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It's No secret that many children do not really want to learn. In the long and difficult path to knowledge laziness often wins. But children are naughty and restless. How to be here? To acquaint a child with the hero of the book of the Lion Davydycheva, second-graders and repetition Ivan Semyonov.

Ivan Semenov

That's really who goes to school, so much so that even a letter to the Ministry wrote and asked "to release him on health from school”. There is not to be envied. He somehow has a story to tell about their ‘arduous, full of hardships and dangers" of life.


Before telling the story of a repetition Ivan Semyonov, it follows to say a few words about the author. Lev Ivanovich Davydychev – bright, talented people and wonderful children's writer. 01.01.1927 was born in the city of Solikamsk. In 1952 he graduated from the faculty of Philology of Perm state University. From 1939 he lived and worked for their little readers in Perm.

a summary of the life of Ivan Semyonov

Popular children's books of the author was amazing. It was printed abroad, and his books have been translated into many languages. Readers Davydycheva very different, but each finds in his works is something very close to yourself. Barely learning to read, children laugh at the adventures of his characters. Adult readers read novels and go back to childhood.

A Cautionary tale

Lev Ivanovich surprisingly accurately portrays the life of kids. Reading the story “the Life of Ivan Semyonov” and hear the deafening hubbub of school change. The story is permeated with childish laughter and hubbub. No wonder young readers know whole passages by heart, because it's their life. They live. The author miraculously found and put together into one hero – Ivan Semenov – features similar to many children, and made it attractive. For this you need to be a psychologist and, of course, not to forget childhood.


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the life of Ivan Semyonov

The Intent of the writer is simple – to denounce laziness, remind the children that in all circumstances we must remain first and foremost a person. But for all the edification characterize fantastic story, rich in fiction stories. And the little readers, sooner or later reveals a hidden subtext in the task – to ridicule and denounce laziness, with which everyone is familiar.

Short contents

The Life of Ivan Semyonov and his ability always to get into all sorts of scrapes, the author has shown understanding of the child's soul, with warmth and good humor. The hero of the book - a normal, unremarkable child – large, with a large head. So displayed externally of the main character the author. On the one hand, it is clear that the repetition Semenov - ordinary slacker and sloven. On the other hand, a tireless dreamer and visionary, he instantly wins the hearts of readers.

Ivan Semenov – the most miserable man in the whole world. All anything, but Ivan does not like to go to school. Not that I don't like. School – an obstacle to an interesting life. He immediately become famous, if only to deal with the school. At that moment he is not going to not go to the hated school and stuttering portrays a lunatic and sick seems. Nothing helps.

Ivan Semenov book

Every day wants Ivan as he one day all the textbooks and learned in the diary solid five. Just the thing – to get them, you have homework to do, but not wrong with them at Ivan. Parents fighting, but he does not take them seriously – nothing new from them will not hear. And grandma was right there: “Learn, succeed”.

In a children's book forgot to mention the problem of excessive spoiled L. Davydychev. The life of Ivan Semyonov - perfect example of excessive guardianship of the grandmother. Blind love for her grandson wouldn't let her see how irresponsible it grows.

Every day, late for classes, managing to get into the absurd situation – the hunt for spies, Yes is in someone else's apartment and nearly killed, it plays the bear of the white and catches a cold to pneumonia. Every day give yourself Semenov Ivan the promise of rebirth, but is the last student in the class. Yes there in the class. In school! Ivan give a last chance and take a grief-the pupil in tow.


“Tug” girl of the fourth class, tall as a seventh-grader. Adelaide takes full responsibility for re-education and Semenov. The girl is set up so firmly that it will not be able to stop any laziness, the eternal companion of the second graders, no tricks grandmother of Ivan Semenov, wall risers for his grandson.

l Davydychev life ivna Semenova

Adelaide tried many ways for the rehabilitation of the ward. In the end, indicates to Ivan that he “grandma grandson” and he puts a condition: either he does his homework, or she announces to everyone that he UO – mentally retarded. To be considered mentally retarded and go in shame "school of EE" - such a prospect Semenova, of course not satisfied.


In the end, Semenov commits a heroic act – do your homework. After three agonizing days of running around with lessons Semenov Ivan gets in the way of correction - self wakes up to school for the first time inlife is not late. And one day the teacher puts him eight. Amazing feelings experienced repetition Semenov – turns out to be a pleasure to take classes with lessons learned.

Ivan Semenov 1

For the edification of young readers

The hero of the story realized his behavior has changed for the better. Even learned how to peel potatoes with a restless and mischievous Ivan Semenov. The book reads in one breath, as it is written in simple understandable language. Without explicit homilies and exhortations, the author tells with humor about school, friendship and friends, about the relationship of children and parents, laziness and overcome it.

Thought-provoking Chapter of the book, where the author talks about the grandmother of Ivan Semenov. From the position of young readers nothing unusual in her behavior and influence on his grandson there. But an adult visible in its manipulation and methods of education. The author gently pointed out, which can lead to unwanted guardianship of a spoiled child. And brought your character to the decision to get rid of the yoke of manipulative grandmother.

A Fascinating and believable story credible. Despite his arduous life, Semenov Ivan understands and finds his place in society. Little readers, this story makes it clear that the fate of even the most inveterate bully and a loser only in his own hands. The book encourages young readers to self-reflection behavior and actions repetition Semenov.

Based On the novel of Lev Ivanovich Davydychev was filmed in 1964 cartoon. In 1966 on the screens released film about the life of Ivan Semyonov. In 2007 on the stage of the Perm theatre "Orpheus" premiere Opera "the passion of Ivan Semyonov”.

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