The parable of good and evil is the best motivator of good deeds


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The parable of good and evil are the most popular among the literary genre. They are short narrative stories that include pouzitelnosti, a comparison of some of the ideas or concepts in the arts, as well as custom and non-linear development of thought. In fact, every parable, we can say that she talks about good and evil. In any short story there is a positive and negative character, either good and bad action, which is produced by the same hero.

parable of good and evilParable of good and evil are of great help in your children's education. Parents often underestimate the ability of your fantasy, the brightest perception of everything that he hears. Children never consider what they learn, as do adults. Moreover, different parenting techniques contribute to the fact that the child begins to divide the world into “possible” and “impossible”. As for parables, they are preparing kids for the choices that later they will have to do all the time. And they learn to compartmentalize their actions good and bad actions, giving preference to the first.

The parable of good and evil are often used by leaders in speeches addressed to the team. Using metaphors and allegories, it is possible to achieve higher efficiency from their workers, because in their subconscious after each heard enlightening stories will be delayed the necessary information. However, not only to the leaders can be attributed to the love of the parables. Coaches and teachers quite often use them in order to properly motivate athletes or students. They indicate that to remain a man always, even if it will not give the victory in the contest or postpone the goal. That is, of course, they are taught to win, but honestly, with good intentions.parable of good and evil


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The Beauty of every parable of good and evil is in a single paragraph. It is simply impossible to find the question and answer – those elements which used all people in their logical chains. The conclusion is always different, and two people will never be the same to perceive the same story. Moreover, all the parables and other indirect instructions give people hints on how, in fact, everything should be done. If they are not perceived by man directly, the day will come when he knows exactly what was discussed in any instructive story.the meaning of the parables

No parable of good and evil has nothing in common with the other similar product. They are all allegorical description of different situations, and not always to be taken literally. Most often in an unusual twist of fate hides quite understand the meaning of – which is required of mankind in everyday life.

Visual or indirect illustration of a specific event or moral ideas – what is the meaning of the parable. In fact, the allegory of which is used in the product, due at the end of the text. This is necessary in order that the reader began to interpret the meaning incorrectly. One thing is for sure – all of them set a person to believe in their own good inclination.

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