The Myths Of Ancient Greece. Summary the performance of N. Kuhn - book of all times and peoples


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In the school curriculum in pre-revolutionary Russia on a mandatory basis, in addition to “Act of God" included familiarization with the Ancient Greek myths. Acquaintance with them was an indicator of education of the person, and ignorance at once gave an impostor posing as "human society", even if he had exquisite manners. Enlightened people of that time could not read the ‘Myths of ancient Greece”, a summary of which is already secretly spread among young people who have never taken the time to study all the labor. Without knowledge of the labors of Hercules would be impossible interpretation and adaptation of the "Andromeda" of Ephraim, such a popular among the people.

myths of ancient Greece summaryEvery reading man in almost any artwork faces with names or analogies that are associated with these myths. There are geographical names, especially in the Mediterranean region, food and more. A person familiar with ancient Greek culture, even the names of modern books, which referred to gods and heroes, once said about the tragic fate of the characters. And classical authors better to read with a number of "Mythological dictionary".

brief myths of ancient Greece

Most successfully, concisely and succinctly Greek legend described N.Kun. “the Myths of ancient Greece” by this author are the most popular book, popular and now. It gives an idea about the classic works of Homer, Euripides, Virgil and Hesiod in a concise and understandable form for the layman.


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Despite the compactness (in comparison with the original sources) of the presentation, the product of N. Kuhn cannot be regarded as just described briefly "Greek Myths". It is quite detailed all the major events in Greek mythology. But familiarity with the myths is necessary as they are, without exaggeration, are the basis of world culture.

Given the employment of modern man and the necessity of possessing at least a basic knowledge in this area, and created a variety of such publications, and this includes “Myths of ancient Greece”. n kun myths of ancient GreeceA Brief summary, however, cannot be called dry and devoid of the beauty of artistic style.

The content of the book N. Kuhn, compiled by more than in detail, mentions the names of all the gods and heroes, and lists all the events that are described more fully in the collection of “the Myths of ancient Greece”. Quick content allows you to adequately understand the depth of the events described.

It is Impossible to imagine that Homer, even in translation, Zhukovsky and Gnedich, to be read EN masse, but the book N. Kuna to read. It is entertaining, fascinating, informative and completely wasted her time.

In Soviet times, was released a lot of good animated films, dedicated to Theseus, Perseus, Hercules. Hollywood in General using this subject, including a complete reworking of eternal themes.

Actually, watching a number of movies can replace reading the book "Greek Myths" of the summaries of most of these myths of the Directors try to convey fully and clearly.

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