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Painting is one of the most ancient types of art. It originated among the prehistoric people depicted on the walls of caves with scenes of hunting and totem animals. Eventually, of course, it appeared more and new stories. But to distinguish the different genres of painting began relatively recently. It started in the 17th century.

Traditionally distinguish the following genres of painting: portrait, landscape, still life, historical genre, genre, animals, fantastic painting, religious painting.

the genres of painting

The Portrait suggests that the Central object in the picture is the person. And, contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to be face image in the entire canvas. There are pictures in which a Central person is, or even such, where people are generally difficult to discern. But the main task of the portrait, in any case, there is an image of identity and the transmission of the character.

genres in painting

Initially, when you enable landscape in the genres of painting, it was assumed that he must portray the nature. Nowadays this concept has become wider, and now distinguish the urban landscape, industrial landscape, seascape (Marina), the scenery of the sky and so on. But most artists still prefer to portray classic expanses of fields, forests, meadows and lakes, claiming the beauty and Majesty of the surrounding world.

still life

Still life is an image of the staged composition of the elements of inanimate nature. Like landscape, still-life sometimes divided into sub-genres depending on the theme, but usually it is not accepted.

Historical genre painting, as its name implies, depicts an iconic scene from the history: coronation, battle of (battle genre), etc. or important figures.

In the genre centered around the random events of everyday life of people. Eating, meeting on the street, a torn shirt can become the object for such a picture.

historical genre painting

Artists-animalists create images of animals. The latter include all the representatives of wildlife from bugs to whales. They are usually portrayed naturally without any metamorphosis.

fantastic genre of painting

A Fantastic painting is the image of any supernatural beings or events. This genre also include fantasy and surrealism. Scene fantastic painting can happen in space, the world of the future, alternate universes and other unnatural places. And the characters can be ordinary people, and imaginary creatures.

Religious paintings include icons, frescoes and paintings representing religious subjects. The most widespread this genre is received in the Renaissance, when Europe was dominated by Christian ideology, inspiring such artists as Raphael, Botticelli, da Vinci.

Despite its diversity, all the genres of painting serve one purpose - the glorification of beauty, external or internal, and demonstrate the artist's view of the world. After all, once one takes up the brush so he has something to tell people. And the genres of painting, only different languages, of which he can choose the most suitable for the expression of his thoughts.

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