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The Fate of Mary's Team could have turned out differently if not for Vasily Utkin. Well-known sports commentator, whom she met at University, has led a young girl to the world of sport and no mistake. Maria literally “sick” football and other sports.

Biography of Mary Team

Born and raised Mary in the town of Krasnogorsk. The girl loved the movie and was going to be a film critic. Fortunately, she was able to enter Moscow state University on journalism faculty, and it has already begun serious training for the new movie.

football in the life of Mary

At the same time Vasily Utkin invited her to the practice to «NTV – Sport”. A young journalist was so pleased with the team of colleagues, especially that one of them was the famous commentator Yury Maslachenko that she decided to join the team.

Like many girls her age, Maria Team was pretty athletic and even was skiing. And many years later, in the championship in skiing in Oslo Maria became a “fan” the Russian team. The impressions received from the first seen firsthand the championship, remained for many years.

These days, it seemed that all of Oslo gathered in Holmenkollen. People leave cars in a huge traffic jam and walked a few kilometers to look at the competition.

Hobbies Mary Command changed each time. Now she “hurt” for cyclists, she is especially close to the team «Katyusha», and also enjoys basketball.

during the draw

A Young woman, fluent in English, never ceases to improve its foreign, engaging and communicating with native speakers. She also had to cooperate with the American channel Fox during the fed Cup.


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TV Presenter Maria Team

Currently, Maria is the author of successful articles in the sports column of the newspaper «Moscow news”. Is a correspondent on the channel «Russia 2». She remained faithful to her first love — football, so is broadcast under the name “What women want”, dedicated to the sport.

But this is not the end. Restless Maria Team, the real name of which is the Command, transmits the ‘Sport for Rain” on the channel under the same name “Rain”, and is also one of the main television sports commentators on this channel.

Despite the sporting bias, Maria remains a real woman, charming and attractive. At the time, from summer 2011 to March 2012, she led a football transfer with the intriguing title of «90 x 60 X 90”. Despite the name, the program was again dedicated to football.

The Olympics and show the life of Mary

During the winter Olympics in Vancouver, Maria Team, the real name which is really a Command, lit her for the First channel. Another success in the career of a young woman has become the leading draw of FIFA world Cup FIFA-2018.

during transfer

Together with her show conducted by famous British footballer Gary Lineker and unique Ivan Urgant. The show was great, Maria previously posted some photos in a revealing evening dresses on instagram, wishing to receive advice and comments from your friends and fans. However, Iranian fans repeatedly asked the Command not to perform the ceremony in such dresses.

How was the draw ceremony

Maria Team told how they were preparing for the ceremony. As it turned out, before the ceremony I had ten times to conduct the rehearsal. They thoroughly went through all the paragraphs, it seemed, everything had to go through on the machine.

In the Beginning she did not worry, but just before wearing your chosen outfit, Maria Team somehow felt the excitement. Co-host Harry Lineker felt the mood of colleagues, and hastened to reassure her. Simple words proved to be very helpful.

He said the opportunity not only to attend the ceremony of the draw, but to be leading it, given once in life, and of all people — one in a million. In his opinion, it appeared that billions of people would like to be in their place, so it's best to relax and enjoy the moment.

These words brought Maria to life. The whole ceremony was held at a high level. Ivan Urgant, as well as Harry Lineker rose to the occasion, as always shining with wit and good humor.

Harry and Mary Linker Command

According to her Team, she learned a lot from their colleagues. It is to all respects, but the most favorite are its leading Leonid Parfenov and Yuriy Rozanov. She just loves them.

The question about who is her favorite player, Maria answered — Fernando Morientes and Vladimir Gabulov. In football she is well versed, therefore it can be trusted.

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