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Jennifer Hudson – well-known American singer, model and actress. Her biography interests and Russian fans. You also want to know where I was born and studied Jennifer? How did her personal life? All information contained in the article.

Jennifer Hudson

Biography: childhood

Our heroine was born 12 September 1981 in the U.S. city of Chicago (Illinois). She was raised in an ordinary family, not related to show business.

From an early age Hudson, Jr., shows creativity. She liked to draw, to sing and to dance to the music. Even then, the girl dreamed of becoming a star worldwide.

In 7 years, Jenny began to sing in the Church choir. And in high school she began to write poetry. With their creativity, our heroine has introduced only the immediate family.

Jennifer Hudson attended high school Dunbar. In 1999, she graduated from this school. Teachers always praised the girl for diligence and good behavior. At school none of the cultural event did not pass without its participation.


25 Oct 2008, something happened that Jennifer will never forget. On this day, she has lost three relatives and beloved brother, mother and nephew. They shot 31-year-old relatives of the singer. The murderer have detained without delay. And only in may 2012, the court held in his case. William Balfour sentenced to life imprisonment.


Behind Jennifer's training in the Academy Dunbar Vocational Career. Teachers considered her brilliant singing career. In the end, they were right.

Jennifer Hudson one night only

In 2004, our heroine appeared in the reality show American Idol. Among the finalists included Jennifer Hudson. One night only - the song that brought her popularity and acclaim. The girl wasn't going to stop there. In late 2005, it adopted the role of EFFIE white in the film "Dreamgirls». It is 100% coped with the tasks set by the Director. This role brought her 29 awards.

In 2006, Jennifer began recording the album Dreamgirls. Then she signed a contract with representatives of the record company Arista Records. In 2008, appeared in the sale of her CD. It was called Jennifer Hudson.


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To date a creative Treasury of D. Hudson 12 played roles in films, participated in several television shows and one award «Oscar». The singer has partnered with professionals like Ryan tedder and Timbaland.

Jennifer Hudson before and after

Jennifer Hudson before and after weight loss

Over the past few years, the American singer and actress managed to get rid of 36 kg of excess weight. How she managed to achieve such amazing results? First, Jennifer Hudson refused fatty, sweet and fried foods. Second, it increased physical activity. Several times a week, the singer visited the gym, were engaged in Cycling (riding a bike), Tae Bo and Jogging. And Jennifer played basketball in his yard.

Daily diet Hudson included salad vegetables, fish or meat steamed, unsweetened fruit, and tea without sugar. Listed above products black beauty was divided into 4 admission.

Personal life

Jennifer Hudson (photo see above) – black beauty with full lips and chiseled figure. From a young age wanted her boys. But she was in no hurry to reciprocate. Jennifer wanted to meet his love. And soon her prayers were answered.

In 2007, our heroine met a professional athlete (wrestler) David Otunga. Boy and girl needed only one glance to understand – they were made for each other. After a couple months of Dating David and Jennifer began to live under the same roof. The girl managed to build a career and maintain a fireplace at home.

In 2008, the beloved made the singer an offer. She immediately agreed to become his lawful wife. The wedding was fun and curvy. All the guests were satisfied.

Jennifer Hudson photo

In August 2009 the couple gave birth to a boy – a charming little boy. The boy was named David Daniel. The father and mother surrounded him with care and attention. They advance bought her son many toys and beautiful outfits.

In the future, David and Jennifer want to have a second child, preferably a girl. And while each of them is engaged in the development of his career.

In conclusion

Now you know the details of the biography and personal life of American actress and singer D. Hudson. We wish her success, happiness and financial prosperity!

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