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Drawings made in pencil, always look sophisticated, stylish, gently. Such fabrics are sometimes found among the works of famous artists, but to recreate them you can own. Draw flowers pencil, which predisposed to this kind of art. But those who have not experienced their hand at painting, you can try to use our instruction.

The Basis for the drawing

To begin, we need a photo of a plant or flower alive. To copy is always easier since not every person was endowed with the talent, and can accurately convey the essence of the painting in his mind. Nature or a photo give a real opportunity to sketch every detail exactly, without missing a beat.flowers pencil

To Mark up the area of the picture

Before you start to draw flowers with pencil, you need to divide the sheet into zones. Select a place where will be located the buton below, mark the area of the stem. If your plant has leaves, label them on the sketch. It should be noted that when applying such prior circuits it is important to submit the form for further illustration. If you are going to portray Lily, the Bud must be elongate, slightly expanded upwards. If the picture will be a Daisy or a rose, this area make a round or slightly oval. It is clear that the stalk must have an elongated, characteristic shape, from the very beginning.pencil drawings for beginners

A Light but accurate sketch

Now look at your sample: count the number of petals, measure their proportions, determine at what distance apart are the leaves. Flowers pencil drawn gradually, so the next step will be drawing the main parts of the paper. You need to cut around each petal, to give thickness and shape of the stem to make the leaves similar to themselves, and not in circles. Now look at your sketch from a distance, and if it is proportional, the composition is not offset to one side of the sheet, then go to the next step.pencil drawings flowers

Accurate job with the details

Next you need to draw flowers with pencil in every detail. To do this, carefully draw each petal, each leaf. They, in turn, should be visible streaks, stripes. Some of them may have non-ideal shape – keep this in mind. Through such details, the picture will look more interesting. After such attention to detail again look at the sheet from a distance. Fix various bugs. Next, go to the finish action.

Some final touches

To make it look complete, you need to get rid of all the auxiliary lines. In this case, the edges of the petals, which are hidden behind others of their own kind. After this you need to give the picture volume. Using the play of light and shadows vibrant and believable appearance to gain even pencil drawings for beginners. Flowers to set off easy enough only to stroke the base of the petals, that is, the middle of the Bud, to do the same with the leaves. The sketch will show you where you point to the line stroke, so the shadows shouldn't be a problem.

In fact, simply and quickly recreated the drawings in pencil. Flowers to represent the easiest, as they can be sketched from nature. It does not change its position (unlike the man whose portrait can be sketched), so the artist's easier to catch every line, every curve.

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