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One of the most exciting storylines in the TV series "Game of thrones" were the one that tells the audience about the life of Jorah Mormont. This character is not considered to be the Central character, however, he was able to survive all seven seasons of the project, which confirms its importance to the plot.

Before the events of the series

Jorah Mormont appears in the first season of "Game of thrones". It is presented as a forty-year-old man, who many years ago ran away from his home. The past of the hero in mnogoseriynoe not fully disclosed. We only know that he disgraced his race, which is considered one of the most powerful and noble in the Seven Kingdoms. Ancestors many years Jorah ruled Bear island. It is also known that Mormont was always subservient to the Starks, and were they reliable allies in any war.Jorah mormont

In books about the life of Jorah Mormont before the main events told more. The boy's father decided to go on the Wall, to abandon his status and power to protect Westeros from the White Walkers. Jorah made the head of the house. At this point, the hero was a widower. Wife, with whom he lived for ten years, died following a miscarriage.

Soon the uprising began Baratheon, which was also attended by the Starks, and Mormont joined the rebellion. Mormont broke into the castle one of the first, for which he was awarded a knighthood. Later he took part in fights who have dedicated Lynese Hightower. Then he won all the battles, even with Jaime Lannister. After the triumph, he asked for the hand and heart of ladies. Despite the disparity in the status, Jorah received a marriage license.

From that moment it began to the problem. Wife lived in much better conditions than they could offer her Mormont. Hoping to please his wife, Jorah went into debt. He soon found a way to make money fast - the slave trade, which has long been prohibited in all of Westeros. When it learned the king then ordered the execution of Jorah, despite all the heroic acts done for the sake of the uprising of the new ruler. The head of house stark went to Bear island to kill the traitor. However, at the time Mormont, along with his wife ran. When the money from the pair over, Jorah became a mercenary, and his wife moved into the house of a rich merchant as a new concubine.

Love Jorah

At the beginning of the first season of "Game of thrones" Jorah Mormont appears as a servant of Viserys Targaryen, the older brother of Daenerys. It helps the last, as was believed at that time, representatives of this genus to hide from the new king, who became the murderer of the entire family Targaryen.

Initially, his devotion to Viserys and his sister were not present. He reported on the life of the Targaryens for Lord Varys, master of whisperers, that is, on spies of the time. Thus, Jorah was hoping to get forgiveness for past offences, and return to Westeros. By order of he was always beside Daenerys, he helped her, but also repeatedly saved from death. Later, after the death of the husband of the girl, he vowed to be faithful to her, this time for real.

The fact that the guy began to entertain tender feelings for the young Targaryen. From the beginning fans, it was clear that Jorah Mormont and Daenerys can't be together. First of all, the girl suffers greatly because of the death of her first husband. Besides, the object of adoration Jorah treated him rather as a father and mentor.Jorah mormont actor

One day, Daenerys becomes aware of when Mormont's with Varys. No explanation and of the oath that he had long ceased to operate with Westeros were unable to reduce the wrath of the Mother of dragons. She throws Jorah, and vows to kill if you see him again in my life.

Now Jorah Mormont is doing everything to earn forgiveness Daenerys. By chance, the hero meets Tyrion Lannister, who runs away from his sister Cersei, who took the throne recently. Mormont decides to take the guy prisoner and send to Daenerys, hoping to get leniency.

Meeting with Daenerys

On the road with the characters, something goes terribly wrong. When they passed the ruins of Valyria, they were attacked by sick grey illness that has long gone mad, however can not die. Jorah and Tyrion still manages to escape, but Mormont is infected with an incurable virus.

Later, the boys go to the slavers. He decides to make a show for his prisoners and sends them into the arena. What was a surprise to Jorah, when among the spectators is Daenerys. During the match the guy sees one of the men sneaks up behind the girl. Then he throws his spear, saving the life of the Mother of dragons.Jorah mormont game of thrones

The Audience all seven seasons watchedthe fate of the hero. A lot of positive feedback received for the role of Jorah Mormont. Actor Iain Glen was able to get the audience to like his character, despite all his bad deeds.

More about the disease

After the murder of one of the rebels in the arena begins a terrible battle. Daenerys is saved by one of the dragons that flew her. The risk to girls does not end there. Drogo carries her very far from Marina and not going to return. Meanwhile, Jorah and daario naharis go in search Targaryens.

Meanwhile, the disease progresses. When Mormont still finds Daenerys, the girl forgives him. She accidentally sees the hand Jorah, who has become like a stone, which is a characteristic symptom of grayscale. The mother of dragons takes the hero promise to find a cure and return to it.Jorah mormont and daenerys

In the seventh season of "Game of thrones" it turns out that Jorah came to the Citadel stromata where the best mystery save people from the worst diseases. Despite this, no one dares to help Jorah, since drugs from this virus is not. Fortunately Mormont, there is Sam Tarly, who was well acquainted with the father of the hero, as was also on the Wall. The young Maester decides to try a prohibited method of treatment of grayscale.

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