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In childhood ‘the adventures of dunno" of the writer Nikolai Nikolaevich Nosov are read out to the holes. Book reading and having fun over the adventure of ridiculous and kind of dunno. Only children usually don't know who wrote “the adventures of dunno". The author of famous parents.

How it was created, the N. N. Nosov

To some extent accidental. In 1908 in Kiev was born a boy Kolya. Family was not wealthy. Father was an artist, but the wages were so unreliable that he had to work even on a railroad. The family lived in the town of Irpen, where the boy went to school and did not even think that will ever become a writer and write “the adventures of dunno". The author of the book – this is really high, and it – just a simple boy nick Nosov. Parents and he wanted the child turned artist. Nikolai dreamed of the violin and, in the end, got it. Well, isn't this happiness? But the game was so difficult that violin put away.


When Cole was seven years old, the First World war, and it continued the Civilian. The country was hungry and cold. The epidemic began. Delirium in typhus was lying the whole family, who later would write “the adventures of dunno". The author of the book, which will soon become famous, miraculously survived. The mother wept with joy that all survived.

What goes on the pages of books

Nick Nosov was independent and lively boy was much interested. He enthusiastically took pictures, loved to play chess, interested in electrical engineering. And when radio came along, and he's not paid attention to. Nick became interested in this hobby. Future heroes of his stories and books are the same curious, how in the childhood he was himself. So the boys from the story “mishkina kasha”, left alone, will take to cook porridge and not knowing how to properly dispose of grains and water and proportioning, Navarro not for two, but on the whole company. There's just this mess will be impossible. It's all gonna burn. But lively and cheerful characters in the stories and novels of Nicolas Nosova never complain and always find a way out. In “the adventures of dunno” the author will introduce the same fun and cheerful tone.the adventures of dunno the author although the hero is too sure of himself, his friends sometimes delicately, sometimes bluntly that he is incompetent, which everyone needs to learn. To write poetry or ride a car, for example, it is not as easy as it seems ingenuous dunno.


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After the war

Nikolai Nosov graduated from high school and dreamed of becoming a chemist, and had to work – can be a digger, mowing the grass, working in the mud first on the concrete, and then in a brick factory. But in chemistry Nicholas quickly became disillusioned and became fascinated with cinema. He began to study at the Institute of cinematography, and it became his life's work for many years. How to write books, he hadn't really thought. To the book “the adventures of dunno" with young men from Floral city was far away.the adventures of dunno the author of the book Even in plans was not a know-it-alls, neither the poet of the Flower, no Cog and Shpuntik, two great mechanics.Dunno have not studied with musician Harp to play the trumpet and be saved by a piece of the sun, which, in the opinion of the know-nothings, broke away and fell.

who wrote the adventures of dunno the author

Writer Nosov

The Future writer as an adult has tried to work in different directions. And write children's books began with thirty years. The first story was “the Entertainer”. Their remarkable “the adventures of dunno" the author of the book Nikolay Nosov would write much later.

First, the future author of “a” and many stories told to his little son and his buddies and friends to interesting stories and history. And then he realized that it was interesting - to do something for children. Requires, however, considerable erudition and knowledge of the psychology of the child and the adolescent. Here for the story “family Fun” needed to know how to construct an incubator, what must it be maintained at a temperature as nakliyat inside chicken eggs and hatch from them. And write about it should be entertaining, so that the teenager wanted to make myself something with their hands. But the most loved were books about dunno and his friends. All avidly studied as smartypants came up with a balloon.who wrote the book the adventures of dunno the authorInteresting to read about and friends shopping Bag and Nebosko about strict doctorine Lungwort, and about many other characters of the tale that Nikolay Nosov was dedicated to his wife.

Died a great writer in 1976 in Moscow. Now it's no secret who wrote the book “the adventures of dunno". The author-Nikolay Nikolaevich Nosov.

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