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The Main heroine of Alexander Pushkin “Eugene Onegin” – a humble country girl who falls in love with the Metropolitan dandy. The author, as you know, was always interested in the secular beauties, and such a prude hardly would have noticed. However, Pushkin writes about it, that we are inadvertently imbued with sympathy for the main character and ask the question: “Why Tatyana loved Onegin?”.

Unique identity

It would Seem that the main characters – totally different people: he – resplendent, secular lion, she – a provincial girl. However, much in common between them.

Both the hero alone: he misses in a secular society, whereas it does not understand the native people. And Tatiana and Eugene feel unappreciated in their environment. It is hard for them to be at a provincial ball. Eugene Onegin, like our heroine, realizes the emptiness of the Metropolitan and provincial companies. It unites them with each other. The common views on the life of the main characters helps to understand why Tatyana loved Onegin and Lensky's not.why Tatyana loved Onegin

Her early liked novels

As we know, Tatiana was born and raised in the village. She – a kind of deep for those seeking privacy. The girl from an early age preferred French novels, not games with cheerful friends. Her soul longed for love, even interest in divination was largely motivated by the desire for a speedy meeting with the betrothed. Among village neighbors for the role chosen for her, nobody was fit, young girls usually fall in love with those surrounded by an aura of mystery. So, is it any wonder that dressed up as “a dandy in London” Onegin touched the heart of our heroine.


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So, we are getting closer to understanding why Tatyana loved Onegin. Let's try to understand what her feelings for the main character.why Tatyana loved Onegin and Lensky no

Tatyana loves not joking

The Love of the main heroine is really strong feeling, not easy craze of the young person. So why Tatyana loved Onegin? Essay-argument on the subject often write student of the ninth grade, for most of which the answer to this question seems really obvious, because he is so handsome, so mysterious and interesting!

Nevertheless, the visual appeal and charm – this is something that can lead to love, not deep feelings. There's a reason we try to understand why Tatyana loved Onegin, we are talking about love. Feelings girls to our hero deep. After the departure of Tatiana Eugene began attending Onegin house and read books, paying special attention to the places that were highlighted. So she tried to better understand his character. In the ordinary love of girls, rather, tend to desire a well to apply themselves, and when the object of attention disappears, the young lady forget about him. The feeling of Tatiana in Eugene Onegin much deeper, she tries to understand who he is, trying to comprehend his soul. Later the main character will understand what devoted love refused. Alas, time to regret came too late.why Tatyana loved Onegin essay reasoning

At the end of the book the main character, being a lady, Onegin confesses that she still loves, but given to another.

So, now we understand why Tatyana loved Onegin. His image is very good to fit the view of a young girl on how should look like the chosen of her heart. However, the feelings of Tatiana was serious and profound, no doubt due to the richness and breadth of her nature.

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