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In 1987, the screens out a fantastic action movie “Predator” with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role. It was a great success with audiences and critics and became a cult picture. A fictional race of Predators were specially invented for this picture. Who is it and what is alien aliens – despair.

fictional race of predators


A Fictional race of predators was invented in 1987 specifically for filming sci-Fi Thriller “Predator”. Alien hunters (as they are called) are the main antagonists of the film. Over the appearance of Predators, was master of visual effects Stanley Winston. Was first invented by an alien-humanoid with a head like a dog, and a long neck, but then this idea have refused. It was decided to focus on what a fictional race of Predators – humanoids equipped with mandibles and wearing a special mask is necessary for prey detection. They - the representatives of the technically advanced civilization, facing an order of magnitude above humanity. The idea of the mandibles, as in insects, suggested Director James Cameron. He was right – the terrifying jaws became one of the most memorable and frightening parts of the exterior of the space hunters.

predators are a fictional race

Predators: the description of the race of the alien invaders

Space hunters – large humanoids. Their height is about two and a half meters. Leather – pale yellow. Meet the subspecies and with dark green skin. Face nasekomojadny. The jaws of the Predator is equipped with two pairs of jaws. Behind the oral aperture. Hair is quite peculiar – short rigid black bristles dark in color. Have it on the front of the torso. On the head of hair braided into a kind of dreadlocks. The Predator's blood is green.


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predators are a fictional race photo

Physically they are much stronger and faster than humans, making them one of the most dangerous opponents.

Judging by the places of hunting, this race lives in a tropical climate, it needs high humidity and temperature. If we take into account the novelization of paintings about the Raptors, the atmosphere for them to a lesser degree, poisonous. The language and writing information. It is known that they can imitate someone else's speech and can understand some words.

Weapons Predators

This is a high-tech race, with many hundreds of centuries. For all time of its existence, the predators have created a huge number of diverse weapons. In their Arsenal energy and nuclear weapons, camouflage, making hunters nearly invisible and masks, which help to detect prey. Actively used by hunters and melee weapons, which is diverse: wrist blades, spears, throwing discs.

predators description of the race

The Predators have long mastered interplanetary flights. Judging by the comic, they most of the time are traveling, visiting other star systems.


Information about what this race is, almost none. It is only known that they hunt for sport on all the other creatures. To some extent they are a collectors – during a hunt the predators collect trophies. This skulls of vanquished enemies. Those who joined with the hunters in the melee, honor – they have skull pull along with spinal column.

Relations with other races

Predators, figure and growth which make them stronger and tougher than other creatures that inhabit the Universe, does not need the conclusion of peace treaties. Anyway, of the films about them is that they have visited Earth in the middle ages (as trophies in the pictures about them was shown an old musket and a samurai sword. Because over the centuries they have not been given mankind to know about themselves, this suggests that a fictional race of Predators is not interested in any contact with people. For space hunters Land – the hunting spot and the base for the replenishment of the prey that they take in their land. Apparently, the rest of the living beings of other planets are Predators of interest only as the object of hunting.

predators description

Code of honor

Predators, despite the fact that they are ruthless hunters, considering every living being first of all as prey, adhere to the code of honor. They do not touch pregnant women, children and the sick. In others they appreciate the courage and the will to win. If he meets a worthy opponent capable of defeating one of them, the predators recognized his strength and unable to let go. In the movie "Predator 2" of the protagonist of the victory over one of the space hunters was awarded his relatives, the gun of the sixteenth century.

Defeat – a terrible shame for the Predator. If this happens, to restore his honor they choose suicide by microkernel of the explosion.

Movies about alien hunters

For the First time the Predators (the fictional race), photos of which you can see far appeared in the sci-Fi action movie involving Arnold Schwarzenegger. Despite the fact that on screen he came back in 1987, was commended for its special effects picture. Success it was decided to consolidatecreating sequels Thriller about the confrontation of the space hunters and people. Interesting fact: the appearance of the film in some way involved joke about the fact that the hero Stallone in a series of paintings of rocky there is no one to fight, except with aliens. The result is a scenario in which the hero Schwarzenegger comes to grips with a Predator – hunter, arrived on Earth from deep space. The role of the latter was played by Kevin Peter Hall, but was originally selected Jean-Claude van Damme, but the growth and physical development he lost to Schwarzenegger.

predators figure

In 1990, he released the sequel of the first film – “Predator 2". If “Predator” the action took place in the jungle, the continuation of events unfolding in Los Angeles.

In 2010 the picture was released, which was a new reading of history about the alien hunters. Robert Rodriguez and one of the main roles in the film, Adrian Brody was amazed at the time “Predator”. Rodriguez wrote several versions of the script in 1987, but they were not interested in the Studio. Only 20 years later remembered about them and asked the Director to shoot new film for your old methods. But he decided to limit the role of the producer.

The third part, called “Predators” (this is done especially by analogy with the film “Strangers”), takes place on the planet where it turns out the company strangers to each other people. All of them, as it turns out, the warriors. Among them are professional soldiers from different countries, and criminals. What brought them here and why – and have them learn.

In 2004 Paul Andersen made the film “Alien vs. Predator” that has bound the heroes of the two cinematic universes. In 2007 he released his sequel to “Alien vs. Predator”, which has received negative reviews from critics and was named worst sequel.

Computer games and comic books based on the movies Predators

The success of the first paintings about space bounty hunters, led in 1989 to the emergence of comics, where they became the main heroes. Originated and interesting crossovers, such as “Aliens vs. predator”.

In 1987 he published the first computer game for most of the then-existing platforms in the market. Only in the universe of “Predator” came 4 games.

fictional race of predators


A Fictional race of Predators, launched in 1987, went on to great fame. Space hunters, along with other people, become some of the most interesting cinematic creatures.

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