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The Film “Warrior”, which became almost the most discussed topic of the year, was produced by Fedor Bondarchuk and released in October 2015 Is the upcoming premiere of the widely broadcasted on the Central TV channels, the audience expected to see something extraordinary. Were you able to surprise the audience a good Russian movie this time?


“Good” Russian cinema was not without American writer: the script “Warrior” was repurchased from David Frigerio, who also created the script for the mediocre film “Signal”, released in 2014, Adaptation, the creation of American "Maestro" under the Russian reality engaged Ilya Tilkin (“Gregory R.").

warrior movie reviewsIn fact, the film Bondarchuk is a copy of the American film 2011 with Tom hardy in the title role.

The Film “Warrior”, which is hardly unique, was staged by Aleksey Andrianov, which in 2012 debuted with a full length picture of the “Spy” with Daniel Kozlovsky in the title role.

Producers of steel sports drama Fyodor Bondarchuk and Dmitry rudovsky.

Fyodor Bondarchuk in the role of Andrei

The Film “Warrior”, which are very numerous, allowed Fedor Bondarchuk to appear before the public in a completely new role. In the picture Bondarchuk himself has produced, he created the role of Andrew – the father of two brothers who are destined to meet in one match.

warrior movie reviewsAndrew is a former successful Boxing trainer, who, after retiring from sports is transformed into the Kaliningrad fishermen. I'm a former coach, too, everything is not going well: his two sons, Roman and Slava, don't communicate with him or with each other. When the horizon appears the international tournament on the mixed fights with big prize money, each of the brothers decides to defeat him. To Andrew comes to his younger son Simon and asks him to coach.


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Fyodor Bondarchuk in this picture has moved away from his usual role of businessmen and ladies ' man. On the contrary, in the “Warrior” he got the character unpopular and thrown out a life on the margins. A big plus you can put Bondarchuk, because he still dare to such an experiment.

Vladimir Yaglych in the role of Fame

Vladimir Yaglych in life is also involved in mixed fighting, so to play Glory – one of participants of fight – it is God himself commanded. On preparing for the shooting was allocated only two to three months. During this time, would hardly be able to “coach” in Boxing any other actor. Maybe that's why the star patterns “We are from the future” and “Five brides” he was in the film “Warrior”?

warrior reviewsThe Reviews about the acting, anyway, mostly positive. Immediately evident that Vladimir is well laid out on the set. His character Glory is in a difficult situation: he urgently needs money to treat seriously ill child. To get them, character Yaglych have to destroy the ring of his brother.

Vladimir Yaglych pays no attention to criticism of the painting “Warrior” and I am convinced that this adjustment should have removed, as in the Russian interpretation, it looks more spectacular. Most likely, after such a significant role in the Russian film industry will be another popular movie star.

Svetlana Khodchenkova in the role of Katya

If we talk about kinokritik, they have not regretted the picture of the “Warrior” - reviews of the movie were devastating. But the project has brought out from an unexpected quarter, another actress-Svetlana Khodchenkova.

warrior of Russia reviewsAfter roles of the obedient and proper girls who Khodchenkova received early in his career, in recent years, the actress managed to step far ahead: Svetlana managed to get to Hollywood to play a villain in the blockbuster “X-Men”, a manic lady in a horror movie, the spy, the alcoholic poet and many other unusual roles. Now on account Khodchenkova more the role of a stripper, because this is what the heroine of the actress in the film «Warrior».

Kate is the wife of Fame. Together they are the parents of a sick child. The couple are puzzled over where to find money for treatment daughter. Katya decides to get a job as a dancer in the port club. But this does not help the family budget. Then the Glory goes to earn money on fights without rules.

“Warrior”: Bondarchuk. Reviews about the actor

A Storm of indignation among the audience caused the game Sergei Bondarchuk Jr. While in the filmography novice actor only four films, but what is confusing is that two of them has to do with the father of a young man («Stalingrad» and «Warrior») and “Thaw” Sergei was only because someone had to play his famous grandfather. Drama “Champions” in which Sergey again will play a major role, will be released only in 2016.

movie warrior Bondarchuk reviewsAs for the drama “Warrior”, the reviews show that this is not the best work of Sergei. In that movie, he got the lead role – a former marine and brother of the glory of the Novel. In the story, the novel is the second candidate to win the championship in mixed martial arts andforced to confront in the ring, his own brother.

The Main positive point is that outside of the screen Sergey regularly engaged in mixed martial arts, so the fight scene Bondarchuk and Yaglych is pretty high quality.

Alexander Baluev in the role Kulikova

“Warrior”, which reviews in October can be read in many Newspapers, was another kinorabotoy known actor Alexander Balueva.

Russian warrior movie reviewsAlexander Balueva's extensive filmography. He graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and debuted on the screen in 1981 in a cult picture “the Investigation leading Experts”. However, Balueva then got a recurring role, but soon, the actor has proved that he can be trusted and leading roles. In 1988, the ball was played twin brothers On the film “the Wife of karasinska”. But popular Alexander Balueva did other films-drama “lifeline” and “Bless the woman" series “Maroyaka-12” and “Commandos”.

In the film “Warrior” Balueva got the role of a negative character – a Kulikov. The image of Alexander had any interesting points, he just played the villain in all his vile beauty. Therefore, something significant to the picture “Warrior” for the actor did not.

Album Reviews

Criticism about the film “Warrior” the reviews are mostly posted a negative character. Critic for the Moscow newspaper Time-out notes entertainment screen fighting, but blames the Director and screenwriter of the incoherence and the emptiness of the dialogues, as well as in the transfer of the American story in “unsuitable for the realities of it”.

warrior Bondarchuk reviewsThe Newspaper Empire even called the film “the Chinese fake”, and the journalists of the newspaper “New look” seen in the new film Adrianova attempt to create some semblance of the famous Russian blockbuster “Brother”. But The Hollywood reporter praises the film, but again a positive assessment for the on-screen fighting and the overall design of the picture, but not its implementation.

Why critics so unanimously negative about the film? Is the film “Warrior” Bondarchuk reviews deserve such? What say the viewers?

“Warrior” (Russia): the responses of the audience

After the release of the “Warrior” observed the rare case where the critics and audience gave the same rating to the movie. Positive is a game of multiple actors, and staging fights. In other cases, 9 out of 10 audience reviews are negative. Criticism is the same: what does this picture of Sergey Bondarchuk, why you shot this mediocre remake, etc.? Why is this happening?

No matter How they say that Russian audience is not particularly spoiled, a lie he still feels. And the film “Warrior” is thoroughly soaked in it. Not because the actors did not attempt to justify the actions of their characters, but because it was impossible. The naked eye can see that a purely American story ripped from American life and moved to the Russian conditions, where “this can not be, because cannot be in principle”.

Lies and nonsense flashed even in the little things. Well, what the international Association will hold the international tournament on the mixed fights with a million prize Fund in the provincial city? Who will come to watch this tournament in such a wilderness? Why speculate and to squeeze out of the audience tear, adding to the story and even the child's illness? What kind of tips can get character-a stripper Svetlana Khodchenkova in a small port town? I have the feeling that the profession of Catherine the attributed writer of the “random”, if only the picture was a spectacular room with the pole. In short, questions remain more than there is answers. And behind this blatant lack of logic and a jumble of useless facts from the lives of the protagonists.

So the Russian film "Warrior" received not very good. And this “slap” is aimed specifically towards writers, producers and Director of the project.

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