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Spiderman is one of the favorite characters of children and adolescents. This superhero is loved by all as a personage of comics, cartoons and movies. Many, perhaps, would like to learn how to draw this superhero, but they consider it an impossible task. But in reality it is quite simple.

Learn to draw a superhero

In this article we will tell you about how to draw spider-man. Learning to draw elements of the character, you will gain some knowledge that will help you in the future to do more complicated drawings. These skills will be useful to you.

Step one. The basis of the pattern

Let's start the description of how to draw spider-man step by step. first need to represent the basis for future illustration. By choosing the right proportions, draw in pencil the basis of the figure - a "skeleton", which is an important point of the entire work. If you initially draw it wrong, the final picture will be bad.

When the "skeleton" is drawn, depicts the contour of the head of spider-man in the form of a circle. The contours of the basics now need to draw a new spider-man, or rather, the body contour of the character.how to draw spider-man

Step two. Proportions

At this stage, keep your superhero was not too thick and not very thin. Hands and feet will play symmetrically. In the process of drawing remember the proportions and ensure that they were correct at the time of making the forms-based spider-man. If there are any inconsistencies, you can greatly spoil the picture.how to draw the new spider-man


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Step three. Adjustment

Consider further steps how to draw spider-man. The next stage you must remove the old contours - erase eraser pencil lines "skeleton". Again make sure that the proportions are correctly selected, if necessary, correct the defects with a pencil. If you are podkorrektirovatj figure now, in the future it will be harder to do.how to draw the new spider-man

Step four. Details

Now start to draw the details of the character. From spider-man's eyes are under the mask, because the face draw the triangular shapes. This character has no shoes, but there are separating lines on the legs, draw them. Now draw the chest muscles, other dividing lines.how to draw spider man step by step,

Step five. Costume

how to draw spider-man

Here we come to the stage from which you will learn how to draw the new spider-man in full, ie in a suit. Due to the fact that the clothes this character is a simple network from the web, a great effort for the application is not required. Be drawing the web and display it on our picture is quite simple. The grid is in the hands, the head, thorax and part of the legs of this character. The rest of the costume picture is not have, because you just stroke them with a pencil. And can be left unpainted and then draw a picture in color.

how to draw spider-man

Character in the color

This figure of spider-man will be almost ready, and you will remain only to paint. How to draw spider-man in color? This task is so simple that it is easy even for the youngest children.

how to draw spider-man

If you decided in the previous step not to RUB the suit with a black pencil, then paint part of the picture with colored pencils. To the picture turned out true and beautiful, you need color: blue, red, gray and black. If you want to create your own unique spider-man, you can use the pencils in any color. That's all. The drawing is ready. It's not so difficult as it seemed at first, isn't it?

Second option. Sketch

You Can draw this character a slightly different way. How to do it, you can find below.

Start with a simple sketch. Draw an oval head, and under it, place the triangle where the corners draw a little rounded. Now draw arms and legs to your spider-man using simple lines.


Next you need to draw elbows and knees of the character. Then give the character the desired shape, which is inherent to spider-man. Create a cylindrical shape that should be a foot larger in size than on the forearms and shoulders. The upper part forms portrayed a little wider than the bottom.

Next bring the image of your superhero more perfect. Pririsovyvat absolutely all the muscles. So you will give the image of anatomical features. Use for drawing elongated shape, representing the shoulders, calves and biceps.

how to draw spider-man

The dress

The Next step will delete the extra construction lines and keep only those that will be the main figure. Now drawspider-man costume. On the forearms and calves make the required contours. Carefully guide the lines that go down the sides and chest, and connect them in the middle of the abdomen. Draw lines on the legs.

When the drawing is finished, paint it with your desired color: red, black and blue. Red use for face, Breasts, feet, hands, shoulders and ankles. Forearm with both sides represented in blue and black colors. you Can make this picture a little shade. Make them under the chin, under arms, legs. So a picture of your character will become more real.


I Hope that in our article the question of how to draw spider-man, illuminated in full. Now you'll be able to paint it.

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