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Malaysia is usually associated with the island of Borneo, which is a true legend. This is because it is inextricably linked to the numerous pirate stories. Here reigns a great atmosphere, which gives the holiday a special mood. Believe me, holidays in Borneo (Malaysia) you will be remembered for a long time.


The Island of Borneo (Malaysia) has another name - Kalimantan, and is located in the heart of the Malay archipelago in Southeast Asia. The island is a unique place. The fact that the territory of Borneo is divided between three countries-Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The total area of the island is 743 thousand square kilometers, the Largest part belongs to Indonesia. And the area of Malaysia is about 200 thousand sq. km. It is divided into two provinces, Sarawak and Sabah, which share borders with Brunei and Indonesia.Borneo, Malaysia

The Coast of Borneo bordering the South China sea and the seas of Sulawesi, Javanese and Sulu Straits Makarski and Carimate. Nearby is the island of Java, Sumatra and the Philippine Islands. Borneo is mountainous, the highest point – the mountain Kinabalu, with an altitude of 4095 meters. Most of the island is covered with thickets of the jungle, inhabited by wild animals. Malaysia, Borneo – this is a great example of a country with a stunningly high standard of living. The island's capital is the city of Kota Kinabalu.

How to get to Borneo (Malaysia)

To get to Borneo is not so easy, it will have to use the air service. There are two nearby airport from which to reach the island. One of them is located near the city of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, and the second – in Kuala Lumpur. From the airport to the cities can be reached by taxi (at airports created a special taxi service).


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Between the States and the cities are connected by flights of the company «Malaysia Airlins”. These flights are very popular not only among tourists but also among locals. In addition, the island itself trains and buses.

There are Also Maritime traffic. So, in Kota Kinabalu ferries from Brunei and Labuan. In addition, go to the city large cruise ships.

Climate and weather of Borneo

Tourists are most interested in beach holidays in Borneo (Malaysia), and therefore, before the trip is to find out what the weather you expect during your holiday. In General, for the island is characterized by hot, humid tropical climate. In Borneo, no significant fluctuations in annual temperatures. At any time of the year the temperature readings are within - +27-32 degrees. It rains throughout the year, but still there are periods with greater intensity.

Borneo Malaysia reviews

The wettest months are October, November, April and may. But even in these periods precipitation is not bothering travelers too, because they fall out, usually at night and of short duration. Therefore, we can say that in Borneo there is eternal summer, which corresponds to the Equatorial climate. But still the most successful to visit the resort are considered the months of January and February. The water temperature on the island is not too different from the temperature of the air so you can swim forever.

Beaches of Borneo

The Island of Borneo (Malaysia) attracts tourists primarily for its tropical white beaches with rich vegetation and fine sand. Most of them are protected by coral Islands from the waves. Between the coast and the coral Islands boats, bringing tourists to buy them. This is especially true during the "red tide", when it is forbidden to enter the sea. The ban was not just. The fact that "red tide” – it is nothing like the bloom of sea water. In such periods there is a mass reproduction of plankton, which stains the sea red. To plunge into the water at this time is really very dangerous because you can become a victim of toxic poisoning.

To the delight of tourists, the island is almost no beaches belonging to the hotels, so I can be on any stretch of coastline and basking on the hot sand. In the opinion of tourists on Borneo (Malaysia) it can be argued that the best beaches can boast of Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Although the entire coast of the island is beautiful and clean, unlike the more famous and well-known resorts in the world. Very nice bonus is the complete absence of waves at the local beaches. Coral reefs protect the coast from severe storms, so the surfers have nothing to do here. But sea world is Borneo just staggers the imagination with its exotic.the island of Borneo Malaysia reviews

And yet the best beaches you can enjoy in marine Park, Tunku Abdul Rahman, which includes five small Islands. Paying a visit here you can visit all the Islands and diving. The Islands have minimal infrastructure-cafes, showers, changing rooms, toilets and so on. Relax attracts not only tourists but also locals. Amazing clear sea and clean sand-the best place to stay.

Local cuisine

Going on holiday to Malaysia in Borneo (photo in article), you need to have an idea of the local cuisine, since I have to eat at the hotel's cafe or the many public institutions. In Malay cuisine, there is no clear set of dishes. Locals absorbed in the culture and recipes of several peoples. For example, in the province of Sabah is a very popular Chinese soup, and Thai fish soup was born in a completely different country, but loved by local residents.

One of the main dishes on the island is rice, it is served not only as a garnish, but also as a main dish. Most of the local population – are Muslims, so pork is not used here. Although other meats people love and know how to cook. In addition, the island is a popular seafood. Here you can enjoy skewers of shellfish, grilled octopus, shrimp with sauce. All these dishes are prepared only with fresh seafood.

On the island of love are all very sharp, so the food seasoned with different sauces, generously pouring their products. If you want to taste something unusual and exotic, you can order shark fins, locusts or a nest of swallows in the broth. In Borneo there is one feature. Spicy food it is customary to pour ice water with lime and various herbs.Borneo Malaysia reviews

Our countrymen should know that the island is alcohol. As for drinking wine or beer in plain sight can even be arrested. And yet here prepare palm vodka and wine, which have a pleasant taste. Tourists should definitely taste the delicious drink made from tangerines. Well, beer lovers will not be indifferent to this drink made from the juice of palm flowers.

Meals at hotels

Reviews of Borneo (Malaysia), resort hotels offer Breakfast only, at best – and dinner, so during the day I have to eat at local establishments. The island is very popular fishmarket, which are small restaurants in which tanks contain marine life. Any of them can be selected and ordered for lunch. If you prepare a fresh dish of marine life. And yet, experienced travelers recommend to eat at the restaurants. Located in the Central part of cities and resort areas, to avoid unpleasant consequences with the digestive tract.

Sights of Borneo

Attractions of Borneo (Malaysia) – this is a mandatory part of the cultural activities on the resort. Of course, the priority of the tourists give a beach-holiday at sea, but also about interesting places do not forget. Especially that there are lots of places worthy of the attention of visitors. The island has long been developed quite separately from the mainland, which left its mark on the flora and fauna. Borneo was really lucky in the jungle it was not discovered any minerals, but because most of the territory gained the status of the reserve. It is difficult to imagine, but every year there find up to 50 new animals, which have not been known previously. Some of them – is quite small, why did not notice them previously. For example, in 2007 on the island have discovered a new species of Rhino.

Living landmark called Borneo a unique tropical flower called the rafflesia. Its diameter is about meter. The flower exudes a disgusting smell of rotting meat. To meet such a rare plant, it blooms only a few days. During tours of the reserve still have a chance to see a blooming monster.

The island is Sabah Kinabalu national Park. It is located on its territory the highest mountain of Malaysia. At its foot lies the jungle. Evergreen tropical forests filled with unique and interesting plants. They grow over a thousand species of beautiful orchids. A large part of the plants in Borneo – endemic, as they cannot be found in other regions. No less interesting fauna. Here you can see deer, monkeys and the present Malaysian bear.the island of Borneo Malaysia reviews

At the reserve for guests opened the natural health center, where you can relax in the hot springs.

Deer cave

Tourists don't have to think long...

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