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Anton Lissa was born in St. Petersburg on 17 August 1979. In 1996 he graduated from high school № 168. Information about higher education on the official pages of the musician is not specified, however it is known that for some time he worked as a designer. Now known as a musician (project Jane Air).


So now our hero - Anton Lissa. His biography will be discussed below. The musician also known as BU (Boo!) or the Burza (through the efforts of the fans, of course) – permanent leader, songwriter and vocalist of the famous alternative band Jane Air. Currently, the team has continued concert activity; in 2014, with the support of a crowdfunding portal he recorded the album ‘Black Harbor”, the album's presentation took place in November of the same year in St. Petersburg. Among other musical achievements BU and associates note speech at the opening for these monsters of foreign metal, as is known to all the bullies Linkin Park, the melodious Swedes Clawfinger – now, unfortunately, gone into musical oblivion, –, and Therapy from the North of Ireland.Anton married Lissa

Now you know the tremendous success that has managed to achieve Anton (Boo) of Lissa. Biography it differed little from the life stories of other residents of Petersburg until 1999, in some ways became a turning point in his life and career. It was then formed an indie-alternative band Jane Air, where Lissa, who took the nickname Boo, is a lyricist and vocalist. In addition to BU, the group includes Sergei (Root) Grigoriev (guitar), bassist Gokk (Sergey Makarov) and Anton Saracco – drummer. At the dawn of 2001, January 1, the team gives first solo album in St. Petersburg, the club “Milk”, which subsequently became almost a cult place – Jane Air annually arranges traditional indoor concert for friends only.

In 2002, he released the debut album – Pull Ya Let It Doll Go! in partnership with the independent record company “KAP-Kan” with which the group will enter into a close partnership. The hit was the song "Junk" – a kind of calling card of the team, which was soon released video.


The Song

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In 2004, the formation pleases fans singlovi edition Junk and Studio album. It bears one name with the name of the group – Jane Air. In October of the same year was appointed a large-scale concert tour in Russia – Screamin & Growlin. 2005 was marked by the award on Heath Junk from the famous TV channel A-One in the category “song of the year” and the group becomes the leader of sales of the label “KAP-Kan", producing, along with Jane Air records and other independent groups that make up a solid backbone of the St. Petersburg alternative music: “Last Tanks In Paris”, Amatory and so on.

The following year, Anton Lissa and company release the first DVD, which includes concert and record a video for the song “Paris”, as well as a live album with played concerts of the year. Anton Lissa photo

The year 2006 was held at overseas mini-tour – musicians visited Finland, pleasing foreign fans with the support of fervent Finnish Killpretty. However, does not stop work on a new album in April of the same year was marked by the presentation of “Pere-Lachaise: Love and a bit of death” and were also filmed three videos for songs from their new album.

In 2007, the iconic, as is commonly believed, emo culture, Jane Air changes the label and goes under the wing, A-One Records that, certainly, testifies to the growing popularity of. BU recorded a new album – Sex and Violence, perhaps the most famous of the whole discography thanks to its Gothic-mystical filling. The absolute hit is the song “Bride”, which was filmed in the vein of classic horror: the bleak landscapes, the dead bride, accompanied by a retinue of half-decayed corpses – the absolute triumph of necro-aesthetics. The next year saw another prize – Fuzz. This time in the category “album”.


Tour the group's activities were suspended until March. According to the news of the fan community, after the concert in Tallinn was in the hospital the leader of the group - Anton Lissa. The reason for the hospitalization was not disclosed, neither in the community nor in network editions. According to unconfirmed reports, the diagnosis of "acute appendicitis".


In 2010, Anton (Boo!) Of Lissa and associates happy fans full double Weekend Warriors with a total duration of almost an hour and a half. Two years later, in 2012, the group actively collaborates with other alternatives. The fruits of joint creative work on the album “flying”, which also included three music videos.Anton Lissa

North of the capital

Another two years, and Jane Air presents grateful to the public ‘Black Harbor” – as reported by Anton Lissa, the album it was decided to make “absolutely the Petersburg». In spring 2015, fans were convinced of it personally: the album is really permeated the atmosphere of the Northern capital – cold, painfully decadent, yet lyrical, and deep.Anton of boo Lissa biography

Secret to success

It is Impossible not to note personal achievements of Anton Boo in the success and continuous creative growth group. The domestic alternative scenesadly it looks and sounds, not rich truly gifted people – often, the popularity of groups is achieved flashy visual effects and cheap shock, which is so susceptible teenagers, being constantly in search of own living bed and advocating for individuality, even if such means, as an imitation of the new idol.


The works of Anton Lissov – the phenomenon is certainly unique: the leader of the Jane Air conquered the hearts of young people sincerity, understanding, and unique musical style. High-quality, stylistically the texts are filled with metaphors, hard, ragged rhythms – no wonder the person BU almost transformed into the archetype of the Patriotic emo culture on the music scene. Anton Lissa cause of hospitalizationAnother feature that distinguishes Jane Air from the other groups known among emo-currents of Russia: Anton Lissa did not like the colleagues in the alternative stage in the abuse of extreme vocals, allowing fans to enjoy an even and well-modulated voice. In numerous interviews online publications BU said that for him music – the only work to which it relates seriously, despite numerous commercial difficulties associated with mastering of the albums.


Talking to journalists for media stars – a familiar work, but the musicians Jane Air always welcoming and pleasant conversation. BU & Co a joke on the planned seizure of the world and the romantic relationships within the group, however, do not forget to give very important advice to fans of their work – to look at the world through their eyes and to maintain independence of thought. Anton of boo LissaDespite frequent denials Lissovik their belonging to the emo culture, from the stigma of the ‘emoboy" of the musician, probably, not to get rid of. In famous fantastic novel by Anton Soya ‘Emoboy” the main character gets to the show: “— I — junk! — shouting from the stage, pale, thin, veiled in black albino Boo, dressed all in white”. Probably a reference to the work of A. Liscova the book is designed to gather all possible stereotypes about the movement of emokids in Russia, but is it so bad? I must say, not too many popular bands and personalities awarded allusions in the books, the more contemporary authors.

The Chosen one

Details of the personal life BU not publicized, but we know that in the winter of 2013 Anton Lissa married Victoria golovachova, working as a sales Manager in Media I Group. A musician travels a lot with his wife, regularly posting photos together.Anton married Lissa it is Obvious that personal happiness did not affect the musician's career: our hero takes an active part in the festivals as part of the main project (Jane Air) and speaking with a child – Little Big – along with Sergei Makarov. The musician notes that, despite the existence of the group (over ten years), certain lessons or insights team could not bear. He calls the project too young. Currently, according to the leader, the team needs to grow and learn. The musician compares a group with a child who craves chocolates and gifts.

Now you know who Anton Lissa. Photo of a musician is applied to this material.

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