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Belarusian writer Ivan Shamyakin, laureate of the State prize – author of Soviet Patriotic works. In 1964 he gained popularity for his novel "Heart of palm". Brief contents of this book is to describe the struggle for a brighter future.

"Heart of palm" content overview


The novel was created during the “Khrushchev thaw”, when it was discovered part of the truth about the totalitarian Stalinist regime. The search for justice in the fight for the truth – the main idea of the book “Heart of palm". A brief summary of the novel consists of 40 chapters, tells of the unity of past and present Soviet society. Journalist and writer Cyril Checovich doubted the correctness of judgment, his book on the urban underground during the war, which he wrote in collaboration with the current Chairman of the city Council Gokana. Later, under the influence of changes in the socio-political life, a journalist tries to restore the reputation of the leader of the clandestine squad of Savic, who for many years was considered a traitor.

A Close friend of Sikavica – the surgeon jarosz – also a former underground fighter. It does not support the journalist's desire to rewrite the book, being careful that the revision event may serve as a pretext for personal revenge. However, the work, where the main idea is with the new perception of the life of the Soviet man, it is possible to Cicovice. A fair account of the events leading to the updating history of the urban underground. The storyline works “Heart of palm" (summary by Chapter can not transfer the entire energy sector) – vivid, intriguing, intense.


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Idea of the work

The Dynamic nature of the novel to interest the reader. The work covered two periods-the war years and the 50 years of the twentieth century. A variety of problems of the human society covers the novel "Heart of palm". A brief summary clearly shows that all through the work is the idea of the importance of a humane approach. Old and new intertwine in the book for the sake of justice and truth.

"Heart of palm" brief contents of the chapters

Role name

In the novel, Ivan Shamyakin “Heart of palm" (summary confirms the specific symbolism of the name) there is a constant way of suffering heart Zosia Savich. The pain is not only physical, but emotional. Using the allegorical image of the writer trying to convey the idea about how hard it is born the truth in the life of Soviet society.

Events and conflicts of the 60-ies of the last century, with unprecedented brightness described in the novel, is able to intrigue the reader.

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