Op-art illusion in art or art of illusion?


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Op-art – not so long ago emerged in art direction, causing illusions based on the characteristics of our visual perception. It originated in the abstractionist movement and after the first of the exhibitions was incredibly popular, however, critics predicted the demise. New art XX op-artCentury continued, to some extent, the geometry and rationality of abstraction, but opened it from an unexpected quarter.

Although the first experiments of op art appeared in the 19th century, they were more scientific and psychological. With create the effects of soaring, moving contrasting lines, Professor Thompson from Germany was trying to understand how it builds the perception of visual signals. It turns out that the brain tries to collect and organize everything seen in the simplified scheme, refusing to accept what doesn't fit.

Method of influence of op art on human consciousness

The Artist of op art lays out the elements of the image so that the eye could not create a complete picture. It desorientiert the brain and causes it to draw a new, illusory image.

optical artI Wonder what optical art is based not on aesthetic feelings how the entire painting as a whole and on our minds. After all, what we “see”, in fact we don't see – it is an illusion formed in our head. It is through this created a moving, three-dimensional, absolutely fantastic image.

The Task of art op art to deceive us, to get to see the unimaginable, the impossible, chained to the visual puzzle. Considering the image, in such a situation, acts almost as a partner of the artist as a direct participant in the events. Because the individual perception of the picture each of us is highly variable.


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With the introduction of sharp color contrasts, rhythmically repeated elements, configurations in the form of spirals, intersections and the effect of “mirror”, it creates the environment in which there is the highest degree of illusion, abstraction. Looking at the image, we see the movement, tremors, flashes of light, blurred dark spots. And this makes again and again to return to him, checking his eyes and the impression.

Application of op art in the fashion industry

The First to use optical illusions when you create the colors of the fabrics came up with art of the twentieth centuryThe Americans. Thanks to a new trend in art, the opportunity to successfully hide figure flaws, making the waist slim and the chest and thighs – volume. The figure floating before my eyes, changing shape – what could be better for a stylist!

Such clothing can not be overlooked. And leading fashion house took op art as another means to achieve expressiveness and originality.

The same incredible opportunities to use the new flow gives in the interior design. Imagine for a moment how you can expand the room, to hide the protruding corners to create the illusion of space or to highlight any area in the interior only to include furniture or picture on the wall in the style of op-art!

This style originated and continues to exist as a way to dilute the dull, boring atmosphere and as an opportunity to add to your life the element of fiction and if you want extreme.

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