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Sir Terry Pratchett has lived 66 years. He left us on March 12 this year. Already at the age of thirteen was published his first story. During his lifetime, the writer managed to write over 70 books, including forty novels, is his most popular cycle – “the world is Flat”.

Terry Pratchett reading order

Brief biography

The writer's birthday on April 28. He was born in 1948. In 1965, Terry left school with parental consent and began working as a journalist. Through this work he met with Peter van Gift – publisher. Pratchett told him about her first novel. And in 1971 his book “the People of the carpet” from a distance. Thus began the real career of Terry Pratchett as a writer.

I guess becoming a writer Terry Festival was destined to do. His parents are from town, Hey-he-Wai who is called the "town of books". This city – a dream for all book lovers, as many rare book shops, how old it is probably unlikely where else can you find. And that is called the love of books just given to the writer by genes, he had no choice – he was destined to write. Although at first Terry didn't really like to read, but the parents themselves who loved the book, slipped the child the story of Graham's “the wind in the willows”, which began with the boy's love for literature. The second Terry love was astronomy. And maybe he would have become an astronomer, but poorly taught in school mathematics, and the profession were inaccessible to him.

Terry Pratchett reading order

In 2007, the writer overcame illness – Alzheimer's disease. And the author is already preparing for voluntary euthanasia, but in March 2015, the disease was ahead of him. The writer worked almost to his last days. When they could not write, he said some texts.


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Start "Flat world”

“Flat world" appeared in 1983. The first novel was ‘the Colour of magic”. In 1986 and 1987 came two the next novel in the cycle: “the Crazy star” and “Creators of spells”.

Since 1987 the writer quits his job and since then deals only with writing activities. His books are gaining popularity and have become bestsellers.

Terry Pratchett reading order 2014

Terry Pratchett: “Flat world" - the reading order of books

The Loop is quite large and unusual. Still fans of the writer bet on how would like to read his books, he Pratchett Terry. The reading order is constantly changing. Fans of the author are graphs and tables. The easiest way – to read books in chronological order. That is, in the order in which these books were written by Terry Pratchett. The reading order in this case should not cause discussions.

However, experts say that you need to read in a different order. The only thing they have in common with the followers of the chronology-is that you need to start with “Color of magic”.

Snag in the fact that, in addition to fiction novels, the author wrote the stories and novels, is also included in the cycle. And some readers will prefer to skip them, while others are recommended for obligatory reading. Yes, managed to confuse your readers of Terry Pratchett. The order of reading the first books is divided mainly in two ways. The first: “the Colour of magic” then “Crazy star", then ‘Stick and hat” and then "Interesting times”. Second option: the first book remains unchanged, then it should also “Crazy star" after her story “story”, followed by "Interesting times" the novel “the Last continent". Perhaps one of the most frequent questions readers: “Terry Pratchett, reading order?” 2014 was crowned last finished book of this writer and now until 2017, the publishing house «Eksmo» plans to produce all the books of Pratchett. It is certainly a joy for fans of his work. A great heritage left behind the writer-fiction, with a wonderful sense of humor. Many people love it. In Russia probably people who have not heard the name Terry Pratchett. The reading order of the books is not so important, if you like his works. They are all equally interesting. And each book deserves to be first.

Terry Pratchett Discworld reading order

How to start a meeting with a writer

Another important dilemma is the question of which book to start to get acquainted with the work of the author if the reader is not yet familiar with it. The opinions in this case are separated. Each lover of the writer's own subjective point of view. Some suggest to read something that is not part of a series, for example, ‘the cat unvarnished”, a humorous book written by Terry Pratchett. The reading order in this case does not matter. You can read books that are not in series, in any order. Others suggest to start with "Flat world" but absolutely with any book, not necessarily the first. After all, despite the fact that the books were written in series, Terry Pratchett reading order anyone no impose, and all the novels are standalone. And they can be read in any order.

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