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The Picture of "Fatal temptation" (movie reviews presented in this article) is the latest work of Director Sofia Coppola. It is based on the novel of the English writer Thomas Cullinan. The Premier was held at the Cannes film festival. In Russia the film was released in cinemas in July 2017.

"Fatal temptation" Coppola

the fatal temptation movie reviews

"Fatal temptation" (reviews of the film allow you to create a complete impression of the painting) is a story about the leader of a girls ' boarding school, which is in Virginia. Her name is Martha Farnsworth. The action takes place during the Civil war in the United States of America.

The yard 1864 - turbulent times for this part of America. In the Guesthouse, there is almost no one left. Teachers, students and staff, that is, slaves, left. In the institution there remain only a teacher named Edwin morrow, and with her five young students. Also there is the head of the institution, miss Farnsworth.

Meeting with corporal

reviews of the movie fatal temptation 2017

One of the students, Amy goes into the forest to gather mushrooms. There she discovers a corporal in the Federal army John Macburnie. He was seriously wounded in the leg, so left the battlefield. However, now almost completely lost his powers and can't move.

The private girls ' boarding school, which is headed by miss Farnsworth is a great place to hide from the outside world. Now step across the threshold this young man who needs immediate help. A mysterious mansion, where once reigned peace and tranquility, now is a prisoner of the fatal temptation. All to be able to cope with it? Or there are those who succumb to the temptation? About it the audience will learn the pattern.


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reviews of the movie fatal temptation

Many expect a fascinating spectacle of another work of Sofia Coppola - the film "Fatal temptation". In the first reviews of the movie many have mentioned that the Director has managed to earn a reputation as a serious and thoughtful professional.

This is the seventh feature film of Sofia Coppola. She made her debut in 1999 drama "the Virgin suicides" about five teenage girls living in a Catholic family with strict morals. All of a sudden one of the sisters decides to commit suicide.

In 2003, Coppola shot the cult melodrama "lost in translation" with bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in the lead roles. Then there was the biographical drama "Marie Antoinette," the comedic drama "somewhere," crime drama "Elite society", the Comedy musical "a Very Burriesci Christmas."

Almost every work has become a landmark event in the world of cinema was noticed and appreciated on the major international film festivals. Was no exception and this tape is about the girls closed women's Board, which in a moment be under the spell of a wounded soldier. Yesterday studious girls and a teacher are forced to compete for male attention. The story ends, how often in the films of Coppola, tragically.


comments and review of the film fatal temptation

"Fatal temptation" (movie reviews will enable you to understand whether or not to watch it) - not only the adaptation of the famous American novel, but a remake of the original picture, released in 1971. It was called "Cheated" and took its Director don Siegel. Acquainted with the work of Coppola, all the audience could not help comparing these two tapes. And at least flick through the first.

Reviews of the movie "Fatal temptation" often note that the old version of this story, the actors chosen better. They look more organic and natural. A more logical their actions and deeds, than in the interpretation of Coppola. Produmannoe the plot.

Action in the modern film adaptation develops slowly, but a special plot inconsistencies are not noticeable. Moreover, this slowness gives the tape a special charm. Interest in what is happening on the screen is not quenched even for a minute.

Despite the fact that the color scheme is rather monotonous, the film is shot very beautifully and professionally. Beauties of South America go to kibaino-white dresses that are opposed to the dark-haired corporal in the form of indeterminate color.


the fatal temptation of the essence of the criticism about the movie

In Coppola's film the main role is played by Colin Farrell in the film adaptation of the 1971 Clint Eastwood. Both actor's work deserve respect and the most flattering characteristics.

Farrell was able to create on-screen image of a smart and smarmy officer of the American army who is well versed in people, especially in the female characters. He knows some of the thread you need to pull at the moment that is guaranteed to succeed. The Eastwood character is a more straightforward and simple.

Teacher Edwin morrow from Coppola plays Kirsten dunst. Many critics, after watching "Fatal temptation" reviews of the movie say that her character is not revealed in full. Feel the innuendo. For example, due to the fact that the unknown story of her falling in front of the Board. Many viewers criticized dunst because she looks too full in this picture. However, according to experts, is exactly what it should look likethe average teacher of American women's Board of the XIX century. Harmony and I were not in such esteem as now.

Student of the school

the fatal temptation of the first reviews of the film

El fanning played the role of one of the pupils named Alicia. She is the most daring among the other students, but it is not very smart and hard work. While this small group clearly considers it as an informal leader. Alicia is the classic type of girl that always successfully get married. Though not always for love. What can strongly be upset, but only after many years. It is definitely one of the most successful works of fanning, noted by all who saw "Fatal temptation". The essence of criticism of the film is to show the complex relations that prevail in the women's team. Thanks to fanning and other brilliant Actresses Sofia Coppola succeeds.

The Role of the Manager of the guest house went to Nicole Kidman. But in the story she often remains in the background. It's also not like many viewers, who felt that her talent, potential and opportunities the Director has failed to disclose fully.

However, she played solidly self-confident leader whose authority in the team intact.

Reviews of the movie "Fatal temptation" (2017)

Most Obviously, this film will appeal to those who love Coppola for her debut work - "Virgins-suicides". In this picture remains almost the same style.

Angel virgin in a gown much like the sisters from the harsh Catholic family, which the Director shot in the very beginning of his career. The same, even number of them. And sisters, and the girls were five.

At the same time and those and others, when the external trustworthiness inside is raging a real flame. There are many attributes of true femininity (for example, in jewelry heroines), but Coppola is more interested in ceremonies and rituals in which falls any closed female society.

Negative feedback

There are also those who work Coppola's categorically not like it. Feedback and reviews on the movie "Fatal temptation" they noted that the picture is too lightweight, and carries virtually no meaning.

Besides, many experts have noted too lengthy shooting of scenery, which manifestly abused the Director. Tightened and many of the scenes. Even the most intense look with longing and sadness. Bad revealed to the characters themselves, about the experiences which we can only guess.

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