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Few people know that one of the most successful Russian pop artists Boris Moiseev, biography which will be discussed in this article began its life under not very favorable circumstances. He was born in prison grew up without a father, was a very sickly boy. Nevertheless, he has managed to achieve success in life, mostly because of his irrepressible creative energy and amazing dedication.biography of Boris Moiseev

Biography of Boris Moiseev: childhood and adolescence

The Famous choreographer, singer, dancer, actor, writer, Director dance groups and the author of the popular show saw the light on March 4, 1954 in Mogilev. His mother at that time was a political prisoner, because they are not used to hide his dissatisfaction with the authorities, and the boy grew up in a small Jewish ghetto in a provincial town. As his health often failed, his mother decided to send him to a dance club that sports has tempered and strengthened his body. Some time later, still quite young Bob realizes that scene — it was his vocation, and without it is not my life. After graduating from high school, the future artist took the suitcase and went to Minsk. Entered the ballet school, the Department of classical dance. In school, Boris Mikhailovich succeeded, but for freedom-loving nature and a sharp tongue, which he had inherited from his mother, the Minsk city authorities forced him to leave the city.

Biography of Boris Moiseev: on the road to gloryBoris Moiseev biography

The Young choreographer had gone to try his luck in Ukraine. It took an ordinary artist in the Kharkov theatre of Opera and ballet, where he soon grew to choreographer. And again his character of a rebel caused another turn in his life — he was expelled from Komsomol and left Kharkiv. This time, as evidenced by the biography of Boris Moiseev, he went to Lithuania, to Kaunas, where he first danced on the stage, and after a while became the chief choreographer of the legendary «Trinitas”. In 1978 Boris was created, the team "Expression" of the conquered Lithuania and to attract the attention of the prima Donna of the Russian stage. Alla Pugacheva invited Boris cooperation, to which he gladly agreed. But soon it became crowded, and "Expression" since 1987, went to «free swimming». A team under the leadership of Moses has performed in France, Italy, USA and many other countries.


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Biography of Boris Moiseev: solo career beginningsBoris Moiseev photo

In 1991 the world saw a documentary about the career of Boris Moiseyev. At the same time he first began to sing. He was different from other artists uninhibited performances, lack of boundaries and prohibitions. It won the audience, it became perceived as the most unpredictable and interesting performances. In 1993, Boris M. performed together with the legendary “Boney Em”, the performance was a resounding name of “Boris M. and Boni Em’ and just blew up the Russian stage. All subsequent performances of Boris Moiseev was amazing results of the flight of his boundless imagination. He was no longer afraid to be ourselves and the audience loved it for what it is. Find out about it about the first gay performer, who openly stated this. But in an interview, already a popular actor, Moses admitted that his sexual orientation was just a fiction for the sake of creating an interesting image, which helped him gain fame. In 2011, the information appeared that the actor plans to register the marriage with the American Adele Todd. Today Boris Moiseev (photo testifies) remains the same young, outrageous, extraordinary artist who is actively participating in the life of the Russian show-business.

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