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Susan Lilian Townsend – English writer and humorist. She wrote novels, plays, collaborated with Newspapers and magazines, was engaged in journalism. A wide popularity was gained when he created the character of Adrian mole. The book has been translated on Russian language and first published in the “books”.

Early years

Sue Townsend was born on 2 April 1946 in Leicester on the river soar. It is the main city of the County, which has a Museum, stock exchange, theatre, two universities and a large number of factories. Sue was the eldest in a large family where there were four sisters. Her father was a factory worker, later became a postman. Mother worked in the canteen, and then as a conductor. In 7 years, sue went to an elementary school where the school Secretary was Mrs. Clerico. Later, it will give the school Secretary in the books about Adrian Mole.

sue Townsend

In eight years, to avoid contact with sick mumps, sue Townsend stayed home in quarantine. Mother bought several books Richmal of Crompton, which the girl read voraciously. Later sue would say that the main character of these works, William brown, had a big impact when she wrote, “Diary of Adrian Mole". When the teenager was fifteen years old, she was unable to take the exam at school, and she had to go to work. Work at a gas station gave her the opportunity to read a lot, when there were no customers. In addition, she was a janitor and paperboy. So hard began the biography of sue Townsend.


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At age 18, sue was married to Keith Townsend who worked at the factory for the production of sheet metal. They had three children (Sean, Daniel and Victoria). But when sue Townsend was twenty-three years, the marriage broke up. She was alone with the children. Financial difficulties were very difficult for single mothers. Social security is weak, and occasionally the family ate only peas. At this time sue worked on the Playground. Taking care of the kids, she watched people who worked nearby.

sue Townsend the author of the book

So she met Colin Broadway, who was married, and only a few years they began to live together. Colin has been an instructor in rowing. Learned it and sue and I went to work with her husband. I must say that this job was very prestigious, as in Leicester is training a professional Rugby team. In this marriage a daughter, Elizabeth. After that the woman was pregnant several times but had abortions. Subsequently, she came to the conclusion that these actions are wrong, and wrote in 1997 piece on this subject called "Ghost kids".


The Husband asked sue to realize his dream and try yourself as a writer. For this it was necessary to join the group, which served the theater “Phoenix” Lester. Sue was in her early thirties, it was 1978, and she was too shy, so nothing for the theater did not dare to write. But by the end it demanded hard work and gave two weeks. She wrote thirty-minute drama on the theme of health. It was her first work. As a “Phoenix” in 1981 it received for its latest play by the award broadcaster of the London “Thames television”. Working with various Directors and playwrights, she gained experience as a writer.

The Success of Adrian Mole

Sue Townsend accident, talking with children, has found its hero. Writing two stories for the magazine, she sent the script on this topic on the BBC radio. On the first day of 1982, aired a radio piece. The hero immediately fell to the listeners liking. The publisher «Meton” she heard and offered to write a book. It was a “Secret diary of Adrian Mole”, which immediately put its author on a par with P. G. Vodacom. biography of sue Townsend Ten sequels in the future, written by sue Townsend. The author of the book “the Queen”, “Coventry reborn” and a number of pieces, you cannot still be considered as a good it works. The rest of the “Diary” are written as they Mature the main character and become less funny and more political. From a teenager he gradually turns into the same loser as his father. The first book came out in 1982, and the last-in 2009. In the first two diaries were filmed TV series in 1985 and 1987. In 2001 came the remake, removed by these works.

Health Townsend, sue books, biography

Finishing the story of the life and work of English writer, we must reluctantly say that she has been sick. She had peritonitis, developed diabetes, and she was gradually going blind. The woman was suffering from kidney failure, stood in queue and waited for a donor. However, she continued to write, dictating her new book son Sean. The writer died at home April 10, 2014 from a stroke.

sue Townsend books biography

Actor Stephen Mangan, who played Adrian in 2001, said that he was very upset to find out that sue Townsend has died. She was one of the most fun, warm and wise men he had ever met.

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