.

Beer bars

The pub "SPB" in Moscow offers its visitors a few Beers and Italian food. In each school the interior matches the tastes of the modern inhabitants of the Russian Federation, allowing you to feel comfort and ease in the hall. If you want to watch a football match and discuss it with the fans, "SPB" always ready to provide the best conditions, and regular customers are issued a discount card.

Beer bar "SPB" in Moscow

“Stabiliz” – a network of bars, which is unique in that serves rare Beers. The screens are located in the halls so that the visitor or fan in any position could observe the ongoing match, drinking cold beer. The food here is European, many of the items in the menu dishes appropriate to the beer, and low prices can not please the visitors.


By "Ruff" is worthy of the beer bars in Moscow. The prices here are not the lowest, but the quality of food and friendly staff are worth it. The menu includes fine meats and fish. Air desserts a delight and the desire to try something else from the menu list.

beer bars in Moscow“Brush” has its own delivery service and Internet web page through which you can order meals delivery to your home or office. Couriers brought at any place an order for a short time. Reviews visitors leave only positive and enthusiastic, paying special attention to the hookah and barbecue dishes.

Bars in the center of Moscow

Pubs of Moscow densely located throughout. All this is because they are very popular among the population. At the MSU Botanical garden is the bar where Lambic. After his visit, you still have only positive emotions.

Since this bar is located near the Botanical garden, rooms are decorated in European style, but with lots of flower beds and trees. Looking at the menu, a connoisseur of Belgian Beers will be satisfied. Presented here is about 30 varieties of beer, Ales and beer drinks. The food is prepared in Hospira, which allows not to spend a lot of time to cook permeates the food a slight smell of smoke and meat helps to stay juicy.

Pubs in the centre of Moscow

To Visit Lambic at the address: prospect Mira, building No. 7.


Beer pubs in the centre of Moscow are trying to be different from each other and provide to its client the most favorable conditions. All institutions attract new visitors best promotions, club cards, warm interior and delicious dishes.

Pub «Angara» will not leave indifferent lover to the Russian-Siberian cuisine. Worth tasting steak, smoked omul or layer cake with cranberries and venison. Beer brand served here – special. Like many bars, there are live sports matches, but if football is not interesting, and tasty I want to eat it here, the client is given the opportunity to look at variety show “Hangar” or listen to music.

the Best beer bar of MoscowOn the ground floor is a shop called "Beer card”, which offers to choose and buy beer from different countries, providing about 400 varieties.

Folk bars of Moscow

The Capital is big and people live in it with different incomes. For the middle class population are the cheapest beer bars in Moscow. You can call them folk, or budget. Do not think that there can not eat and drink good, quality beer.

The Brasserie “gold roach” Savelovskaya will meet nice and cozy interior. Here all the furniture is assembled from heavy wood, covered with varnish. Several screens located around the room in order to allow visitors to follow world events. The menu here is rich selection of appetizers, salads and meat dishes large. Encouraging and desserts. You can come here with children (they will be entertained by talented animators and fed delicious sweet dishes). Beer prices and food low, which allows for a small amount of decent to sit the whole family or a large company.

Cheap pubs of Moscow

Indoor Korean bar Drink Your Seoul very unusual and creative. There will be to buy Korean alcohol and dishes of the same cuisine. The feeling of him remains the same as if illegally visited some place where's easier for the police. Twilight and a small room with tables for 4 and 8 people and enhances the image.

Bottom line

In this small article we discussed the best beer bars Moscow (the capital of the Russian Federation), their advantages and disadvantages, brought up the topic of reviews about specific establishments. Also here are photos of these places. Thus, if you want to relax with a glass of quality beer, be sure to visit one of these establishments. Love to watch football? I want to sit in a noisy and large group of friends? Then you came to the right place. By the way, it is better to visit all the bars presented in this article to choose the best of the best. Good luck!


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