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Amazing Sri Lanka - an island of the Indian ocean, the cradle of Buddhism of Ceylon, where nobody is in a hurry, and life flows evenly and smoothly. Friendly, but not annoying people, stunning scenery, wild animals, coexisting peacefully with humans and the endless Golden beaches leave a deep, unforgettable and bright impressions from the visit to this country.

Hotel Description

Heritance Ahungalla 5* is a luxurious beachfront hotel complex situated in the village of Ahungalla, 76 km from the capital Colombo and 115 km from the international airport (three hours away from him). The hotel is a three-storey building. The hotel was built in 1993 and renovated in 2006 and Occupied by the complex area is 6 hectares.

heritance ahungalla 5


All 152 rooms at Heritance Ahungalla 5* (Sri Lanka), the interior was designed with style and taste, have ocean views, are equipped with air conditioning, mini-bar (paid service), facilities for making tea and coffee and television with satellite broadcasting. If the guest needs something, he can from your room call the front Desk and ask your question. At any time of the day is suitable for either a maid, or someone from the hotel staff and help with the solution. Cleaning of rooms at Heritance Ahungalla 5* (Sri Lanka) is performed daily. Those who chose the room categories Suite and Luxury you can find in the rooms a cosy Bathrobe and Slippers and wearing them to feel like home! These rooms also feature CD/DVD players, so the fans will be pleasantly surprised at this compliment from the hotel.


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5 heritance ahungalla Sri Lanka reviews

All of the guests at Heritance Ahungalla 5* free Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotel complex. On demand, guests are offered an Ironing Board and iron to stay and look your best. And there is a Laundry room on site, where for a small fee, your clothes will be like new. All rooms Heritance Ahungalla 5* equipped with a safety Deposit box bathrooms have a Hairdryer. Each room is designed to accommodate up to four guests.

Description of each category

  • Thirty-two rooms Heritance Ahungalla 5* Standard, with an area of 32 sq. m, with the maximum possible accommodation 2 + 2 persons. They are one space.

5 heritance ahungalla Sri Lanka

  • Available in Heritance Ahungalla 5* Deluxe Room is also one room, but the superior series.
  • The number of lead Deluxe Ocean, their only 60, each 37 sq. m. area can accommodate up to a maximum of four people. There are interconnecting and single rooms, in the latter there is a separate bathroom and shower.
  • 36 Premier Deluxe rooms, 37 sq. m each are also options for adjoining rooms.
  • To accommodate four guests are offered double rooms with a living area of Luxury. They are only fifteen, each of them has a surface of 51 square meter.
  • Of the two-bedroom accommodation offers five suites, each of 102 sq m space and is designed for four. It has a bedroom, living room and bathroom with WC.
  • Finally, four rooms at Heritance Ahungalla 5* Luxury Suite which area a little more - for 111 m2, are pleased to offer their services to VIPs. Each room has a bedroom, living room, two bathrooms and a bathroom with shower and Jacuzzi.

heritance ahungalla 5 deluxe

For payment you can use credit cards Visa, American Express, MasterCard, in addition, the property features a currency exchange, you can exchange cash.

Hotel facilities

The Hotel Heritance Ahungalla 5* (Deluxe rooms) can enjoy all the delights of luxury-vacation at this hotel. Luxury Golf course, a well-equipped fitness centre and tennis courts of the most modern materials will allow you to enjoy sporting events in full force.

On site you can swim in the pool, visit the SPA with a session of Ayurveda bath-tub.


Business people who prefer to combine rest with work are offered two conference halls for meetings. The first holds up to 150 people, the second - 75. If a guest arrived with a hired driver, the latest free food and accommodation. On site Heritance Ahungalla 5* (Luxe-rooms must be booked in advance) for guests is provided free Parking.

Staff at the tour Desk "Ahungalla" - Ahungalla Heritance Ahungalla 5* - assist in the organization of travel and excursions to tourist attractions. Finally, all available services doctor, they are paid separately.

Entertainment & nightlife

The hotel has a karaoke bar and Coffee Shop Mustard. There is a night club for all party people and fun, look carefully at the time of his work - its doors are opened only twice a week.


In the hotel there are several choices of food to suit every taste and budget. This Breakfast BB half Board HB and full Board FB.

  1. Under the first option, guests can enjoy daily a complimentary Breakfast within a buffet, all drinks are paid separately.
  2. Half-Board also suggests food based on the principle of "buffet", the hotel's guests for Breakfast and dinner, drinks are at an additional cost.
  3. Finally, Full Board means three meals a day - Breakfast, lunch and dinner with drinks included.

heritance ahungalla 5 luxeGuests will appreciate the cosy restaurants Heritance Ahungalla 5* - the photo above shows the interior of the main institutions - Jute, which offers service under the system "buffet". A second restaurant - Upper Room – offers a la carte menu, all wine connoisseurs will love a particular masterpiece of their collection of wines. Both institutions offer the dishes of national and international cuisines.

The complex has five bars. All offers a wide range of drinks, coffee and cigarettes.

Children's Services

Child is where and with whom to have fun: first, in the main pool they have specifically separated the shallow place, and secondly, for them, a children's club. Finally, behind them with pleasure and for a small fee will be looked after by a nanny.

The Beach, pool

The Sandy city beach with free sun loungers is pleased to welcome guests and to surprise them with clean sand and sea. Towels are provided free of charge. If you choose to relax by the pool, then towel and sunbed - you have to pay for them not.

Heritance Ahungalla 5* (Sri Lanka): feedback

Our frequent guests who regularly visit him, said that the level of service has not improved, although every year in any field should be progress.

heritance ahungalla 5 standard

However the age of the hotel did not affect the beauty of the grounds and the interior. Marked by delicious food and a large selection of dishes. Many guests were pleased with the work of animators and high-quality treatments to the SPA. Some guests felt that the rooms need renovation and the staff eager to tipping.

But in General guests described the staff as attentive and friendly. One guest there was no Internet, but this fault was rectified within the hour.

Now about the location. The hotel is located far from the center, and no ATM in the hotel - this is a clear disadvantage. There are no nearby attractions and major shops and restaurants. But the sea is right outside my door, but according to guests, was often a shortage of sun loungers and parasols, they need to take early in the morning, at noon to do it is impossible. Perhaps the hotel should replenish equipment for naval beach holiday.

From the capital to go to the hotel about five hours, it's tiring, especially given the traffic jams on the roads in Colombo are quite narrow.

Staff meets newly arrived guests with fresh tropical fruits. Many guests noted a quick check in the room.

ahungalla ahungalla heritance ahungalla 5

Highly praised the chef, who delighted the guests with a skilled cooking of pork, lamb, chicken and various side dishes. Tasty were the cakes. Only you should be careful, some dishes new to us - the Asians have often found too much spice, so those who suffer from gastritis and hyperacidity of the stomach should be alert.

Tourists are advised to bargain when buying any things as on-site and beyond.

If you want to buy oils and creams Ayurveda, there is a sense to visit the town pharmacy where they sell real drugs, not counterfeit.

Some guests were confused by the lizards...

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