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Tenth day of October, 2012 on the CW channel has released the pilot episode of the series. The story takes place in Starling city.

A Few years ago Oliver Queen and his father is missing. Town and family found them dead. But years later, once a typical representative of Golden youth Oliver rises from the dead and returned to his hometown. But he changed a lot: learned how to shoot a bow, to fight and to kill.

Oliver came back to avenge his father and bring justice in his hometown. But not all welcome the return of the millionaire. In the list of the episodes of the “Arrows” there are numerous episodes where villains prey on the officials of the city and on Oliver.

But the hero does not give up, he picks up the right team and concealing face mask, stands up for the weak.

list of episodes of arrow

Series “Arrow”: a list of episodes of the fourth season, total points

The Third season of the series was full of both action and new characters. Many members of team Arrow have changed their attitude towards the city and Oliver. Quinn fell hard on the share to go to RA's al Ghul and destroy your soul. And all for the sake of the only sister.

Freeing the city from a deadly virus, Oliver decides to leave his post defender. He plays death Arrows, and leaves Starling city.

“Arrow”: description (1-8 series)

In the list of the episodes of "Arrow's" third season you can find a lot of interesting series and crossovers. But the final episode made the fans believe that Oliver could be happy. After the “death”, he, along with felicity left the city.


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But the calm didn't last long. The town is attacked by “ghosts”, which destroy those who fights crime. Team Arrow tries to track criminals, but it won't work.

Caught in a desperate situation, Laurel and Thea go to visit Oliver and do not allow Quinn to make felicity offer. After much persuasion, Oliver's back in town and declares himself the Green arrow.

show arrow

In the series “Arrow” Oliver realises that he can't defend the city, being just a vigilante. So he decides to run for mayor. Team against this decision, but Quinn manages to convince friends that he can do the most good.

In season 4 of the series “Arrow” Laurel can't come to terms with the death of his sister Sarah. She and Thea travel to Nanda Parbat, where the head of the order revives Sarah. But she came back different-more violent and embittered. At the same time, Oliver and felicity break up.

Short contents 9–16 episodes

Oliver begins his campaign with the cleaning of the dumps in the city. But the ‘ghosts’ are not asleep, and attacking citizens. Quinn can't find the criminals, and the omission of exhausting it. The attack on the team and wound felicity forced Oliver to make a few mistakes.

The Position rescues Roy Palmer, who decided to return to the city. Felicity continues to worry that injury she will become a burden for the team. Her condition worsens when she learns that a villain named the Calculator is her father.

arrow TV series season 4

16-23 series

The Relationship between felicity and Oliver remain tense. But a new villain they have to pretend to be a couple. Palmer-Tek attack: criminals need a chip implanted in the spine felicity. Comes to the aid of an unexpected ally.

Laurel receives a tempting offer – attorney. But the girl was plagued by doubts: to become a Prosecutor, she will have to abandon the “Black Canary”. The attack of the Dark hurts Laurel. The team brings her to the hospital, but the doctors do not have time to rescue the girl.

Laurel's Death strongly influenced the team. Everyone feels guilt over the death of a Canary. Lance could not accept the loss of his daughter and decides to raise her. But Nyssa refuses.

The Only way to deal with Dark-magic. And while Oliver searches for the magic solution to the problem, felicity turns for help to father. A list of the episodes of "Arrows" reached twenty-three. And the last episode is a battle between good and evil. In the final match the team “Boom” will have to exert maximum force to clean the city from the influence of the dark.

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