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Peter Dranga-accordion-virtuoso, singer, model, actor, is a unique phenomenon on the Russian music scene. Currently Dranga - one of the most popular musicians on our stage. Petr Dranga

Peter Dranga: biography and early career

Born Peter Y. in 1984 in Moscow on international women's day on 8 March. His father – Yuri Petrovich Dranga – people's artist of Russia, accordionist, and her mother-Elena Kirillovna is also a musician. In addition to the Petit family grew two older daughters, who subsequently devoted himself to the service of the Muse of Music. Little Peter from childhood showed an interest in art, particularly music, and was chosen as a tool for yourself accordion – big "harmonica”, which has always played his dad. The boy asked to be apprenticed to his father and soon became his most trusted and obedient pupil. He soon his virtuoso playing was to surprise the audience. Peter Dranga along with studies in the secondary school also worked in the music school. Sviatoslav Richter. And, as best student, constantly sent to various competitions and festivals. At the age of 12 he became the winner of the competition of accordion players in Moscow, and some time later - the winner of the music competition in the Italian Castelfidardo.

Peter Dranga: biography

The First victory

Peter's Repertoire included both classical works and music in the style of punk rock, grunge, art rock, folk etc. With time he also learned to play acoustic and bass guitar. With this knowledge Peter Dranga was still in school he began to create arrangements for songs in a classical style and to fulfill them. This brought him fame in the circle of music lovers – accordion lovers. No matter where it was sent, no matter where he played – everywhere it was waited by success and applause. Music by Pyotr Dranga, cute boys from Moscow, attracted all, regardless of nationality, age or gender. Most important to him was the victory in Beijing, Saint Petersburg, Asturias and other cities. Already in 15 years he regularly took part in concerts of the Fund of culture of the Russian Federation.


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After school, the young accordionist Peter Dranga entered the Gnessin music school, and continued to perform in the concert programs of Fund of culture. He later formed his own band “Torre”. However, the content of it demanded a lot of money, which the young man was never enough. Therefore, it is need to earn money as a cleaner in the aquarium Studio or a waiter in different cafes and bars. But money is still not enough, and his group shortly after the establishment collapsed.


music by Pyotr Dranga

In 2002, he had an opportunity here – a tour in the North Caucasus. Traveling from city to city, from village to village, Peter Dranga was able to finally get considerable fees. And when he finally after a long journey returned to his native Moscow, was able to create his own Studio. Here he conducted the rehearsals, making arrangements, record albums. Gradually, Peter began to gain popularity among fans of get-togethers, and he was invited in different clubs and bars.

Peter Dranga and Alexander Sands

Once famous all over the country parodist and humorist Aleskandr Sands heard the music of a young accordion player, and she liked it so that the Sands immediately invited him to participate in his show. Once the team known variety actor, Dranga began touring in many major cities of the CIS, and also visited Italy and the USA. Masterful musician has conquered many music lovers. During a tour of his talent and masterful game noted a star (Patricia Kaas, Oleg Gazmanov, etc.) and was invited to accompany them at concerts.Peter Dranga and Alexander Peskov

Solo career

Closer to the middle of 2000-x years, Peter mostly played with the individual concerts, and in 2008-m already released his solo album “Twenty-three”. The disc included his arrangements of famous melodies and several works, the author of which was Peter Dranga. After that, he became a frequent guest on television. 3 years after the first album came out and the second. It also was a success. In the same year he gave two Grand solo concert in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Career of singer and model

Then Suddenly, Peter Dranga began to sing. And imagine he does no worse than the accordion. His songs become hits and sings them the whole country. Due to the beautiful appearance of Peter as a model began to invite well-known fashion houses. In short, today, this thirty years, the artist begins to gain popularity in many areas.the accordionist Petr Dranga

Personal life

Peter did not like and never talks about his sexual adventures. Here he is always secretive and unyielding. It is known that in 2010 he had a passionate affair with a girl Nastya. Then his name is often mentioned together with the name of famous TV presenter and sportswoman charming Laysan Utyasheva. However, the novel as such was not among them. Lately you can hear about the creative tandem“Petr Dranga and Marina Devyatova”. However, hardly anyone would risk the accuracy of the claim between the beautiful singer and talented musician is having an affair.

Peter Dranga and Marina Devyatova

Interesting about Peter Dranga

He loves the accordion exceptionally well-known Italian brand - Bugari Armando. Only six tools of this brand. Besides music Dranga Jr. likes diving and swimming. He just loves fishing. Being a nomad by nature, he loves to travel, discover the unknown, to experience something new. In 2010, all other talents of Peter added more acting talent. He starred in the film "Freaks" (2010).

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