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A Fascinating story, funny jokes, romantic love story – all of these benefits have the best lyrical Comedy. Those movies you can watch during a date or meeting with friends, to brighten with their help, a lonely evening. They are funny and sad at the same time, always make a strong impression and give food for thought. So, what to choose?

Lyrical Comedy: where to start

People's Tastes are different: films that are like one, can absolutely not be of interest to others. However, there are special projects which are able to give pleasant emotions for almost everyone. Remembering such a lyrical Comedy, it is impossible not to mention “Beauty”. The painting offers viewers to discover the history of a modern Cinderella who meets her Prince. The main role received such great actors like Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

lyrical Comedy

Scrolling a fascinating lyrical Comedy, you can't leave behind the scenes and “Groundhog Day”. This is the story of a man who the will of the gods forced to Wake up every morning in the same day. The date on the calendar remains the same events are repeated again and again. The situation becomes complicated when the main character meets the girl of his dreams, he is forced to win.

Choosing interesting lyrical Comedy to view, you should not refuse and from older works. For example, there is hardly any audience which will impress the film “the taming of the shrew”. Whether the young beauty, confident in your ability to get any man to fall in love with a confirmed bachelor known for his terrible temper?


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The cartoon

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Movies Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz – actress Directors often see the image of the heroine of romantic stories. Why not see the best lyrical Comedy, the filming of which was attended by film star? You should start with the pattern “Holiday”. Two girls living in different cities, I can not arrange a personal life, tired of the numerous unresolved problems. They choose a very unusual way of resting, deciding to swap homes for the holidays. Of course, each of them in a strange city waiting for the fateful meeting.

best lyrical Comedy

“my best friend's Wedding" - another great example of a lyrical Comedy with Cameron. The role of the protagonist in this tape went to Julia Roberts. Her character suddenly realizes his long love in a best friend who is about to marry another woman. Whom would prefer a man – the childhood friend or the bride, played by Diaz.

You can Also watch a fascinating film ‘Once in Vegas”. Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher play young people who are in a state of intoxication enter into a marriage without knowing each other. The next morning the character He wins at the casino a large sum of money. Of course, “wife” starts claiming half of the winnings.


For characters whose relationship begins with mutual dislike, or even hatred, and then reborn in a very different sense, always interesting to watch. Calling old lyrical Comedy about love, you cannot ignore such a fascinating picture of how “Behind”. The main character-an arrogant millionaire, in an accident memory loss. Prior to this, she manages to refuse to pay the carpenter, made for her Shoe wardrobe, finding the products of non-existent faults. Working invents an ingenious plan of revenge. He decides to convince the millionaire that she is his wife.lyrical Comedy Russian

Viewers who prefer the lyrical Comedy of the 21st century, maybe like the ribbon “Grimm”. The main character accidentally falls in our days of the 19th century, it is difficult to adapt to an unfamiliar world. To help him forced a resident of new York who unwittingly falls in love with his protégé. Of course, “alien” reciprocate, however, whether the couple to overcome two centuries of the abyss?

Another great choice for watching – painting "Intolerable cruelty”, which tells about the complex relationship between the characters of George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones. A successful lawyer, seeing the human race through and through, suddenly interested, calculating schemer who has his eye on his condition.


Not only abroad know how to make beautiful lyrical Comedy, Russia in this plan not far behind. “romance” introduces viewers to the story of 3 young boys living in new York. Free time Igor, Artem and Ola give entertainment, easy to make non-committal affair, treating women like trophies.

lyrical Comedy about love

This continues until they become victims of a magic spell. Now the boys are able to enter into an intimate relationship only with women fall in love. This forces them to come to grips with the search for true love.

“the Tariff "new year's"”

What else can you see a lyrical Comedy (Russian)? The audiencewho like romantic stories with a happy ending, I can confidently choose to view “the Tariff "new year's"”. This film tells about the relationship of boys and girls who fall in love with each other while chatting on the phone. The situation is complicated by the fact that it is in the past, and he belongs to the world of the future. Parts of young people one year.

lyrical Comedy, Russia

Those who liked the story, you can pay attention to the foreign romantic Comedy “the lake House”, in which the main role was played by Sandra Bullock. The history of the two films are very similar.

More view

“Meet Joe black" - touching tape with brad pitt in the lead role, has entered its second decade end. The daughter of a wealthy businessman meets a beautiful young man, fond of them. Soon, however, the guy hit by the car. His body captures the spirit of death, which should pick up in the world of the dead the elderly the girl's father. But the bored young demon want to understand what it's like to feel like an ordinary man.

“Rules of removal: Method hitch” - a lyrical Comedy, which is impossible to put down, one of the best movies with will Smith. Professor hitch counsels men who are not able to conquer any woman, he has already made a name for himself in this field. One day he comes across a difficult client – a shy accountant, who dreams of a glamorous movie star.

So look the most exciting lyrical Comedy, which guarantees only positive emotions.

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