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Vyacheslav Kevorkov - KGB officer. One of the most famous employees of the Russian special services that have been active in journalism after retirement. The author of several high-profile books - "the Kremlin's operetta", "Secret channel", "the Confession before his execution" from the "top secret", "what do the presidents? Secrets of the first persons".

He served as the prototype Vitaly Slavin KGB officer from the TV series "TASS is authorized to declare". Has a reputation as one of the most enigmatic personalities of the twentieth century.

Youth officer

Vyacheslav Kevorkov ye was born in Moscow on 21 July 1924. After finishing school he entered the Military Institute of foreign languages. Now it is the Military University of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. The University he worked in Moscow at Bolshaya Sadovaya 1919. This day is intended for training officers in various fields.

Among its graduates many famous scientists. For example, academician and translator Yevgeny Chelyshev, as well as a science fiction writer Arkady Strugatsky and actor Vladimir Etush. During the Second world war finished it and Kevorkov, Vyacheslav.

By the Way, at birth his name was Gevorkyan that the future intelligence officer soon changed.

Service in Germany

Kevorkov, VyacheslavImmediately after the end of world war II Kevorkov, Vyacheslav entered the service of translator for the Allied military administration, which was based in Berlin. Well-behaved proved this place of work moved to the General staff of the Soviet Army. There he worked under the command of Marshal of the Soviet Union Vasilevsky. Also participated in the process of exposing military officers working for the third Reich in Germany.

In 1950 he was transferred to the Ministry of state security of the USSR, which then led to Colonel-General Viktor Abakumov. The Ministry Kevorkov, Vyacheslav held a position of operations officer in the counter-intelligence. Over time was promoted to the post of the Deputy chief.

Secret channel

top secretIn 1969, Kevorkov, Vyacheslav has played a key role in establishing direct communication between the leaders of the USSR and Germany. Channel for confidential communication was established at the personal request of the head of the KGB Yuri Andropov. Kevorkov became an important figure for the creation of this message from the Soviet side, bypassing diplomatic channels. Thus, the General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev and German Chancellor Willy Brandt had the opportunity to communicate directly, without the threat of leaks or eavesdropping.


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Later Kevorkov on the basis of these events released novel, "Secret channel". Due to such communication, the leaders of the two European powers were able to hold talks, which put a final end to the war on the European continent. The negotiations resulted in the signing of the Soviet-West German Treaty, which was held in 1970.

The Treaty approved the inviolability of borders between the GDR and the FRG, the two sides also promised to observe the integrity of all States within their present borders. Germany renounced all claims to East Prussia, first and foremost, the Kaliningrad oblast, and the Soviet Union promised in the future not to prevent the peaceful unification of Germany, if this will be the background.

Prototype Slavin

major General of the KGB

Kevorkov was friends with British and Soviet journalist Victor Louis, who was closely associated with the KGB and repeatedly performed tasks of the Committee in countries around the world. Also among the close friends was a famous writer Yulian Semyonov. He did kevorkova the prototype of the hero of his novel and the TV series "TASS is authorized to declare".

In the film Slavina plays Yuri Solomin. According to the script he was a Colonel of KGB, who flies to Africa to deal with the CIA agent working in Moscow, getting information on the situation in the fictional country Surge.

During the film's hero straw is charged with murder, goes to prison, but he still manages to convey an important secret documents and to prevent a coup in the Surge, which was prepared by American intelligence agencies.

Career agencies

ye Vyacheslav KevorkovMeanwhile, kevorkova career in the KGB went up the hill. In 1972, he became Director of the third Department of the Second chief Directorate of the KGB responsible for counterintelligence.

In the office there were 12 departments, each of which worked in a certain field. The 3rd division was responsible for the relationship with Germany.

In these years, largely due to Kevorkova, Soviet intelligence was able to expose the network of agents of foreign intelligence services. For this Vyacheslav ye (at that time already the General-the major of KGB) with the support of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the USSR created a security service.

It is Known that Kevorkov have close contact with the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov, which was familiar even to implement the mission in Germany, and also with the General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev. With the latter largely through the relationship with his daughter Galina.

Spy journalism

Seriously journalism Kevorkov started in the 90 years after he left the service in state security bodies. It was at this time made the decision to becomewriter Kevorkov. "The Kremlin's operetta" was his first documentary novel.

It is dedicated to the events of the August 1991 coup, which took place in Moscow. It is not a gram of fiction, all the facts presented in it are based on real documents, mainly in the materials of the criminal case, instituted against the leaders of the emergency Committee.

The novel contains many details that were not previously known to a wide circle of readers. It is particularly important that the author was a direct participant in those events, he saw the situation from the inside. From 19 to 22 August spent most of the time at the walls of the White house. At that time, Kevorkov held the post of Deputy General Director of the TASS news Agency, for this reason, his work also came under suspicion because of what he was repeatedly summoned for questioning, but in the anti-government action was not convicted.

The novel "the Kremlin's operetta" was published in publishing house "Geya" in Moscow in 1997.

The Following work was the already mentioned "Secret channel", which tells about the organization of special communications between the senior management of Germany and the USSR to establish a peaceful situation in Europe.


Kevorkov "the Kremlin operetta"Kevorkova Next novel came out after the break in 2005 in the series "top secret". This time it was dedicated to the work of the office of counterintelligence in the USSR in 50-ies of XX century. This is the 4th book by the author which becomes Kevorkov, Vyacheslav. "Confession before execution" is devoted to the figure of Viktor Abakumov. At that time he held the post of Minister of state security of the USSR.

The book describes the mysterious and ominous building in Lubyanka square, which scared many decades of Soviet citizens. What happened behind these walls, who was the protagonist? This and trying to understand the author.

Mystery Abakumov

"Secret channel"The Main character of the novel - Viktor Abakumov, the identity of the dark, is not fully solved and understood by his contemporaries. During the great Patriotic war, he headed the main Directorate of counterintelligence "SMERSH". Later he was Minister of state security. However, this high office has only been there for 5 years, and in 1951 was arrested on the personal orders of Stalin. He was accused of treason and the organization of the Zionist conspiracy in the Ministry of state security.

Once Alone, the sentence was not imposed and he lived in confinement until the death of Stalin. However, after that he was acquitted and released. On the contrary, he faced a new charge. This time Abakumov felt guilty that on his personal orders had fabricated the "Leningrad affair". Under this General title is known for a series of trials in the Soviet Union in late 1940 - early 1950-ies. They were directed against the party and state leaders, leaders of the republics that were part of the USSR.

19 Dec 1954 indoor court issued a verdict in the case of Abakumov, he was sentenced to death. The sentence was executed in the town of Levashovo near Leningrad.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1997, the case of Abakumov was revised. The sentence is changed to the article military-malfeasance, an execution commuted to 25 years imprisonment.

What happened next remains unclear until now. About 100 volumes of the criminal case of Viktor Abakumov was never declassified.


In 2010 the publishing house "7 days" came next novel, authored by Kevorkov - "Victor Louis. The man with the legend." It is dedicated to the mysterious and tragic fate of the friend of the writer, Soviet and British journalist who was carrying out the orders of the KGB.

Working for one of the best intelligence in the world, he was kind of an adventurer, extremely resourceful man, always finding a way out from almost any situation. So who was he really and how he was able to obtain exclusive information for your reports and publications? These questions tries to answer Kevorkov.

Who is this Victor Louis?

In this book, Victor Louis for the first time openly talking about himself. For example, in 20 years, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his work on a dozen intelligence services around the world, but managed to avoid punishment, anticipating the death of Stalin.

There is a lot of information about the scandalous memoirs of the daughter of the leader - Svetlana Alliluyeva, which Louis gave to the West. As it turns out, he worked not only on Soviet, but also for American intelligence. With it, the ocean learned about the forthcoming resignation of Nikita Khrushchev and received the memoirs of General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, which he personally dictated to a tape recorder.

All these memories carefully recorded Vyacheslav Kevorkov, with whom they were close friends. The author notes that in life, Louis was a lot of rumors and versions about his work and destiny. Many simply fantasized. Victor told the author his life when he was seriously ill. Then Kevorkov and received permission to publish his memories after death.

Died Victor Louis in London in 1992, is buried in Moscow on Vagankovsky cemetery.

Secrets of presidents

"Guide of the KGB in the cities of the world"Another novel kevorkova was "what say the President? Secrets of the first persons". In it the author tells that problems with the leakthe intelligence services existed in all times. For example, when the Soviet Union was negotiating with the closest U.S. allies in NATO, which, in turn, demanded total secrecy, it created a special secret special communication channels.

First, therefore, negotiated with Charles de Gaulle and the late Willy Brandt. Through this book readers first learn all the details of the Soviet-West German summits.

Security Guide

Kevorkov worked independently and in a group. So, he participated in the creation of the book "Guide of the KGB in the cities of the world." Among the authors - professionals, Soviet spies. They talk about the work in different parts of the globe, including Berlin, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Delhi.

With their candid stories of a wide range of readers become familiar not only attractions of these cities, but also the life and temper of their inhabitants, the details of the operations that the KGB conducted abroad. One of the narrators becomes Vyacheslav Kevorkov. Books diverge in large quantities.


Finished with the work in the KGB, Kevorkov went into retirement. He left Russia and lives in Germany, near Bonn. From open sources it is well known that he still maintains contact with the German politician Egon Bar. In 70-e years he worked as a Minister for special Affairs and economic cooperation with Germany.

He, like Kevorkov, was one of the participants in the creation of a secret channel of communication between the top leadership of the USSR and the FRG in 1969.

The Last romantic

In 2014, Vyacheslav Kevorkov 90 years old. For the anniversary of the famous scout's state TV channel "Russia" has prepared a documentary program "the Last romantic of counterintelligence."

The Film was released on July 27, gathered at the screens of a large audience. In the film it was used a lot of archival materials and frames. The film made a detailed and candid interview with Vyacheslav kevorkova.

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