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Among the constellations Actresses of St. Petersburg occupies a special place Anna Kovalchuk. Her filmography is quite varied, but Anna is better known as Maria Shvetsova investigator from the TV series “Secrecy of the investigation”. In fact, Kovalchuk is not going to become an actress, how she was on set?

Early years

Anna Kovalchuk, filmography which today includes such well-known films like ‘Secrets of the investigation”, “Master and Margarita”, was born in a family of teachers: her mother worked as head of kindergarten, the father was teaching school, the grandfather was a school Director. The Anna gravitated to the exact Sciences: mathematics, computer technology.

When she finished the eleventh grade, she was sure that the rest of my life wants to dedicate work in the field of Cybernetics. Kovalchuk was seriously preparing to become a computer genius, but first wanted to graduate from Leningrad Polytechnic University.

But as always, fate stepped in: a friend Kovalchuk acted in College theater and persuaded Anna to try to pass the exams with her. It so happened that Anna has gone through several qualifying rounds, and then it was offered to enroll on a course to A. A. Swiderska. The girl was confused, but when I learned that the competition was 30 people in the place, realized that she was lucky, and decided to move on.

Theatre and the beginning of a career in the movies

Anna Kovalchuk, filmography which has not been enriched by any movie, during the study, were able in the fourth year to attract the attention of the Director of the theater of the Leningrad city Council Trostyanetsky, who invited her later to his show “the Imaginary invalid". The actress had to take simultaneously and to the Prime Minister, and a diploma. She remarkably coped with this task, therefore, was immediately accepted into the troupe Theater. Of the Leningrad city Council.


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Anna Kovalchuk filmographyAfter a couple of years Kovalchuk has become a leading actress in the theatre. Fans and flowers - now the girl was all. But I knew it only a select few theater-goers, and Anna wanted something bigger, so in 1998 she goes to the casting of the film “Love” and it successfully passes. Kovalchuk got a small role of the Princess. She shared the set with such notables as Irina Murav'eva, Larisa Udovichenko, Maxim Averin and Stanislav Sadalsky.

At the theatre at Anna's business was also good. One of the best of her theatrical roles, you can assume the role of Lilith in the formulation “a Bed for three”.

Actress and her films. Anna Kovalchuk: a complete filmography. “Secrecy of the investigation”

In 24 years Anna heard that Peter is casting for the lead role in the TV series “Secrecy of the investigation”. She really wanted to get this role, but the casting managers were looking for Actresses thirty years of age, and Anna was barely 24. So during the audition Kovalchuk added his extra years and said she turned 29 recently. Director, actress, suspected, of course, that before him a woman of thirty, but the role of the inspector Maria Shvetsova got exactly Anna Kovalchuk.

Kovalchuk Anna LeonidovnaFilmography of the actress for many years consisted of several works in feature films and TV series “Secrecy of the investigation», which will be released to this day (it was filmed 14 seasons). The actress admits that the role of the investigator was given to her pretty hard because it is very light and cheerful person – Mary is always serious, concentrated, and little smiles. But for the first couple of seasons, Kovalchuk was involved in the process and quickly got dividends soon she began to learn on the streets.

“Master and Margarita”

Kovalchuk Anna Leonidovna until 2005 was seen as the actress of one role, namely – the role of Mary Shvetsova. But in 2005, when Kovalchuk was selected for the role of Marguerite in the series “Master and Margarita" of the creative life of the actress has changed dramatically.

Anna Kovalchuk, Russian actress filmographyNow Anna stood before the stunned audience in a whole new way: wild, passionate, impetuous. It was difficult to assume that external coldness lies so emotional potential. No one expected Anna Kovalchuk be it an organic look in the role of Marguerite. And this character – is quite complex, mystical, contradictory. The work was challenging, but Anna has done it again perfectly.

The project was Directed by Vladimir Bortko. Kovalchuk worked on a film set with such legends of Russian cinema as Oleg Basilashvili, Aleksandr Abdulov, Aleksandr Adabashyan. Among younger colleagues company Anna made up Sergei Bezrukov, Vladislav Galkin, Dmitry Nagiev, Alexander Galibin. The show was a phenomenal success, and Anna once again proved that any role.


Kovalchuk Anna Leonidovna shortly after the premiere of “Master and Margarita” have received the invitation in a wonderful film – «Admiral».

movies of Anna Kovalchuk complete filmographyThe scale of the film, which tells about the life of legendary Admiral Kolchak, shocked Russian audiences. For filming were made thousands of historical costumes, invited the first star of Russian cinema. The Director of the project was presented by Andrey Kravchuk. Main role – Admiral Kolchak – has got to the Petersburg actor Konstantin Habenskogo. Anna Kovalchuk played in the film by his legal wife and the mother of the child – Sofia Kolchak.

The Heroine Kovalchuk has to face the plot with her husband's infidelity. In a difficult moment Kolchak wants to see my lover – Anna Timireva, not the legitimate wife. Its the same with his son, he secretly sends abroad, where the noblewoman Sofia Kolchak has to do the most menial jobs to support herself and her son. After the role of the indomitable Margarita Kovalchuk in the image of a submissive wife looked strange, although the actress has done with the role. Just many viewers believe that the role of Anna timireeva to would be Anna more than Elizaveta Boyarskaya.

“I Peter. The will”

Filmography of Anna Kovalchuk (Anna Kovalchuk) continued to grow with good historical movies. In 2011, she takes part in the movie ‘Peter the great. The will”.

Again the project was directed by Vladimir Bortko. He dedicated his next film the last two years of his life the great Russian Tsar, whose role went to actor Alexander Balueva. The screenplay does not fully correspond to historical reality, but the film crew did not set itself the goal to create a true documentary film.

In the center of the plot, as always, a love story: Peter in love again, and this time his choice becomes Maria Cantemir (Elizaveta Boyarskaya). The great autocrat even willing to divorce his wife Catherine the First, but this is not so simple: power matters and state security first and foremost. Palace intrigues and secrets, unspoken struggle for power-all this is intertwined with the main romantic line.

Anna Kovalchuk, this time embodied on the screen image of Anastasia Trubetskaya-Cantemir. In fact, she got the role of the second plan.

Anna Kovalchuk – filmography. Russian actress and among them Anna Kovalchuk

the filmography of Anna Kovalchuk anna kovalchukIn Addition to the above strips in the filmography of the actress was also such projects as “a Private affair of captain Rumin”, “there was a war”, “Estate”, “Rhymes with love”.

Anna Kovalchuk, biography, filmography interested in where thousands of her fans, holds a special place among the Russian Actresses. Play it intelligent, its characters seen rich life experience and well-thought-out personal history.

Anna Kovalchuk biography filmographyThis woman could change from project to project if required the role: show the passion and insatiable hunger, and in the next movie all the ‘broadcast’ only humility and obedience. Strong and cunning heroine, too. But for some reason Kovalchuk is not looking for new experiences and projects: for many years she remains loyal to the project of “Secrecy of the investigation”. From 2012 to 2014 she was involved only in him and not appeared in any new movie.

Personal life

movies of Anna KovalchukBut fans of the actress is not only interested in her films. Anna Kovalchuk leads a busy personal life. She was married twice, and with the first husband divorced immediately after the shooting of “Master and Margarita”. But alone Anna stayed for long: in 2007 she married a St. Petersburg businessman. The actress has two children (girl and boy) from two marriages.


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