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The Series “Community” - American art of the TV show Comedy. Cinematic project, also known as the series “Mates”, produced since 2009. To date, there are 6 seasons. The cast of “Mates” - Joel McHale, Alison brie, Gillian Jacobs, Danny PUDI boutique and. the music for the film was written by Ludwig Joranson.

classmates TV series actors

The plot of the series “Mates”

Greendale was the meeting place of the seven heroes. Who did not know that each other people soon became friends. Each of the heroes of this Comedy of history – the ordinary person.

  • Jeff winger – a former successful lawyer. A handsome man with an arrogant personality.
  • Britta Perry – blonde. Cute. Wants to be socially active unit of society.
  • Shirley Bennett – a woman of Mature age. Abandoned by her husband. Still alone.
  • Annie Edison – a young and humble person. The winner of the “complex an excellent pupil”.
  • Eber Nadi – an American of Palestinian origin. Wit.
  • Troy Barnes. Previously played football. Knows everything about cinema.
  • Pierce Hawthorne-an elderly man. Not once was married. Fancies himself a connoisseur of life.

The Company complement weirdo Dean Craig Pelton and the Spanish teacher with the characteristics of the Mongoloid Ben Chang, which has clear signs of madness.

community series


The cast of “Mates” picked up the project's Creator Dan Harmon who said that for Comedy casting is very important. Some actors have already participated in one of his shows like Joel McHale and Chevy chase. Harmon was always in awe of the actor's comedic talents of Chevy chase, and therefore invited him to his show, and he said Yes without hesitation, although this is not perceived so-called sitcoms seriously.


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Joel McHale came into this project because he felt the script Harmon's best of all is that he had read before. Harmon also chose this actor because he fit the image of their hero of the future. The Creator of the movie wanted to find a cute actor, who with his good looks would distract the audience from the negative inner hero, and he found it in the person of Joel McHale.

classmates TV series 2009 2015

The idea

The Script of the series "Classmates" (2009-2015) was born thanks to his life experience. He claims he once for the sake of learning the Spanish language began attending community College. That not expecting, he became close with the rest of the students young age, though, as it seemed, they could not have anything in common. It is worth noting that many of the traits of his character – self-centeredness, independence, etc. - Harmon “gifted” his main character – Jeff.

classmates TV series reviews

About improvisation and filming locations

In the series “Community” the actors were allowed during filming to improvise. Actor Chevy chase, according to the Creator of the project, constantly went beyond the limits of the role, but others could not in these times to understand when one or the other of shooting the scene ends. Improvised often in the frame also Joel McHale and Donald Glover. Most of the scenes of this Comedy TV show was filmed in Studio halls of Hollywood, owned by Paramount Pictures. The cast of “Mates” who performed the role in the second season of this project, played some of the scenes in one of the colleges of the city of Los Angeles.

classmates TV series plot

About the roles and their performers

Joel McHale for several seasons played in the TV series “Mates” the role of Jeff Winger. The main character of this story just for the sake of seducing any female he created training courses on learning Spanish. Jeff – arrogant, but he's charismatic, skeptical about everything. Pragmatically, therefore nicknamed the Voice of Reason.

Actor Joel McHale was born November 20, 1971 in the Italian city of Lazio. Has played in 124 cinema projects. His role – Comedy, action, drama. Starred in such expensive films as “spider-Man 2”, “Kings of Dogtown". As an actor, TV series, known for his roles in the television series “Secret documents”, “Geeks”, “Sons of anarchy”. Zodiac sign-Scorpio. Married to Sarah Williams. The father of two children.

Gillian Jacobs in this series was a character Britta Perry. Character - woman feminism, an environmental activist, a fighter for animal rights. Basically do not use as food the meat. Her hobby-psychology. Loves to give advice, even when she isn't asked. Loves to sing, but not able. Blonde.

Gillian Jacobs, who also was among the cast of “Mates”, – a native of the city of Pittsburgh. Was born on 19 October 1982. In the mid 1990-ies has released her first piece of work. The role played in such famous series as “Face”, “Love”, “adventure Time”. In 2016, was invited as an actor in the project serial format “justice League”. The growth of Gillian Jacobs – 163 cm zodiac sign-Libra.

Fans of the show “Mates”, reviews of film critics which in the vast majority of cases positive, causes a huge sympathy for the character of Annie Edison. The girl on the screen is portrayed by actress Alison brie. Annie – sweet-faced woman with a friendly nature. On a nationality the Jew. As usual, modest. Dependent on antidepressants. Honest and likes order in everything. Quite amorous. Sometimes likes to be naughty.

Alison brie hails from the city of Los Angeles. Born in 1982. Has played in 93 projects cinematic genres Comedy, drama. In her record of participation in the series “Shine”, “Chicken”, “Horse Bodzek”. In 2017, Alison brie was included in the cast of the films “Woe to the Creator” and “Small clock”. Zodiac sign-Capricorn. Growth actress – 160.

In conclusion

An American TV series with episodes lasting 22 minutes has category age limit viewing 16+. The film was shot in the U.S. – in the States of California and Kansas.


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