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Boone Carlisle – character, whose name is known to every fan of the series about the unlucky passenger of flight 815. This character was among the survivors of the wreck of the ship and marooned on a mysterious island. The fate of Boone on lost piece of land was sad, but he managed to appeal to many viewers. What is known about the poor boy, and the man who played him?

Boone Carlisle: background

What is known about the character's life before the plane crash? Boone Carlyle – the son of a single mother Sabrina, a successful business lady. The child is barely 10 years old when his mother became the wife of a widower with a little daughter. In life Boone was not only a stepfather, but “sister” Shannon, had a significant impact on his fate. Adam, the new husband of Sabrina, soon became the victim of a car accident. His orphaned daughter left to live in the house of the stepmother.

Boone Carlyle

Boone Carlyle and Shannon Rutherford – a couple that has enjoyed a complicated relationship. The young man never took this girl as a sister, as a teenager he fell in love with her. Unrequited feeling made the young man throughout his life to take care of the flighty daughter of the deceased stepfather, and to solve arising from time to time she has problems. Boone didn't know a lack of money, grew up to be the head of one of the branches of the family business. “Sister” constantly received from him financial support, sometimes seeking this deception.

It is Curious that Shannon guilty of Boone Carlyle was aboard the ill-fated flight 815. He came to the girl in Australia when it issued a new lover. They were supposed to return to the US, however, as a result of the crash appeared on a mysterious island.


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Island Life

Watching the first series of the show “Stay alive” allows the audience to understand that Boone – a good and caring guy. The young man rushes to help the doctor and Jack trying to rescue the survivors of the crash. Active nature of Carlisle does not allow him to sit still. He joins the group that is sent into the island in search of a place where you can send a signal for help. As a result, the young man is among those who miraculously saved from the polar bear.


Boone's Desire to keep everything under control from time to time causes him to quarrel with the other inhabitants of the camp survivors. For example, people declare a boycott, when he steals the last remaining bottles of fresh water, wanting to self-distribute the remains. However, the intervention of Jack allows you to solve this problem. With Shannon Carlisle conflicts constantly, trying to force the girl to participate in collective works. He also suffers from jealousy when his beloved pays attention to one of the survivors – said.

Convergence with Locke

Unfortunately, Boone Carlyle remains in the series for long. Fatal for the young man is acquainted with the mysterious hunter John Locke, who takes it in matters that remain for him unintelligible.

Ian somerhalder

While hunting Boone and his new friend stumble upon a mysterious underground bunker, and then for several days trying to open it, hiding his find from the other inhabitants of the camp. It makes Carlisle move away from others, including from Shannon, feelings to which he gradually disappear.


“Stay alive” series, in which death is not insured, even the Central characters. At the behest of the writers a series of deaths begins with Carlisle. An accident happens when a young man tries to extract the radio from the bowels of the survivors of the cockpit, hanging on a tree. Part of the plane in which it is located, falls in the fall of Boone receives a serious wound.

Boone Carlyle and Shannon

Dr. Jack tries to save the hero, but his attempts are futile. Only Boone is present in 25 episodes of the TV show, some of which – as a hallucination that haunts the other characters.


Who played the first victim of the mysterious island, which was unfortunate Boone Carlyle? The actor who embodied that image has been approved by the creators of the show among the first. They found in him all the qualities which should have been the hero. First and foremost, is the ability to arouse sympathy, the sympathy of the audience of the TV show. Of course, he played the role and an attractive appearance of the actor.

Boone Carlyle actor

It is Curious that Ian Somerhalder, who played Boone for a long time could not overcome the aversion which caused him to have this character. From an interview with the actor, it follows that it irritated many of the qualities Carlyle: weakness of character, a restlessness. However, with the role he coped, as evidenced by the dissatisfaction of the spectators the death of his hero.

Biography actor

Ian Somerhalder was born in a small town in Louisiana, it happened in December 1978. In childhood, the boy tried many occupations, among his Hobbies was horse riding, fishing, walking. Attractive appearance and support of the mother helped the child in 10 years to become a successful model. At 17, he began appearing in plays, marching in various theatres in new York, then he had a desire to become a professional actor. To follow his dream, the young man began to attend acting classes espera.

Debuted, Somerhalder in the film “Black and white”, beating out nearly 400 candidates for the role. Then came a cameo role in the series, including television “Smallville”, “Young Americans», «Law and order”. For the first time to attract the interest of the audience, he was allowed the role of a homosexual in the Comedy “the Rules of attraction". However, the real fame actor still brought the series “Stay alive”.

At the moment, Ian is better known as Damon from “the vampire Diaries”. This character he played for seven seasons.


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