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Painting “Operation “S” and other adventures Shurik», which actors were popular throughout the Soviet Union, was released in 1965 and immediately became the leader of hire. The film was directed by the master of Comedy – Leonid Gaidai. Who starred in this popular movie?

“Operation “S” and other adventures Shurik», and the actors. Demyanenko in the role of Shurik

The main role of the student Shurik - auditioned famous actors such as Oleg vidov, Vsevolod Abdulov, Vitali Solomin, but most of all liked the Director Aleksandr Demyanenko.

Aleksandr DemyanenkoStudent Shurik in the performance Demyanenko in the 60's was almost the most popular cinematic character. Gullible, naive, constantly falling into all sorts of trouble... the Main character was somewhat reminiscent of the film – Leonid Gaidai.

Aleksandr Demyanenko after the role of the Shura, which made him famous, played in many movies, but he, unfortunately, offered only the same type of eccentric characters. And yet he has not left the cinema in total in the filmography of the actor over hundreds of different works.

Good-Natured student in the performance of Alexander so liked the audience that a little later, Leonid Gaidai was devoted to the adventures of this character has a few titles: “captive” picture "Ivan Vasilievich changes profession".

Heroes of the novel “Partner”

“adventures Shurik» consists of three separate stories that are United only by a common main character. In the first, called “Companion”, Shine more and Alexey Smirnov.


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Alexey SmirnovHe plays the role of parasite and ham of Theodore, who is facing a major character in public transport. Between them starts a fight in which Fedor appoint punishment in the form of hard labor and sent to the construction site. Only there it is waiting for another unpleasant surprise-on the horizon appears again Shura, who now is his partner.

Alexei Smirnov starred in many movies, but mostly it was a cameo role. “adventures Shurik” became “star” an hour for an actor. Another of his outstanding work – the role of mechanics in the military the film “jump”.

In the novel “Mate” has been involved, Michael Pugovkin (“Sportloto 82”), Vladimir Basov (“compound”) and Emmanuil Geller ("Scarlet sails").

Selezneva Natalia in the role of leads

Natalya Selezneva debuted in the title role in the Novella “Obsession”, written for the film “adventures Shurik». Before the actress starred in four films and played there, or cameo, or the second plan.

Natalia SeleznevThe Role of Lida Polytechnic Institute, who quite unexpectedly become the sweetheart of the protagonist, Seleznev glorified all over the Soviet Union. Moreover, the novel “Obsession” took the main prize at the Krakow film festival of short films.

Immediately after this successful debut Selezneva got the main role in the film “Sasha". And then there was “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation” of the same Gaidai, “can be” and a number of wonderful movies with her participation.

Other characters of the novel “Obsession”

Comedy “Operation “S” and other adventures Shurik», the actors in which played many funny characters, very fond of the audience. In fact, the painting was dismantled for quotes.

operation y and other Shurik's adventures actorsFor Example, many Soviet students were fond of quoting the scene in which the hero is Viktor Pavlov comes to pass exams to the Professor in the performance of Vladimir Rautbart. Who does not remember the famous phrase of Professor who exposed his ingenious student: “the Professor, of course, a buffoon, but equipment at it”?

The role of one of the students was performed by Valery Nosik, who then played in the movie “the Investigation leading Experts” and “American grandpa”. George Georgiou (“Admiral Ushakov") appeared in the Novella as the host of the evil dog who pants Shurik, and actress Natalia Gezerot ("White dog") played his wife. Also on the screen you could see Zoya Fedorova (“Village Far”) and Sergey Zhirnov (“Beware of the car”).

Coward, Bobby and Experienced

An Unforgettable experience for the audience was a trio of comical characters with nicknames Coward, Bobby and Experienced. These unfortunate thieves and speculators have already appeared in a short film Gaidai “Moonshiners" then they amused the audience with their stupidity “Operations “S””, and a little later appeared again in “the Caucasian captive”.

The Role of the Experienced leader of the criminal trio – played Yevgeny Morgunov ("Young guard"). Experienced, the plot only seems a smart man, in fact all of his actions say that he does not “seven spans in a forehead”.

George VitsinGeorgiy Vitsin, known for his roles in many zamechatelnym (“Balzaminov's Marriage”, “Gentlemen of fortune"), played in the famous trio the role of the Coward. As you can tell by the nickname, this character – unnecessary ballast in the company:he is constantly afraid and fear forever doing silly things.

If the character played by George Vitsin, doing silly things out of fear, the hero Yuri Nikulin (“the diamond arm”) does so simply because he is a real “Bobby”.

In our time, this cult Comedy characters even put monuments in the cities. For example, such monuments is, in Khabarovsk and Perm.

Heroes of the novel “Operation «S»»

What else can you say about the performance part of the picture “Operation “S” and other adventures Shurik»? The actors were selected to film almost the best in the USSR. In the last novel, “Operation “S”” was involved not only famous all over the Union Vitsin, Nikulin, Morgunov, but also the winner of the Stalin prize Vladimir Vladislav ("Eugenia Grande") and Honored artist of the RSFSR - Maria Kravchunovskaya ("carnival night").

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