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War Movies occupy a special niche in the Russian cinema. And it is more than clear: we still remember the stories of relatives about the horrors of the great Patriotic and grateful for their heroism and courage. Reviewing old movies, unwittingly become involved in current events. Yes, no computer special effects, which abound in modern movies, but there is a real sincerity, which unconditionally believe.

Often the Plot is not original, but it little attention. In films of this kind, the important thing: the lack of hypocrisy, vulgarity and repeatable. They tell not only about events but also about the people performing the feat, sacrificing himself so others may live.

A List of Russian war movies are huge. And really good is very difficult to choose the best, because everyone has their own vision of the world. But there are tapes that are a must see.

Classic of Soviet cinema

Below are the most interesting war movies Russian. The list, unfortunately, far from complete, but all paintings are deservedly considered classics of the genre and occupy the first places in the rankings moviegoers. However, if you rank the best of the best, something like the following: first place was shared paintings of "Hot snow" and "They fought for the Motherland", second - "In war as in war", "Aty-Baty, were soldiers" and third place went to "the Heavenly slow mover" and "go To fight some old people".

“the heavenly slow mover”

If you want to watch a good war movie (Russian), the list must include this Comedy. Among Soviet films about the Great Patriotic war quite a few light paintings, and they are lost against the cult. Now, few will remember this Comedy as “heavenly snail”. The film was made in the best traditions of that time, he's soulful and real.


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war movies list Russian

When the war began, and the three friends went to the front, they promised each other that before the victory is not one of them will fall in love. A promise kept until the Basil Bulochkin did not get wounded in the hospital. On high-speed aircraft the hero will now have to forget, but good professionals are always needed, and Vasily was appointed commander of the women's squadron U-2. Even being in the ‘the garden" of Bulochkin bravely holds the Fort and don't fall in any of the subordinates. Until then while to them in part comes the journalist, well versed in the aircraft.


Almost every spring show classics films on military subjects (Russian). The list is incomplete without movies to pass the time. "Go to fight some old people" – the famous film, familiar to many from childhood. His heroes are like family, and most of the replicas can be repeated by heart, but the beauty of the next show of this does not lost. This is the most classic for the ages.

best films list a rating of the Russian military criminals

Many pilots dream to get to the captain Titarenko, but it's not so simple: the captain takes the squadron not only skill, but also looks for the presence of musical talent. The main characters are lucky: they know how to sing, and play musical instruments, so that the desired part of the hit. Here only to fight them, despite all the merits, refused to take – beginners. But it is only from time to time. Very soon the “newbies” have to show themselves not only on stage but also in the sky.

“Aty-Baty, were soldiers,…”

In the film intertwined two storylines: 1974 and 1944. Relatives of those killed in battle come to pay tribute to their loved ones. And the flashback shows the events of the distant 44, when the 18 guys in the same day perished, but did not give the enemy the hill, and field, selflessly fighting against tanks.

the most interesting war movies list Russian

Infused and blood flowers on snow, sweat, and tears of mourners. All this makes the film hauntingly vivid and real. It is very difficult to keep back the tears, watching as dying one after the other people had offered their lives for the country.

“In war as in war,”

If you are interested in war movies (Russian) the old format, the list must include this film. “war is war" is rarely shown, perhaps because of the lack of vivid battle scenes, pathos and heroic feats.

The plot revolves around the crew of the artillery, his everyday life and fight for the village Sokolovka. Although the viewer home to only a few days along with the characters, impressions after watching remain strong.

The Young Lieutenant Maleshkin appointed commander experienced crew self-propelled guns SU-100. Not seen even a single real battle of the graduate schools more elders hostility. Not only that Maleshkin no credibility with his team, he still managed to get into the black list the battery commander and the crew was constantly undergoing some sort of trouble.

films on military subjects list Russian

Perhaps Meleshkina still and would be removed from office, but the crew of the SU-100 was at the point of attack, and entered into an unequal battle. In extreme conditions klutz-the commander shows himself entirely a different man.

“They fought for the Motherland”

The Legendary Soviet film by Sergei Bondarchuk is considered the number 1 among movies about the war. It's an unforgettable battle scenes, filmed without any computer graphics, remarkable game of actors that seem to play no role, and live in the feed. Now war movies (Russian), a list of which is too great, not even close to the atmosphere in this masterpiece.

modern war movies list Russian

The Main character – a simple man who went to the front, because it is his duty as a man. And archers used to bring the case to the end. Therefore, having in one battle wound, he was still shell-shocked, returned to his regiment. Because he knows that people are sorely lacking and every rifle counts. Back, knowing that is unlikely to return alive.

«Hot snow”

It is not the most popular and well-known film about the war. There are no galaxy of stars of cinema and touching scenes, but shows the greatness of a nation and the desire to win. Russian military movies (the list is endless) have not sought to enter the TOP of popularity, they showed something else: the unity, the faith, hope, and vitality.

Why the snow is hot? Blood, spilled the blood of Russian soldiers who fought for their country. The picture shows one of the episodes of the battle at Kotelnikovo operation at Stalingrad.

Russian war films TV series list

A Huge group of German troops were encircled, and to release the command of the German army sends reinforcements – the best Atakule division. The Soviet troops received the order to stop the forthcoming attack at any cost.

The soldiers of the battery of Lieutenant Drozdovsky arrived in the division of Colonel Deeva for fire support. But instead of firing at point-blank range, they had to accept an unequal battle with the had broken through the defence line of tanks. The shells are rapidly melting, people are dying, but you can't go back, even knowing what lies ahead is only death.

Alive after the battle, there are only seven people.


Modern Russian military movies (list is below) is often blamed for the unlikelihood of the plot, the bad acting, the neglect of the theme of patriotism and desire to put everything in a new light. However, there are paintings on the atmosphere close to the Soviet school, sincere, honest, instructive, without fountains of blood and severed limbs in the foreground.

“We are from the future”

Opinions about the film among the viewers the opposite: some believe it ‘dummy’, unworthy of attention, with many mistakes and crazy story, the others – breakthrough of Russian cinema, a worthy successor of the traditions of the old Soviet military pictures, telling today's youth about the war.

Russian films about the war list

Young people, combined into one team in order to get money. Place for their research, they made good and, according to preliminary data, the “fish” in the past, here were the major military battles. This implies a large number of finds, which are easy to sell.

The Team, to say the least, motley: geek, gamer, rapper and smartass. Get along with each other, they are not very good, but has to be tolerated because really need the money. Day, going to swim in the lake, four turned out to be historical past, in 1942, in the midst of the fighting. How to get back, it is not clear, so you have to act according to circumstances.

“the Brest fortress»

In 1941, the beginning of the war. The first blow, as we all know, occurred in the Brest fortress. But unlike other films, here the events are shown through the eyes of a child, who managed to stay alive.

The World is Sasha Akimov was calm and almost perfect: everyday problems, love ...

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