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A Grand Piano or piano keyboard instruments, has long been one of the most preferred. After studying carefully the issue about how many keys of the piano once it becomes clear that regardless of the tone you can write music of any genre.

Piano keyboard

The fact that modern pianos often do not support the standard location of lower and upper case keys.

how many keys of the piano

In the classic version the lowest note is the note “La” of subcontracts, and the top – “to” the seventh octave. It is due only to the fact that other sounds are outside the hearing range of the human ear. The range of audibility in the classic version looks as follows: the sub-contra octave that begins with notes of “La”, the contra octave, great octave, small octave, etc. of the first octave. Ends on the fifth octave. Followed by the sixth partial an octave and sometimes incomplete seventh octave, represented by only a single keystroke.

Piano piano

In most cases, not worth pondering how much of the white keys of the piano and how many black. The fact that all the keys are placed according to several principles, which provides a clear division into octaves, which are used in playing the instrument or in writing music. And octave of the piano correspond to the basic rules of distribution of the notes on the keyboard.

how many white keys of the piano

The question about how many keys a piano, the answer is: the standard keyboard contains 88 keys. They are divided into special segments called octaves. Note the position of notes on the keyboard and the number of octaves. The fact that a real piano keyboard is a standard. It begins with notes of “La” in the lower register and ends with the note “to” located at the top. It is considered that the lower and upper notes are at the threshold of hearing, perceived by a human ear. In other words, the range of playable notes and audible sounds is in the range from 16 Hz to 20 kHz. Actually, the whole piano keyboard and are working in this range. Electronic piano is able to reproduce the same sounds in the specified range.


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how many octaves at the piano octave piano

With all of this, you must understand how to build scales. In any key can't be more than 12 notes, because it's seven white and five black keys. Begin, for example, from the notes “to”. Here it becomes clear that this separation is very conditional, because not all notes can fit the original scheme, especially when it comes to the maximum number of characters the key or keys like C double-sharp minor. Actually sounding it will be normal to the C-sharp minor or d flat minor, although it is now taken into account exactly disnye tone in which the flats are not provided at all. Accordingly, and alteration marks will be much greater. Determining how many keys a piano, a piano, you need to pay attention to the specificity of the tool, as different tools keyboard may not match exactly the number of keys.

Without a doubt, not to mention the classical piano, which became a kind of standard tools. The first plan was Steinway and August Forster. Most interesting is that the so-called "Forster" is made in single copies in ivory from the housing to the keys. If you count how many keys of the piano (a concert Grand piano or a regular piano), you will notice that almost always, the keyboard is fully corresponds to the classical 88-key mind. There are exceptions, but very rarely.

Range on the keyboard

Many beginning pianists may not even know music theory and the basics of scales or frets. However, despite this lack of knowledge, you can use many variations, arpeggios, triads, or chords with their hits without even thinking about what will be the non-standard harmonic series or better. Most interesting is that many beginners are almost intuitively use certain chords or transitions. But to approach the construction of schemes from the point of view of musical science, then you need to build it from the classical rules of music theory.

In the case of a deployed major or minor scales the sequence is played according to key signs, subject to the fingerings. When playing high-speed chromatic sequences, things are much simpler. Here, generally used only three fingers for pianists. It all starts with the thumb, and then there is the alternation of the thumb, index and middle finger.

Electronic synthesizers


Modern synthesizers, which are electronic piano, using the many options of keyboards. Keyboards lower and middle level do not have polnotsvetnoy keyboard, which is characteristic of real pianos. But the real workstations (Digital Workstation) for the most part use the standard number keys. A striking example of such tools are the Korg Kronos, Yamaha Motif, Kurzweil K2500/2600, etc.

Modern pianos andhome piano only to a small extent convey all of the shades that got them from a medieval harpsichord and clavichord. At that time it was believed that these instruments have an unnatural sound, and having a piano was an exceptional luxury.

However, we can say immediately that, over time, pianos have been in our lives very tightly. And now we can see the notes and hear the sounds that are within the range of a standard keyboard.

Octave and use

Interested in the use of harmonies and octaves have tried many musicians. That same King Diamond can easily jump from one note to another in the range of four and a half octaves. However, he still manages to change his voice, which must match each character to his concert. In this case we are talking about how many octaves can fit into the range of the human voice. And the singer uses octaves so easy that sometimes you wonder. The notes in octaves the piano can often serve to underscore the emotional perception of a particular composition.

If you look at how the octaves at the piano, octave piano can be present on the keyboard in greater numbers, because different manufacturers produce sometimes non-standard tools. But many musicians give them preference, considering them easier to use when not required the execution of long scales and arpeggios.

MIDI devices and workstations

With the advent of the format “iron” tools based on signal transmission and data on a specific channel, virtual Studio, and joins him input devices become commonplace. They usually come in several main versions of the keyboard that can just connect to PC or laptop using the USB cable, MIDI cable and ASIO4ALL drivers that support Full Duplex. This is the best option. However, despite this, the driver allows to use not only a special keyboard, but virtual.

Virtual keyboard and VST synths

Today you can find quite a lot of virtual programs for recording and synths that reproduce completely unrealistic sounds and effects. It does not matter how many keys a piano of this kind. And then we have to pay attention to a very popular tool for Kontakt 5. In one, he combines and sampler, and rompler, and editor that can work regardless of the load on the VST host.

how many keys have piano piano

In addition, most virtual plugin is designed for professional keyboard in the form of attachable module or feature of the game on a standard laptop keyboard. In such applications typically has its own virtual keyboard that you can retrieve sounds by clicking the mouse cursor or an Association of alphabetic keys on the main keyboard.



As is clear, the answer to the question about how many keys of the piano depends on the type of instrument (piano or synth). In the most common form you can find even an electronic keyboard with the layout in 88, 76, 49 or 25 keys. Of course, polnotsvetnaya piano keyboard is preferable, however, in some cases for ease of play you can use very simple tools to get the desired sound from a virtual synth by using a MIDI controller.

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