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An Important place in literature classes in school is a critical analysis of “Oblomov”. Potters – the largest novelist of the mid-nineteenth century. His novels had a significant impact on the development of Russian literature of the specified century. His books are characterized by deep psychological insight, drama, and staging of actual problems of his time, which, however, are significant today.

First part of the book

The Study of the composition of the novel primarily involves the analysis of “Oblomov”. Potters at the beginning of his work describes in detail the way of life that led his hero. Since the beginning of the works the readers get acquainted with this character through the eyes of its visitors. But the author also conveys the internal state of Ilya Ilyich, who, after the departure of each guest indulges in a long discourse, revealing him as a remarkable man. Spending all day at home, unemployed and hiding from life, calving nevertheless set complicated philosophical questions about the meaning of existence, purpose and prospects of a public career.

analysis Oblomov Goncharov

He was trying to understand the reason for their inaction, inactivity, and complete indifference to everything going on. The emphasis on the mental state of a character must include an analysis of “Oblomov”. Potters – the wizard of creation of psychological portraits of his characters. He shows that he is – people tuned philosophically, what prevents him to live a life that is trying to instill in him his best childhood friend Stolz.

Description of the village

Great importance to the description of the formation of his character gave the potters. “breaks” (the dream of Oblomov, the analysis of which is traditionally the main part of the school lesson, explains the character of Ilya Ilyich) – this is a key work in the oeuvre of the writer, as he revealed the main problems of the Russian reality of his time. This dream shows the village where I was born and raised hero. In this place the inhabitants were marked by unusual mildness of character, docility, friendliness.


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Goncharov Oblomov analysis

They didn't care, never thought about a career or education. All these people lived for today, their main value was the comfort of home, warmth, care about each other. So the little Oblomov was under the care of a loving mother, family, their nurses, nurses. That would explain his inactivity in adult life.

The Plot

Stoltz in the end somehow manages to take his friend some business. He gets him out of the house and meet new faces. Meeting with a young, beautiful, smart girl Olga Ilinskaya radically changes the life of Oblomov. He falls in love with her, and this love inspires him. The hero begins to lead an active lifestyle, reads a lot, makes frequent and long walks. Elias follow the instructions Stolz, strongly encourages his new friend to a different class.

analysis of Goncharov's novel Oblomov

Feature of their relationship is part of the analysis “Oblomov”. Goncharov describes how their mutual attraction to each other later developed into a strong and deep feeling. After a while they explained and decided to get married.


It was an important event in the life of the character. However, he was afraid of how far their relationship went. He liked the communication with Olga, however, being by nature quiet, shy and indecisive, he felt unable to take on the marriage bond. Described in detail the psychological evolution of his character in I. A. Goncharov. “breaks" (analysis of the novel involves a detailed analysis of the reasons for the gap Olga and main character) – a novel that is devoted primarily to subtle observations of the author over the mental state of the characters.

Goncharov Oblomov analysis works

Elias felt the indecision and hesitation of the groom. She never doubted his love, but its active intense nature demanded an active and fulfilling life. Most intense moment of the piece is the moment of explanation of the characters when it turns out how far they are from each other, despite the love. Analysis of Goncharov's novel “breaks” explains the difference in their characters. Olga was very demanding of himself and others. And Ilya Ilyich was unable to complete transformation of his personality and lifestyle. It has changed a lot under the influence of love, but deep down remains the same. It is in this last conversation with his beloved hero calls his Vice ‘oblomovshchina” – a term that came into use in everyday speech.


One of the best writers of the mid-nineteenth century is considered by I. A. Goncharov. “breaks” (the analysis of works should include a description of the latest period of life of the hero) – this is a novel that shows the development of the main character from a psychological point of view. After a breakup with Olga Ilya Ilyich marries his landlady Anisia. This woman is fully consistent with his ideas about the housewife and wife. In her house Ilya Ilyich again went into the same even worse omission than very disappointedhis friend Stolz and Olga. However, the author reveals the inner reasons for such a transformation of character.

Goncharov Oblomov Oblomov's dream analysis

He explains that the disappointment from the loss of his girlfriend. This condition moved the hero into complete apathy and indifference to everything around him that actually led him subsequently to death. The writer fully shows the reader that physical demise of the character was the result of his spiritual bankruptcy, which could not fill the caring and sincere and simple love of Go.

The Heroes

Contrasted with Oblomov, Stolz and Olga Ilinskaya. The first was a Russified German. He worked hard, cared about his career, but has not lost its warmth and kindness, for which he fell in love with Ilya Ilyich. Stoltz was genuinely concerned about your best friend, tried to occupy it and engage in some business. At the end of the novel he is married to Olga, which were similar characters. The latter, perhaps, is the writer's ideal. It is active, purposeful, but at the same time intelligent and restrained.

The study of the first scene

To consolidate the material students can offer to make the analysis of the episode Goncharov's novel “breaks”. As an example, usually choose the scenes of the visits of guests to the hero at the beginning of the book, as their dialogues give a first glimpse of the main characters of the novel face. Readers see that he is refusing to participate in the Affairs of their comrades.

analysis of the episode Goncharov's novel Oblomov

They are All busy with something and trying hard to captivate him, but to no avail. After they left, Ilya Ilyich talks about the futility of their vanity, employment, work. He is given the main question of the entire piece: where in all this bustle of people? The sympathy of the author in this case is clearly on the side of Ilya Ilyich, although he does not approve of his lifestyle.

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