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The Adaptation of the books – is what connects the film fans and fans of fiction. Often movies causing violent disputes between them. But there are those who staged and movie fans, and followers printed on paper stories.


There are Few things hurt people's feelings as drama. In a sad key written many novels. Adaptation of the books tries to convey this range. This genre of cinema is extremely diverse. It is treated and heart touching romantic stories and stories about life in the world of crime.

The Drama, which was based on the books, are still being reviewed and considered classics. Them learn to understand the world of cinema, as well as his own soul.

“Godfather”, 1972

Opens the list of the best movies, the basics of which were the books, the story of the Sicilian mafia. The action takes place in 40 years.

Don Corleone, the head of the Sicilian mafia, gives in marriage his beloved daughter. This day was special not only for family but also for many other people. All who knew about the happiness of the don, came to congratulate him and ask about something for myself, because traditionally nobody has the right to refuse.

a screen adaptation of the booksOne of the petitioners, aspiring actor johnny Fontane, complained to the head of the Sicilian mafia that he refused to remove a movie because of a little conflict. Corleone promises to deal with this problem. But the filmmakers are much more self-righteous than the fountain might be desired. In parallel with the story of a young actor develops and the fate of the son of don Corleone. He does not want to inherit the power his father and become part of the criminal world. Soon, however, he will have to reconsider its attitude of don Corleone.


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When listed the best adaptation of the books, no list is complete without stories about the powerful Sicilian mafia. Despite the fact that the film was made several decades ago, he was not forgotten by the audience and often revised.

“Fight club”, 1999

To order the book became a cult classic, it should tell the reader something new that hasn't already been said. One of the breakthroughs captured the imagination of readers, was a novel by Chuck Palahniuk ‘Fight club”. Some time later, was obtained the film rights to the book.

best book adaptationsLoser-the clerk can not establish privacy. He suffers from insomnia and lack of understanding of what to do next with my life. But fate offers him an unexpected, which changes everything. He meets Tyler reed, a charming young man. Soap salesman, whom first introduced the new friend turns out to be a much more interesting person. His personal philosophy drags the main character. Tyler sure that only the weak strive to improve ourselves. And the strong have the right to self-destruction.

The film, which takes a firm place in every ranking, which lists the best adaptation of the books, has forced many to reconsider their Outlook on life. In a short period of time, the story became a cult.

“Perfume”, 2006

A Modern adaptation of the books different from those that were created in the last century. Directors of the new generation have the opportunity to add effects and to bring their work to the paper original. But as before, respect for the original story becomes one of the main criteria. In our days also removed a lot of adaptations of modern and classic novels. One of the most successful among them – “Perfume”.

the film rights to the bookAn Orphan Jean-Baptiste Grenouille never knew no love, no care. The brutality that surrounded him on all sides, formed the character of the boy. However, he showed a rare talent – high sensitivity to smells. Pleasant aromas became his main and only love.

Grenouille soon realized that each person has their own unique flavor. And most of all he was attracted to young girls. To pick up their smell, Jean-Baptiste decided to kill. This begins his hunt for scents to create your own, the best.

“Perfume” is, perhaps, almost the most shocking film adaptation of movies from books. It met with a mixed response from critics and audiences. But there was no doubt that picture will go down in world cinema Fund.

“one Flew over the cuckoo's nest", 1975

The film adaptation of the books – not a simple matter. Especially if the basis for the movie is such a controversial book as “one Flew over the cuckoo's nest”.

Russian adaptation of the booksThe Main character, McMurphy was not in trouble with the law. He was threatened with considerable prison term. To avoid this, the man decides to pretend to be schizophrenic. He believed and was sent for treatment in a psychiatric hospital. But it turned out that the orders there is no better than prison. All power is concentrated in the hands of the nurse, which manages the lives of their wards as she wants.

The Freedom-loving McMurphy refuses to accept this state of Affairs. He organizes in the hospital riot. But it turned out that some of his new acquaintances are not ready for such a drastic step.

“the Shawshank redemption”, 1994

In good movies, the main idea lies on the surface. It is hidden enough to make the viewer think and give him food for discussion with other fans of the picture. In this vein created “the Shawshank redemption”, recognized by some authoritative publications best film of all time.

a screen adaptation of any booksLawyer Andy Dufresne accused of killing his wife and her lover. But the trouble is that the man does not remember that did. His attempts to prove his innocence ended in failure. He was sent to Shawshank prison, where he even believed in their criminal nature. Quiet and somewhat shy lawyer opens at the place of detention.

Shawshank is a brutal place, where everything is made to break people. But Andy wouldn't budge. He uses every opportunity to remind the other prisoners that they are human.

Historical Romance movies

Do Not think that this genre of films have the taste but the romantic young ladies. The paintings included in the world classics, conquer the hearts of audiences of any age and gender. Sometimes it is difficult even to guess which direction is this or that picture. Coincidentally, that very often the romance is intertwined with the historical genre. Against the background of great events unfolding development of the characters, their growing up. These films are perfect for people who want to know what adaptation of the books makes them more emotions.

Melodramas and historical films allow viewers a break from your own troubles and worries and to know a different life. They leave behind a light, bright aftertaste. That is why this genre is so love.

«War and peace”, a 1967

Not to mention the Russian adaptation of the books. One of the most successful was the work of Sergei Bondarchuk, embodied on the screen the novel by Leo Tolstoy. A four-volume work missed in four parts.

a screen adaptation of the books UstinovaThe Main characters of the works have become family Growth and Bolkonski. Their share fell ordeal – world war II. At first, the attack of Napoleon was to them a fortune that will allow you to show your courage and sense of love of country. However, the war is not a game.

The Characters who in the first volume seem naive, with each new milestone of your life grow and change. By the end there are few who can find old Natasha or Pierre.

Picture of a novel often criticized by contemporaries for what she accurately repeated the story. However, to this day on Russian television, where he often mentioned the film adaptation of the books Ustinova, the film adaptation of the series, and other popular authors of detective stories, no one was able to surpass the success of this film.

“blown away”, 1939

Many film adaptations of books that were popular in the year of its publication, the audience loved and in our days. They are reviewing them writing work. One of these paintings was based on the book by Margaret Mitchell “blown away”. This film was a big event for 1939, not only because there was the opportunity to see a favorite novel, but because it was the first color film.

The Main character Scarlett O’Hara was considered to be the most beautiful girl. But pretty face and perfect figure was attached also capricious nature and a love of freedom. The girl wanted to marry the heir to a neighboring plantation, who secretly was in love and didn't want to fill your thoughts with reasoning about the unfolding Civil war.

novels adaptation of the booksHowever, on one of the picnic barbecue Scarlett learned the terrible news that her lover marry another. And the young girl became acquainted with a mysterious Rhett Butler, who told the girl that...

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