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Gabrielle Anwar was born in 1970 in the English city of Malhame. Birthday, the actress said on 4 February.

For the First time Gabriel has appeared on screen in 15 years, and the first serious role he got in 1988 year, starring in the movie “Manifesto” (in America the film premiered in 1989). Eighteen-year-old girl was able to transform into a young representative of the Saxon bourgeoisie, whose task – to help revolutionaries. But the beauty of Svetlana, far from politics. Instead of assisting the fighters for the bright tomorrow, she flirts with a representative of the current government.

World-famous actress brought the tango with the famous al Pacino from the movie “Scent of a woman”, the image of Fiona Glenanne from “Black label” and the role of Margaret Tudor from the television series “the Tudors”.

Personal life of Gabrielle Anwar

From 1988 to 1995, she was married to Craig Sheffer – American actor, Director and producer, who was older than wife for ten years. As an actor, Schaeffer is known to the audience of the CIS countries on film "Hellraiser-5: Inferno”, “Deep dive”, “Until it was”.

From this marriage, the actress daughter willow Anwar Exile.

Second husband Gabrielle Anwar and father of her two children – son Hugo and daughter Paisley, who was followed by John veri (“furious”, “total Eclipse").

Since the end of August 2015 the official husband of the actress is speaking about Sharif Malinika.

Actress Gabrielle Anwar: movies, released in cinemas in the twentieth century

Gabrielle Anwar

In 1991, Gabriel was invited for the lead role on the drama “wild hearts can't be broken”. The film tells about real events. To achieve its objective, the orphan Sonora Webster, who dreams of becoming a famous diver willing to travel the country with a troupe of actors.

In 1993, Gabrielle Anwar appeared on the silver screen in the image of a beautiful lady who lived in the days of the Musketeers of the brave and true knights, recognize only one law-the law of honor. The budget of the film “the Three Musketeers” amounted to thirty million dollars.

In the same year she was approved for the lead role in the classic American horror film “body Snatchers”. The budget of the film about the unknown aliens, claiming to be the body of humans, amounted to thirteen million dollars.

Gabrielle Anwar movies

In 1995, Gabrielle Anwar was involved with several movie projects: “a Matter of honor”, “white lie” and “things to do in Denver dead”, and two years later, in 1997, it was one of the leading roles in the movie “the Crash”.

The Story of the adventures of the Denver “dead”

things to do in Denver dead Gabrielle Anwar

Working on the film “things to do: dead in Denver" Gabrielle Anwar shared the set with Andy Garcia, Christopher Lloyd, William Forsythe, and other actors. Together, they helped the audience to lift the veil of the underworld to rule, although powerful, but extremely unpleasant people.

The protagonist of the film «things to do in Denver dead” - “hiring Manager”, nicknamed Jimmy the Saint. Fulfilling the orders of the boss, Jimmy hired a “those” killers and as a result, instead of just to scare the guy uhlestyval for a girl, any son of the king of criminals, the perpetrators killed him and the girl. Now all involved in the story waiting for the inevitable death.

We got a Reprieve just Jimmy – he was given 48 hours within which he must get away from these places. But before disappearing, Jimmy vowed to save her sentenced to death friends and not to discredit itself in the eyes of a young beauty, to which he is indifferent.

The budget of the project «things to do in Denver dead” was seven million dollars.

Movies with the actress, filmed in this century

The American premiere of the film “Guilty” took place at the turn of the century – 23 September 2000. The protagonist in this crime Thriller – a young and successful lawyer who, unable to resist the charms of his new girlfriend, makes a fatal mistake.

Now a charming woman turned into a ruthless blackmailer: accusing a colleague of rape, this Mercantile person is threatening to destroy not only a career but also a happy family man.

In 2001, Gabrielle Anwar landed a role in the movie ‘Turbulence 3: Heavy metal”, and in 2005 was involved in a fantastic action movie “Mysterious island”.

Gabrielle Anwar personal life

In 2006, the film was released several films with the actress: melodramatic Thriller Bob Degus “Nine-tenths" of the horror movie “Swamp”, directed by Jordan Barker, the ‘Long lost son” Brian Trenchard-Smith, the film Jonathan Freixa “the Librarian 2: Return to King Solomon's Mines" and horror film Director James Jones «The traces of the crime”.

One of the last projects, the creation of which was attended by Gabrielle Anwar, is called “Heart of the warrior" (the film's Director Ramon Rodriguez). This painting was completed on 1 January 2011.

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